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  • slider 30 Jan 2013        By: Ginger

Upgrade your marketing materials by increasing interaction with your promotional piece. How? Try using sticky glue to attach a plastic or paper discount card, coupon, or offer. The process, referred to as Tip-On, places tacky, easy to remove glue to your base piece, attaching the extra element. The glue is strong enough to hold the detachable part securely, but slides off easily with a slight rub of the fingers. It is clear, clean, does no damage, and leaves no residue. 

This is an ideal, cost-friendly method for making a stronger connection with your potential customers. PFL customer, Rivet Software, designed this piece to reach out to a specific audience. The piece was a direct mail campaign that incorporated a glued on, plastic gift card. The entire project was well executed with a top-notch design that grabs attention. The upscale offer was complimented by the clean design and tip-on gift card.

Here is the 5X7 postcard that Rivet Software printed as the base of this multiple piece direct mail project. Notice the bold coloring and direct messaging. The white space is the area that received the glued on, plastic gift card.Custom Postcard Printing

This is the plastic gift card that they had PFL attach to the base piece. It is removable and provides an excellent “take-away” from the original direct mail piece.glued on printing

Feel free to get creative and apply this glue on option to your next promotional mailing to get greater engagement. PFL specializes in printing high-end quality marketing materials. We can help you with the actual mailing as well. Contact us to learn about our targeted mailing list and direct mailing services. We are dedicated to helping your business grow. Call 800-930-6040 to speak with a friendly printing expert.

2 thoughts on “GLUE, Make a Stronger Connection with Your Customers!

  1. Please send samples of the sticky glue product used on marketing printed pieces to:
    Mike Zuber
    American Solutions For Business
    7406 Centennial Glen Dr.
    Colorado Springs, CO 80919

    Thank You

    • Hi Mike:
      I have forwarded your request to our Pro Department. They will get a tip-on glue sample out to you right away.


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