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  • slider 15 Dec 2012        By: Ginger

Need help achieving your leadership and logistics goals?  You now have access to Duane A. Jones, Major General, USAF (ret), a man with experience and wisdom to spare. His company ServiceBravo is positioned in Colorado Springs, CO and is ready to help you succeed.

Duane is an advocate of the team approach and focuses on helping individuals andBusiness Card Printing organizations go to the next level of excellence within their own goal structures. When planning and detailed execution are critical, this is the man you want on your team. During his service in the USAF, Duane operated a mobility base in the Western Pacific, generated aerial-refueling & reconnaissance missions during the war in Kosovo, built combat bases in the mid-east, organized a new 5,000 plus person unit in Washington D.C., coordinated relief efforts during the Haiti earthquake, and maintained the President’s Air Force One. On second thought, when writing that next big Hollywood script, this may be the man you want to base that lead character on.

Suffice it to say, if you’ve got things that must get done, and get done well, Duane can help. You can learn more and contact ServiceBravo at this link.

Our Eagle team is assigned to help him, which certainly seems appropriate. After printing his last order of business cards Duane had this to say:

“ The telephone call really made the Eagle team real to me and I was thankful for that.”

Our teams here at PFL are indeed, real people, each one of them dedicated to seeing you achieve success as you define it. If you have a project that needs a personal touch, we are ready and willing to help. Call one of our teams today at 800-930-6040.

Major General Jones we thank you for your business, but more importantly, we thank you for your selfless service to our nation. We don’t take lightly the freedom we have and the opportunity we are afforded by being Citizens of the United States of America. We know it is through the efforts of individuals like you that we have the security we enjoy today. Thank you and may you experience as much success in the civilian arena as you did in the United States Air Force.

One thought on “A Modern Major General

  1. An American Hero, to be sure. So enjoy hearing stories of success through brains and hardwork. Our medium sized, rural hospital probably could not afford his consulting fee, but as an organization I’m sure we could benefit mightly from his expertise!! Because of Obamacare, (which is nothing more than turning the government into an insurance company that makes it’s own regulations against it’s policy holders, and then regulates itself concerning payouts to it’s policy holders, while simultaneously making it mandatory for all it’s citizens to be policy holders, paying into it, or else. Talk about a fox’s dream concerning keeping his chickens right where he wants them!!!) small to medium healthcare providers, are compromised to the breaking point and if they are to survive, must quickly become entrepenurial, organizational genuises in order to continue providing substantive, quality healthcare to this nation’s citizens. It’s good to know that (ret) Major General Jones, and his team, will be providing his expertise to businesses and organizations in ways that will help strengthen the USA economy, rather than aid in destroying it. Wishing you the very best, Major General Jones (ret)!

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