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Business Printing Shouldn't be an Oversight

When you finally decide to launch your new business venture, there are an unlimited number of decisions that need to be made: leases, office equipment, merchandise, hiring, you name it. Typically, the business printing needs is the last thing a new business owner thinks about. This is understandable, but a regrettable oversight in your total business plan.
Your business cards, stationery, brochures, spec sheets and business printing in general, are integral to your new venture. All of these are a critical component in establishing your company's brand and image in the early stages and as you continue to grow.

Your Identity Package

business identity package One of the key components of your business printing arsenal is the identity package. Often overlooked, your business cards, letterhead and envelope are a great way to introduce yourself and impact your clients and customers. The investment in design, whether classy, timeless or edgy, is a key part of your image. Additionally, the printed pieces of your new business serve as a vital communication tool with other businesses, your clients, customers and potential customers. If they can't find you, they can't do business with you.

All the Same to Me

Take a cue from the "big boys" in the business world; strive for consistency in your logo colors, sizing, proportion and scale. It creates a sense of semblance that makes your brand recognizable to your clients and future clients, regardless of if it is your business card, an envelope, brochure or letterhead.

Off To Market...

printed stationery So, now you have a good start on your business printing "kit": business cards, brochures, postcards, letterhead and envelopes. What do you do with it? How do you use it to market you and your business? Starting with the true hand-to-hand weapon, the business card, whatever you do, don't leave them sitting on your desk, waiting to hand out to prospects or clients when they come to you. Think of your card as a mini-billboard. People need to see it for it to be effective. When you are out, always have them on hand to distribute. Additionally, if you ship products, include one in the packaging. Include business cards with thank you notes and letters. Print something distinctive or helpful (in addition to your contact information) such as a calendar, a tip calculator, or other information applicable to your industry on the back of the card.
How do you get your card in their hands? Ask them first for their card. Invariably, they will ask in return for yours. This is a great way to network, and gets good traffic from your newly designed card. Hand out your business card generously; they are a cost effective way to market your business. Your other business printing collateral, such as brochures, can be used much in the same way. Including them in shipments and information packets gives your customers and prospects the information they need about your company. Brochures are a perfect format for large full color photos, product specs, and a succinct company history, highlighting your accomplishments and capabilities.

Put A Stamp On It...

Remember, the old saying "to sell you have to tell" rings true, especially with a postcard mailing campaign. Many times, your business printing package is not complete with out some form of a mailing piece. Keep your list quality, call to action on the actual postcard, and simple yet powerful ad content top of mind.
Put yourself in the shoes of your potential customers who are receiving your postcard-why would I take the time to call? What is in it for me? Am I interested enough to call, or is the offer compelling? These are the questions we all ask ourselves, consciously or subconsciously, before purchasing anything.

Run, Don't Walk

The first thing to do when it comes time to get your business printing started is... GET STARTED! Don't put off this component of your new business until the last second. Lay out your ideas, talk with your colleagues and partners, start thinking about a budget, brainstorm with a designer-anything! Just take the first steps today. Make it easy for your potential customers to find you, and learn about you, and make the right choice-your business.
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