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What a Few (717) of Our Customers Have to Say About Us

customer review 1
Jason White
customer review 2
Leigh Anne Richman
Curves of Arlington
customer review 3
Susan Goes
Cottage Theatre

Oh, Man!! I have been in the printing industry for almost 35 years, and have owned my own commercial printing shop for 22 years... what incredible quality and service you guys provide!!! I have moved to the digital age, and now do the desktop publishing and broker print jobs for my clients, and I am so glad to have met THE EAGLE TEAM!
Thank you very much... now I can sell with confidence!
Larry Patrick
Enhanced Color Reprographics
I just wanted to let you know that I am very, very happy with every aspect of my recent printing. I was in the industry for 20 years - in fact I scheduled a 6 color,1/2 web facility for quite some time, so I know something about service and quality.
The service was great, as was the quality. And the price was 1/2 of what I could get it done for locally. Not good for printing around here! But good for you, and good for me. You ARE my printer.
Thanks again,
Suzy Quader
SQ Design
I'm back from traveling/training out of state and want to let you know how much I appreciated your great service and quality product.
There's a theory called the "Quality Triangle." The three points of the triangle are: "Speed," "Quality," and "Low Price." The theory is you can't have more than two out of three. In theory, if you get speed and quality you lose low price. If you get low price and quality, you forfeit speed.
Well, you folks defied the "Quality Triangle" by delivering a quality product, amazingly fast, and at a low price. Oh, and did I mention you were very pleasant and attentive to me as your customer? Wow!
Laugh and learn,
Jeri Mae Rowley
Speaker - Trainer
I just had to write and express my gratitude for the service you provide. I am a graphic designer and ordered some postcards through your site as a self-promotion marketing tool and couldn't be happier with the results. The cards are very professionally printed and the whole process was seamless and without any problems whatsoever. I have never had such an easy print job in my 12 years as a graphic designer/production manager. Something always seems to go wrong on the pre-press/printing end, but this time nothing. I have found a home for all my client's printing needs. What's more, I can advertise as a printer, resell your services, and still undercut the prices of all the printers I used to do business with. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!
Michael Cowart - President
emsee designs, inc.
I just wanted to take a moment to thank you all so very much for an outstanding experience with your service. I just received the small packet of sample postcards from the above order for my client-completely unexpected but very, very much appreciated since the orders needed to be shipped to other destinations.
That's not all... from start to finish, the whole ordering, submission, and approval process has been perfectly painless and thoroughly enjoyable. It's very hard to find a good printing service locally. I have in the past experienced poor customer service (terse or annoyed attitude, disinterest and even being ignored); poor production practices and serious oversights/errors; lack of attention to detail; poor communication... the usual frustrations, which can be particularly trying for a solo designer to deal with. You guys completely shattered my impression of what a printing service can be with an outstandingly attentive and friendly service, and a very impressive finished product. Your prices are very reasonable as well, especially considering the level of service and quality stock/finishes you offer.
I am so very thrilled with the postcards, and the whole experience, and will definitely be utilizing (and recommending!) your services in the future, both for my own and other clients' projects.
Thanks again for such a wonderful job, and for your caring attitude towards your clientele. It definitely gets noticed!
Michelle Landry
Digital Dragon Designery
Victoria, BC Canada
Hi Andrew and the rest of the team that did our brochures in record time----
Wow! I sang your praises over many years, referred customers to you and you just keep getting better and better, if that is even possible. We had about 50 of our old brochures left before we realized that we just used up the last box of them! And we were just starting up our seasonal business for the year. Not good. I haven't been thrilled with our local printer that did these about 2 years ago. I managed to get a hold of the quark file they used and sent it off to you via ftp for a file check. Your team agreed that we can send a new family photo and text and they would insert it into the layout. I can't use Quark files. They did this in about 1 hour! Then I needed to approve the proof with 1 minor correction. Within 1 day, the brochures were approved for print production. Next, after sailing on our boat in Annapolis, Andrew put a rush on them to go out FedEx 3 day, rather than ground. Well, you cannot imagine our second surprise to learn that they actually arrived the next day! The proofs were approved on Wed. afternoon, and the 18,000 brochures were in our office on Tues morning. A local printer would take another 2-3 weeks plus cost 50% more. Not only that, but your brochure colors are far superior to the old ones! And this printing company is well known and respected in our area.
We are still dumbstruck. I can't say enough about what a great company you are. Keep it up and don't spoil us too much.
Regards, Hey, Silver team! You're the best! Seriously, I can't tell you enough how far ahead of your competition you are in customer service.
I get occasional clients who force me into using "cheaper" online places and I dread it. Just plain crappy service and the "worry knot" in your stomach over whether they will print it correctly, print it on time...or even print it at all is hardly worth a few bucks saved.
I've been with you for a while and have watched you grow in size, yet you still manage to make your customers feel like there is a real person out there who cares about their particular job (or at least pretends to!), instead of just another schmuck in production.
When there are so many other things to stress about in the high-pressure design world, It's great to be able to place an order and forget about it because you trust your print vendor.
With 15+ years in the design field and having worked with many, many print vendors...I can say, without hesitation that you guys are at the top of my list.
A "just to make sure" phone call if something looks even a little questionable, knowledgeable pre-press employees, competitive prices & piece of mind are just a few of the reasons you'll stay at the top of my vendor list for years to come.
Enough shameless rambling!
I'll just close with a heartfelt "Thanks!"
Lisa Fargo
Fargo Design Co.
Mckees Rocks, PA
To all my kind and considerate helpers on the Eagle Team of PFL:
AT LAST my long-awaited brochure has arrived. I made the mistake of going with another company initially. On paper they looked cheaper, or so I thought. But after continually having problems with the specs they gave me and going through weeks of misinformation that almost caused my designer to quit and me to pull my hair out, and after these same "cheaper" printers never answered their phones themselves leaving me to wait on phone trees for unbelievable amounts of time -- I had a revelation!
Go with PrintingForLess!
I had enjoyed speaking with a rep of Eagle team previously - and regretted that I did not obey my first instinct of going with the integrity of Mountain people....
Your prices are actually better when you consider that I am not paying my designer to rework her design 5 times...and when you consider that I am now finally able to meet a deadline. AND THE JOB LOOKS BEAUTIFUL!!
I felt completely taken care of speaking with you all on the phone and having you go over my submitted art work with me. Best wishes to you and all of your teams - you really did make my whole experience great and did indeed give me a feeling of being taken care of -- not just a feeling, I was taken care of Personally -- a rarity as everyone cuts corners (human corners) these days.
Thank you so so much..... and best of luck.
Diane Edgecomb
First off let me say that I have worked with loads of printers, have done printing for political campaigns, foundations, technology companies etc. and I have never had a better, easier, more efficient experience than with you all. Our (albeit small) order of business cards were done to perfection. They look fabulous, the paper stock is excellent, the quality is superb and I wouldn't even had to have made a phone call except for my anal-ness and wanting to be sure they were delivered on a Saturday.
When I was looking for an on-line printing company, there were thousands of options - most offering the same services, price etc. The reason why I blindly chose your company was your location. I figured if a bunch of people are doing printing in Bozeman, MT they must be really good at it and really want to be doing it - because it is not your first logical choice of businesses you'd think of in MT. Well much to my thrill, my instincts were correct and you all did a fab job. I turned in my order on Monday and I received it all on Saturday AM!
I will absolutely use your services for other things and have already forwarded the email you sent to others I know encouraging them to utilize your company when they have printing needs.
Many thanks for the professionalism, the human element was also an added touch (whenever I called I immediately spoke to a knowledgable and kind soul) and for the job well done.
Lauren Owensby, President
Reston, VA
Dear Mr. Field,
I felt compelled to write a note to you to congratulate you on your most professional and customer service oriented staff at Printing for Less.
It was an absolute pleasure to work with Leslie, Ken and Rainy of Team Mustang; I have never encountered such a high level of enthusiasm, politeness and customer care as I received from this group of exemplary employees.
They are knowledgeable, friendly, courteous and just unbelievably terrific.
We own three small resorts in Grassy Key, Florida and we know the importance of good customer service. Although we too pride ourselves with providing good customer service, I must say that I was immediately impressed and overwhelmed when I made my initial contact with Leslie. Subsequent contacts with Rainy and Ken absolutely solidified my first impressions; your organization is comprised of well trained and exceptional staff. I have never experienced such quality customer service in my life.
To say the very least, I am extremely pleased with Team Mustang and as a result will recommend your company to other businesses needing printing services and will of course continue to bring our printing business needs to Printing for Less.
Congratulations to all of you, and thanks to all of you for your assistance with my project and for helping me to meet an all important deadline.
Most Sincerely,
Audrey Moir
Vice President, Keys Resort Group
Casa Del Sol Beach Resort
Dear Bobcats Team,
As a retired graphic artist, I've dealt with what we used to call "postcard houses" for more than 30 years. I received good products but never anywhere near the personal service, ease and efficiency of ordering that I get from you guys and gals, along with superb quality.
I now mainly order products for myself or my friends and organizations involved in storytelling. They're always very impressed and I pitch you to them.
Your web site makes it so easy to calculate my options & costs, and to place, proof, change if needed, and track my order.
When I forgot some fonts while placing two different orders late at night, I got a most polite phone call in the morning and we fixed my error quickly.
When I couldn't track my order because my net was down and timing was critical, I simply placed a call to you and before I even finished giving you all the info, you told me right where it was.
One time, I called you from an Interstate rest stop to check on a replacement photo that I sent the night before. You instantly knew me, the photo, and what I needed. I fully trusted your judgement without my seeing a proof.
I get tweaks and fixes without asking. I get perfect, quality products. I get follow-up calls.
Basically, I feel that I have a small group of good friends at PFL that really know what they are doing and truly care about me and my jobs.
What more could a fellow ask?
I hope to stop by and see you the next time I'm anywhere near Livingston.
Most sincerely,
Lev Ropes
Grandbear the Storyteller
I'm more than impressed with your impeccable customer service and follow-up. As a designer, I always cringe when I have to turn over a job to a printer. It seems that's where the problems and excuses always start. I was hesitant to use an internet-based, non-local printer, but your guarantee was too good to pass up. And the fact that you agreed to do PMS inks for me clinched the deal. The final results were perfect. I was one hundred percent satisfied....and I'm picky!!!! I will definitely use you again in the future and recommend you to others. Thank yoy for making good on your promises. You have a loyal customer!!
Suzie M
We love the new brochures -- my client was very pleased! Thanks for such a wonderful job & impeccable customer service & attention to detail!!! PFL has been printing this particular job for my client every 6 months for the last 4 or 5 years, and we've always been impressed with the human attention that the job receives. I can't say the same for many of the other print houses I've worked with, and that's why we always print this particular job with PFL. And thank you again so much for the amazingly diligent, friendly & timely service your team has provided to us over the years!
Sara Schwittek
F O U R E Y E S web design + development
Dear Silver Team and management,
I still can't believe you were able to deliver our tavern newsletter to the Chamber of Commerce by 10 a.m. June 30 when I didn't give you the file till June 26. I had been on schedule to meet a July 7 deadline when I got a call from the Chamber saying they had to have our newsletter by June 30 or July 1 at the latest instead due to a business-related development on their end. I was stunned. We have to mail our newsletter as an insert in their newsletter because it costs a mere $175 to reach 1300 people. If we had to mail it ourselves it would cost more than $1,000, which we can't afford.
In a panic, I called the Silver Team and explained what had happened with little hope of receiving good news. But Terra patiently listened, calmed me down and figured out how to deliver Tavern Times to the Chamber on July 1. I happily called the Chamber back to inform them only to be told that now they had to have it by the morning of June 30. I couldn't believe it. With a heavy heart I called the Silver Team to explain the latest development. Brian was the unlucky recipient of my frantic call and was soothing and optimistic as he figured out how to meet the newest challenge without busting our budget.
Our newsletter arrived at 9:28 a.m. on June 30, ahead of the 10 a.m. deadline. The Silver Team kept me posted via email about the delivery so I could monitor it. Both Terra and Brian figured out how to help me while carefully considering the high costs of faster delivery and rush charges. Both immediately went into "we can make this happen" mode with professionalism and empathy. Plus, I had technical problems when I initially submitted the file and needed some hand-holding at that point. I think it was Terra who helped me with the Quark pdf option settings.
Bottom line: you have my business from now on. In the past I would often get Tavern Times printed locally to save time but I've been dazzled by your customer service and empathy with this issue. The Silver Team was so nice to me when I was under a lot of pressure, and I'll never forget how they came through for me. No offense to your gold team, but the silver team is worth its weight in gold to me. Many, many thanks to all of you for coming to my rescue.
Wendy Berninger
Tavern Times
Niscayuna, NY
I cannot say enough about how great PrintingForLess is. My order arrived exactly when you said it would (even with the short order notice) and was perfect. No surprises.
As an artist, preparing for shows is often nerve-racking and I never had to even think about the cards once I placed my order with you. In fact, I totally forgot about it and there it was. My 500 cards for the show.
Thanks and thanks to a great team who are always there ready to help!
Anna Comella
Boston, MA
I'm a professional photojournalist, and I'm known to be a very meticulous person who notices even the smallest flaws. So, when I opened up the box of business cards from PrintingForLess, I had low expectations. Instead, I was pleasantly surprised; they looked fantastic. The colors were vibrant, the images were sharp, and the overall look and feel was very professional. The entire process with PrintingForLess, from beginning to end, was excellent. The Silver Team was quick to act when I resubmitted corrections, and they were very knowledgeable and responsive to all of my questions and concerns. I look forward to working with your company in the future. Thank you!
Tricia Coyne
Tricia Coyne Photography
Charlotte, NC
I have NEVER in my 18 years in the design business worked with a better printer. I know I can count on the PFL team. They always deliver and the quality is always top notch! In addition, they always make me feel like a valued customer and that goes a long way in today's world. I love the PFL team!!
Ann Macdonald
Ann Macdonald Designs
Short Hills, NJ
Pat, I'm a big believer in giving credit when credit's due and have to tell you that the Ranger Team of Adam, Alexa and Aaron are, pardon the pun, Triple-A in customer service! I've done clients' commercial printwork for 30 years, most locally, and the service I get from your team is as good or better than the local shops I've dealt with over the years. Your A-team is friendly, helpful, not rushed and responsive. In my most recent corporate position I led a global initiative to improve customer service by 62,000 employees and I know that the secret is to give your teams the tools and authority to delight customers, then get out of the way! They truly reflect well on PrintingForLess as an organization and its management.
Best regards,
Bill Makley
Miami, FL
I am so thrilled with the customer service and my product. I had a very last minute custom job that even local printers couldn't help me with without charging outrageous prices. You guys jumped right in to help me get it printed and here on time without charging an arm and a leg. It was like I had a whole team working with me on it. I didn't think it was even possible. Thanks for saving the day! We just started using online print companies and very few offer a great price along with custom jobs and so many print options! Can't wait to send more of our work your way. Thank you.
Lisa Orye
Rosedale Baptist Church
Baltimore, MD
I've taken a look at everything and am TOTALLY satisfied. The great quality is only eclipsed by your awesome service. Best experience I've ever had in 30 years of dealing with printing. Your workflow, web and customer service systems continue to impress. In career #2 I was the CEO of a high tech venture startup that we ultimately got onto NASDAQ so I am very aware of both the chain of technology and required service model.
My wife, Terry, has been a Proforma franchisee for over 10 years and she's been blown away with the quality and service of PFL.
I look forward to shipping more work north.
Don Cohen
Aurora, CO
My clients were THRILLED that their brochures came in and they showed me one. It looks awesome. I can't tell you what a hero we looked like making this happen for them! Thank you!
Just so you know, I have been in numerous professions over many years, including running a global service center for MCI Telecommunications. It is incredible to hear the level of concern, interest and support you get from someone like Amy when she really has no idea what has occurred before she took my call. There are very few suppliers I would put on the list with PrintingForLess.
Please remember, we never considered selling 'print' before we hooked up with you guys. This has opened new doors for us, gotten us closer to our customer's and offers a good profit. I will always be happy to be a reference for PrintingForLess!
Tom McFadden
Perfect Promotions & More, Inc.
Apex, NC
Beautiful results, excellent customer service and attention to detail.
Steven W Rodgers, composer
Woodbridge, VA
I'm really really thrilled with everything you guys did, from my first phone call to you, through the whole process. I've never made any prints of my work at this level before, and you guys bossed it all the way. Thank you so much for all of your help, input and enthusiasm. The calendars look super and I think everyone's going to love them! Hopefully I'll need to order more from you guys very soon!
Everyone was wonderful! I've never done a print job like this, and it was, as silly as it sounds, a big deal for me. I was intimidated initially by the process, and not knowing industry lingo, or the difference between 120# glossy stock and my elbow. Absolutely everyone I spoke to or touched this product made a difference for me, one hundred percent positively. I have told every person about it and will definitely put you guys on my site, and will come to you again for reprints or a new project!
If you have a happy client board somewhere, I've attached my thanks Printing for Less photo to this email.
Emily Caulfield
Banner Elk, NC
Thanks for all of the help! Its because of times like this, I will use PFL over other printing companies. You guys make it easy, I really appreciate it :)
Best Regards,
Brett McClellan
Bioscience Laboratories, Inc
Bozeman MT
PFL has an great team that's really informative, knowledgeable and very friendly. Great customer service and amazing quality work.
Daniel Acosta
The Sails Group
Woodland Hills, CA
Excellent customer service and follow up. I was particularly impressed that "the left hand knew what the right one was doing". I had a rush job, and when my rep wasn't immediately available for a follow up need (their concern for folding alignment), the other person who answered the phone knew about the job and problem and was able to help me just as well with specifics. A+ rating for sure!
Dennis Pilla
Port Chester, NY
Our photo club used your company to print thumbnail postcards and notecards. Every member of the red team was professional, courteous and efficient. Your company exceeded our expectations. How? Easy to work with as members of the red team were knowledgeable and on top of our project; the print job was of top quality in print color reproduction, card stock and mailed out on time. We will definitely order from PFL again. Thank you so much.
Melinda Welker
Callawassie Island Photography Club
Okatie, SC
Seriously, I have worked in customer service for a long time and I would KILL to have the customer service reps that PFL has! (I wouldn't actually kill someone but you know what I mean :) Everything was professional, friendly and attentive. They all did such an amazing job. The finished product was perfect. Thank you, thank you, thank you for everything!
Jane Crites
Muse Salon Studios
Bozeman, MT
Great product. Great customer service. You should be putting every other printing company out of business! (And I have clients who are printing companies!)
Michelle Ziegenbein
Apopka, FL
Thanks rock as always. Appreciate the extra assist on the design. That's why I love working with you. You actually pay attention to what's getting printed because occasionally even us pro designers miss something! All the best!
Nicki Hart
Multi-Designs LLC
Pueblo, CO
I just wanted to thank you for my shipment of postcards. They look fantastic! You certainly have exceeded all my expectations. From the initial contact to working with the designer directly, everything was friendly and professional. It was a joy working with *PrintingForLess*. I will definitely be calling you for future projects. Thanks again! Kind regards,
Kelly Choma
Senior Life Advisors
Highland, IN
Thank you PrintForLess for your excellent work on our die cut business cards. Our design was unique and difficult. We needed our cards to be sturdy and made to last without compromising the artistic design of them. PrintForLess went above and beyond our expectations, considering every angle of the project from color accuracy, to structure and design. Now, every card handed out receives a compliment- and leaves a great first impression! What a huge benefit to have a professional team of real designers and technicians working with us for each project!
Roux & Erin
Roux Studios
Ocoee, FL
I have never had better customer relations than I have with this team and not just one team member, but all of you! You have been kind, patient, and welcoming via email or telephone. I can't Thank you enough for the amount of help you've given me through this new and wonderful experience. I can't wait to continue this relationship hopefully putting in larger and larger orders in the near future.... but future will do too.
Marcus Gilbert
Starving Artist :)
Manhattan KS
You all are the best ! When you are starting a business there are so many moving parts that can cause stress, frustration, disappointment. You all made up for that by making your part of my project seamless.
I was so happy with every aspect of working with your team -- communications, graphics support, professionalism, timeliness, quality of finished product. Your follow-through is amazing. I have already started my next project with you! THANK YOU !
Cheryl Huang
Greenbrae, CA
PFL: Where exceptional is never the exception.
Gabriel Cruden
Valley School District
Valley, WA
You are top of my list for printing. Excellent service, excellent personnel High quality work, fast and on time delivery.
William C Humphries
Twiggs County Public Library
Jeffersonville, GA
This is the second time that I've worked with PFL's TEAM MUSTANG, and again, they went above and beyond my expectations! I have told my family and friends who may publication projects that PFL is the only choice for all their printing needs. Thanks again!
Mililani Villanueva
Ahahui Kaahumanu
Wailuku, HI
Hi Kim and everyone at team big sky.....
I just received my cards today...finally....after so much back and forth. All I can say is THEY ARE AWESOME!!!!!!!! Unbelievable......I did not expect them to be so striking. I've shown my cards to two people today already they were blown away....they wanted to know who did them. Thanks to you all for your hard work and effort. Your team was honest, thoughtful and smart, not to mention they were so pleasant on the phone. Good customer service is in short supply these days, but you all got it right. I am so very happy and grateful. Best holiday wishes. And thanks again for your hard work and patience! Sincerely,
Kathryn Mirts
Peca Chocolate
Elmsford, NY
Loved working with all the staff! Have never received such fantastic customer service in my life! Thanks and Merry Christmas!
Kordelia French
Plentywood, MT
Thank you Rangers! The cards are gorgeous and everyone loved them! You guys were great to work with and delivered right on time. I would love to work with you again!
Warm Regards,
Melissa Loos
Ritz Carlton
San Francisco, CA
Chelsey, Holly and Tim couldn't be more personable and helpful. I feel like I am dealing with a group of friends that care about my cards. And the work is outstanding. Totally professional yet with personal service. And the comfortably easy. Thanks
Larry Decker
Port Ewen, NY
I meant to call this morning but I got sidetracked. The cards look excellent, my Mom is happy. We have already started handing them out to potential clients with a good response. Thank you for making me look good :)
Joey Rosenwald
Imagine Solutions, Inc.
Lacey, WA
The banners look great! Just what we imagine them to look like. I don't know if we can really come up with anything to improve your services. We had great service all the way around and look forward to working with you on many more projects in the future.
Thank you,
Mike Maas
Kids Fishing For Tomorrow
Fond du Lac, WI
Wow! Thank you!! My customer will be very happy with us. Your service sets a high standard and I very much appreciate it!
Barbara Woodson
Proforma B. Creative
Lewisburg, PA
The gal who helped me on the phone for this order was amazing. She mentioned she wasn't even on the "eagle team" and she was incredibly pleasant, knowledgable, and made my experience even better. Great customer service. We just don't print much or we would us you guys more.
CORE Physical Therapy
Edmond, OK
I just got our order for multi-level embossed business cards and nearly squealed they are so incredibly awesome! Thank you so much!
Kristan Bullinger
Concorde General Agency
Fargo, ND
I think that I have personally talked to the entire Glacier Team, and every time I called in everyone was very helpful and committed to getting me the results I was looking for. I'm so glad that I contacted you all for my project and I plan on continuing to use your services again.
Nick Peacock
Sennco Solutions
Plainfield, IL
Amazing service trying to help this first timer get the perfect resolution. VERY happy with the finished product! Highly recommended.
Elena Aitken
Okotoks, Alberta Canada
The special bundling that you guys did for us on this order was awesome. It is a huge time saver for us, and allows us to get the literature into the hands of our sales team much faster. Thanks for the extra effort!
Richard Snow
Albuquerque, NM
Dear Eagle Team- Thank you so much for the quick turnaround and awesome printing quality of custom die cut brochures for our nonprofit. We appreciate you doing everything possible to meet our tight deadline. The brochures came just in time for our event. The promo code you offered online allowed the price to fit our budget us well. We will definitely be back! Blessings,
Lilie R Smal
Sia Of Ministries
Federal Way, WA
You guys are seriously amazing, relentless, and thorough. I appreciate your tenacity in getting this project taken care of.
Sarah Armstrong
Orange, CA
PrintingForLess did so much more than I expected. The professionalism of the Red Team was outstanding, and our designer, Hannah, is a genius. She took our verbiage and rough ideas and turned it all into a beautiful and compelling brochure.
Michael Delman, CEO
Beyond BookSmart
Wayland, MA
To the always amazing, incredible team Jayme, Adam, Garrett, Wow! You consistently produce fantastic print pubs! What gorgeous work! I just received the postcard, and it's just beautiful. I can't thank you enough. I'm so grateful to you!!!!! My company is going to be as thrilled as I am!
I've dealt with other printers, but PFL is absolutely the best of all in terms of expertise, quality and value! I would never even consider going elsewhere for any of my print needs.
My very best to all of you, Linda
Los Angeles, CA
Silver team saved the day again! Actually 3 days at our largest trade show of the year. They were able to get a last minute 2,500 piece run of a 12 page catalog done in time to overnight to the show, and they came out perfect! Adam, Garrett, and Jayme are not only extremely professional and knowledgable - they are always friendly and pleasant to deal with on the phone. I wouldn't recommend printing with anyone else. Silver Team Rocks!
Thanks again guys,
Richard, Ivan, and Christie
Marketing Team at NICOR Lighting
Thank you for your continually excellent customer service and for going the extra mile for us time and again. The gesture of a gift wouldn't be meaningful without that action and effort to back it up -- and because you do "walk the walk," the gift was a nice reminder of that. It's so important for me to know I've found another business to whom customer service is just as important as it is to us.
Each time I open a perfectly printed card order (we just received Debbie's today) with everything thoughtfully laid out in the packaging so I can see it, it makes me feel confident I made the right decision moving our business over to you. Again, thank you!
Jessica Noon
Wayne, NJ
I'm always impressed by your pricing, speed and accuracy. But I keep coming back mostly because you care so much about good communications.
Bill Sims
Humboldt Development Authority
Winnemucca, NV
The Big Sky Team at has my information right at hand when I call or send an e-mail and my orders get processed right through with no delay. There never is any hassle, even when I need to change parts and pieces, and the orders are always accurate. Better yet, they look great. I really appreciate both the customer service and production of PrintingForLess.
Karen Peterson
Davis Media Llc
Williamsburg, VA
The quick responses to questions or concerns, along with fast service and a great product, are appreciated. I will definitely continue to use your services. Thank you!
Kimberly Blocker
Vacation Rentals Park City
Sandy, UT
We are a very satisfied customer. Every time that we call we are greeted with an engaging and friendly sales team member.
Thanks for all that you do
Nicholas Goncalves
Couch Braunsdorf Insurance Agency
Warren, NJ
I wanted to say thank you for your awesome job on my business cards! I absolutely love them and my clients do too! I am definitely recommending PFL to all my friends, family and potential clients as well! Thank you!
Jessica Tepora Lahaina, HI
Red Team, THANK YOU!!! It is amazing how many companies I had to go through to finally find one that not only produced a quality product, but offered AMAZING service. Everything was seamless dealing with you for my business cards and I will definitely be ordering everything from you here on out. The cards look great, thanks again!
Alexis Apolcer
Niagara Motorcycle Show
Port Colborne, ON Canada
YOU GUYS are AWESOME! Seriously.. I know I'm not the greatest graphics person but you have made me look really good... the event that we are doing for women veterans across the state of Wyoming is getting great distribution thanks to the post cards, posters and the flyers you made for me!
Jackie VanMark
Sheridan VA Medical Center
Sheridan, WY
We have used PFL several times now, and I am very impressed by the level of service we get no matter how big or small our order. And the quality of printing is excellent. Thank you!
Jessi Karrer
Account Control Technology, Inc.
Georgetown, TX
The team was so helpful and great to work with - you're my new favorite printer!
Holli Gibson
Golden, CO
AMAZING customer service. I tested 3 printers for my recent company marketing materials, and PFL was #1 in service, with exceptional quality. While the other 2 printers offered price specials I couldn't pass up (even though I had to sacrifice the customer service to get the low cost...), PFL is my new preferred printer. I'll be ordering again.
Rebecca Fish
NC Literacy Resources
Charlotte, NC
The combination of quality products and customer service provided by PFL, have solidified it as my business printing home. I have encouraged all of my associates to look at them as well. Thank you PFL for providing a quality service and products that you are willing to stand behind.
Ron Hayes
Douglas, WY
After numerous other failed attempts with other companies to get my business cards right, I was pleasantly surprised that your products backed up the confidence you conveyed during our initial conversations. Your PMS matching was spot on, the lead time was exceptionally quick and the customer service along the way was delightful. Thank you for making my first experience with your company so wonderful.
Best Regards,
Monica Craig
Colonial LLC
Highpoint, NC
The Eagle Team were there every step of the way! I was skeptical to do a printing job using an online source, but that soon changed. PFL made the process easy and exceeded my expectation with the finished product. Service and quality were outstanding. My project came to life thanks to the Eagle Team and PFL!
Alyssa Green
Orlando, FL
You guys are awesome! We loved the newsletters and even more, I love that you called to find out how you did. We do a newsletter twice a year and I can guarantee, you'll be getting our repeat business.
Kelly Machart
City Of Richland
Richland, WA
Thank you so much for everything. You made all the difference in this job and, in fact, made it all happen. I will certainly recommend you to everyone! You are so the best. World's apart from an ordinary printer. You excel in client service. You hear that all the time from companies, but this is the first time, I've really experienced it and had the privilege of being the recipient of such great client service of such a high caliber. You really did "wow" me!
Thank you Rachel, Noah, Jayme, Kerri -- I'm very grateful to you all for your hard work, genuine concern and attention.
Best wishes,
Linda Jantzen
Los Angeles, CA
Your company's diligence in providing consistent updates on the status of my order pays for itself. I haven't dealt with this level of professionalism and passion for ones work in a long time. I really appreciate the hard work and feel that you really care about what you do.
Erin Luke
San Diego, CA
Thank you so much for the quick turn around time and for always answering the phone and having real people to talk to that were so helpful! You did a great job - the final product was exactly what we wanted. You made getting this project done so much easier than I thought it would be. Thanks!!
Kristina Lins
Getting More
Philadelphia, PA
Responsive, intelligent, caring, quick and expert -- no reason to look elsewhere. I'll be back!
Marty Perlmutter
Tiburon, CA
I've used your services for years! First at the Days Inn & Suites in St. James, MO, then at my university in Germany, and now at a Ford dealership. I will continue to use you until I am old and gray. ;)
Kathleen Frazier
Hutcheson Ford
St. James, MO
I just wanted to say thanks for all your great help. Over the past 15 years I've been looking for a rock solid printing/design company to help me with brochures, mailers, cards, etc. I found them with PrintingForLess. You will now get ALL my business.
John Brogan
Evergreen, CO
Brochures looked great, packaged nicely (I liked the smaller boxes for shipping--easier to carry and distribute!). I regularly recommend PFL to people I know who need printing services. :)
Christina Patenaude
Southern NH AHEC
Newmarket, NH
My name is Bentsion Janashvili from GraphicIQ. We are a boutique design firm in Queens, New York. I wanted to write briefly about your great company and specially an amazing Mustang Team. They were our team from the day we started working with PFL many years and hundreds of print jobs ago. They always did a great job and provided an excellent customer service. In our business, deadlines are everything and we would turn to PFL every time to deliver us a quality product on time and on the budget. Rainy Martin, Nate Waller and Julie Willson go above and beyond to deliver the best product possible. What is more impressive is that this week I was helped by Todd, who is apparently in training, but I couldn't tell since he sounded like a pro. I want to compliment the rest of the company for being a cohesive team helping each other and their clients no matter how small the job.
I thank you again and hope that our business relationship has many years of continued success.
Bentsion Janashvili
GraphicIQ Jully
New York, NY
Dear Team Mustang,
Mahalo nui loa (thank you very much)! YOU GUYS ROCK!!!
Aloha, Mililani
Mahalo Ke Akua - God is Good
Mililani Villanueva
Wailuku HI
We received the hang tags late yesterday and they look great! We appreciate all your help with the order and getting it just right. As we move forward with our venture we will certainly be contacting you for other products and re-ordering tags. Our thanks to the team it is a pleasure working with everyone.
Fred Selayandia
Blacam Industries
Monrovia, CA
You guys are awesome and did a great job. I will definitely come back and I've already told others about you. The quality was great and having my own team (Silver Team) is a wonderful way to do business. The speed in which they helped me correct the proof and still got the job done in time was amazing. It relieved a ton of stress for me. I haven't experienced customer service like that in quite some time. Thank you!!!
Susie Ashliman
North Logan, UT
I found your website through Google, and it was the online brochure design feature that sold me. It was easy to design and easy to find all your pricing.
Peg Doyle
Hingham Girl Scout House
Hingham, MA
I have to say you guys have been terrific! From start to finish -- an incredibly easy, turnkey process with what I considered a complicated order! When I checked my proof online and saw that I was able to view each of the 12 drop shipment location details....I was THRILLED. I was able to make last minute changes to the shipping, which really helped me meet a specific customer deadline!!
Thank you again for all your professionalism and attention to my first (but certainly not last) order with PFL!!!
Janice Pratt
Proforma JP Marcom Advantage
Tampa, FL
I justed wanted to take a few minutes to thank you for doing an excellent job with our business cards!! We got them a day earlier than expected and they look awesome and are exactly what we wanted! Ordering was the easiest process I've ever experienced! You guys are great and we will definitely call you again!
Melissa Haisley
Hundt's Auto Salvage, Inc
Plymouth, IN
I received my order today - I'm floored. Thank you a million times over. The extra table tents you included will go a long way in increasing the efficacy of our campaign. Is there anywhere I can write a review or thank you somehow for your kindness? The quality of the prints/table tents are amazing. They're better than I hoped and we all really really appreciate it.
Thanks again, you guys are amazing!
David K
Baltimore, MD
Thank you for everything. My experience with your company has been nothing but positive. From being flexible with my needing to make last minute changes, to producing a great looking booklet and getting it to me even earlier than expected.
The aspect I'm the most impressed with though, is your customer service. Not knowing a lot about paper or printing, you have always been very patient answering all my questions. A year ago I needed to put together a booklet and I had several requirements of what I wanted the end product to look like and your customer service person (sorry...I wish I could remember who I worked with) walked me through the whole thing and I was so pleased with what I ended up with. It was perfect!
I didn't even look at another company this year when I needed to produce our conferences booklet again.
Karla Butters
Ignite Youth Conference
Altoona, IA
Thanks for a great job and putting up with the problems we had in our Photoshop files. The Mustang team is top notch and real thoroughbreds of the printing industry. We will definitely be using your company in the future. I am glad we followed your advice on the fonts and background fade percentage otherwise it would of definitely created a problem.
Thanks and great working with the Mustangs!
Lonny Izlar
Izzi Bath And Spa
Okahumpka, FL
I just wanted to thank you all for your timely work on my folders! I was very nervous to work with a company out of state because I wanted to be able to see my product and make changes and thought life would be easier if I found a printing company here in Richmond, Virginia. You all have blown me away with your customer service and the bending over backwards to help me get exactly what I needed! I will 100% be ordering from Print for Less in the future! Thanks again for all of you help and I look forward to working with you soon!
Kristen Dawson
Service Partners
Glen Allen, VA
You guys are amazing. Will always make sure I bring all of my business exclusively to you. I am in love with your customer service. Do you have a Facebook page? I want to write a review.
Caroline Motta
Caroline Motta Photography
Dania, FL
Friendly, knowledgeable, great service, always available - you have the whole package!
Competent, good communication, phenomenal service, fabulous end product - is there anything else?!
Shelly Habel
Sugarboy's Farm LLC
Alexandria VA
I really appreciate working with you guys. I have asked that you make changes/corrections that were my fault, but you have graciously made those changes at no extra cost. I want you to know that has not gone unnoticed and I appreciate it.
Valerie L.
Lindow Westminster CA
You all calling me and correcting my order made me a customer for life! Yes. I will use your service again.
Kat Bryant
Allen, TX
The Montana Archaeological Society has used PFL for our annual poster production for the last three years. The service is amazing, response is quick and product rules. Thank you so much for offering exceptional customer service.
Sydney Bacon
East Zone Archaeologist
Missoula, MT
The Red team handled my order with profession and ease. As a first time customer with a complicated order, your team was breeze.
Leanne Woods
West Side Church
Bend, OR
Impossible to say anything negative about PFL. We've been using you guys for years without even a flicker of a problem. Would that all of our vendors were so conscientious and brilliant.
Gram Slaton
Wheeler Opera House
Aspen, CO
Thank you SO much - you are really quick and the customer service is phenomenal!! Both orders were shipped quicker than what we paid for!
Justyn K Nolt
Turntech LLC
Ephrata, PA
I wanted to send you a note to thank you so much for your great service on this order. I would like to especially thank Tyson and Kyle for all your help! I feel like you went above and beyond on this order to make sure things were taken care of for us and our customer.
Thank you so much!
Beth McCray
Ad Concepts, Inc.
Charlotte, NC
The cards look excellent, thank you! I tell so many people about your services and how easy it is to work with you. You all are excellent, great communicators, and the finished product always looks so good.
Joe Phillips
Project Seminars
Carmel, IN
I've said it before and I'll say it again, the Silver Team ROCKS! They are always so helpful and pleasant to work with--even when I'm not or need something on a ridiculous timeline. And the product is always quality. Everyone loves their new business cards and the stickers we got this fall. Thanks!
Cali Morrison
Manager, Communications, WCET
Boulder, CO
What I like about PFL compared to other online printers is that you make it pretty easy to customize orders, for example, if you want to order an off-size business card. Other printers will not let you deviate from standard sizes. Also, your quality is always excellent. And nobody can match your customer service! Thanks.
Deborah Brown
Good Luck Place Art
Portland, OR
I have to tell you that I'm blow away and truly impressed with your awesome customer service! I thought the cards were very well done and looked great! You will definitely be my first call on my next print job - thank you so much for your help and for making this project a success. Take care!
Kelli D'Alessandro
Impact Sports
Drake, CO
Amazing, great job. In the several years I have worked with printingforless I am continually surprise by your professionalism and fine work. Thank you.
Roger Durkin
Durkin Valuation Consultants
Boston, MA
PFL is simply awesome. You continue to exceed my expectations. I simply wouldn't think of printing anywhere else!
David Bethune
Key West, FL
You guys rock! The customer service is perfect and the quality of the poster you made for MAS is super. Not to mention the pricing- very reasonable. Thanks so much for working with us from start to finish. We will continue to use you for our poster needs in the future!
Sydney Bacon
Montana Archaeological Society
Helena, MT
From the first contact I had with Angela to my phone calls with Blaine and emails with Kim I was impressed with PFL. The technology you use makes it so easy for your teams to have my information available immediately when I call. I am very impressed and happy with my experience.
Meghan Anderson
Regan Insurance
Waltham, MA
Every project I have done with you so far has been great. I have been given you a chance to quote all the products that we have been previously buying from other vendors at my family's 45 year old business. I have given you the job every time so far, and I have not been sorry. More projects to come, and I would recommend PFL to anyone who asks me.
Christine Napolitano
Insulation Materials Corporations
South Plainfield, NJ
It's people like you, and the service that you give (and that PFL allows you to provide) that makes PFL the printer I choose (although not yet much volume... as our business continues to grow we're looking forward to more)!
My deepest gratitude for your help with this past order! Of course, as always, the quality was excellent.
Rodney Pritchard
Proper Design League, LLC
Minneapolis, MN
Both of my experiences with PFL have been WONDERFUL. The support I have received in completing my project has been amazing and the product speaks for itself. Audience members at our show raved about how impressive the program looked. Thanks for helping make our 2012 show a success!
Greg Franklin
MHS Performing Arts
Spruce Pine, NC
I got my business cards and I'm very happy with them! For me, PFL is my personal printing place. As a matter of fact, if anyone I know needs any printing done, I would definitely point them to your direction.
Victor Kongkadee
Thank you so much!! Everything turned out perfectly and was sent out on time.
Everything was wonderful and I've been singing your praises to everyone who asks about the printing - which has been quite a few people!
Thank you again,
Jenn Hyatt
Corral Riding Academy
Cary, NC
Thank you. That was quick and easy to re-order our business cards. I appreciate the fact that printing for less has great customers service, easy process to order and reasonable prices. This all makes my life easier which in turn makes doing business with you a pleasure. I appologize for not getting the name of the woman that helped me this afternoon. She is a dream Representative to get on the phone when you need to accomplish something and get information quickly and pleasantly.
Thanks to all of you that make this process work so well and your employers that allow you to do it. Don't worry I will pass your name along the way.
Elizabeth Folger, CFO
Randy's Auto Repair, Inc.
Santa Cruz , CA
JUST A VERY BIG THANK YOU for an awesome job! The invites arrived on time - they were beautiful! You guys make me look like I know what I am doing.
Brooke Parkin
Cape Elizabeth, ME
Hey PFL,
I wanted to let you guys know you did a phenomenal job. Our direct mail piece totally popped, the pocket folder catalogs were spot on. The color on our letterhead looked great - we even like the paper finish better. And everything arrived just in time, as promised. To top it off, you go the extra mile in terms of packing/shrinkwrap and shipping. AND your level of customer service matches ours. I don't mean to gush, but PFL has my heartiest recommendation. Thank you so much.
Adam Barisoff, Marketing Director
Gradelink Corp.
Foothill Ranch, CA
My entire printforless experience has been a pleasure. This was my first attempt at designing and printing business cards. The Red Team made sure that everything turned out right and worked with me through multiple design changes, etc. I had a very specific vision for the final look and feel of my cards. I really appreciated the FREE sample pack of material. Getting to see and feel the print options and paper allowed me to finalize my oder with confidence. My order arrived two days early and was professionally packed. The cards look perfect and the colors are spot on. I feel great handing out my new cards and have already recommended you to friends leaning towards cheaper companies (vistaprint).
I gotta say, as someone entering the job market and feeling overwhelmed at times, its great to know that there are still people and businesses who know how to do it right.
Eric Maklan
Aptos, CA
You have always gone above and beyond the call of duty, I have to say. I am really happy with your service!
Jessica Jones
Change Catalyst Partners
Wenham, MA
Let me first assure you that all of your Ranger Team personnel have been exceptionally accommodating to our (my) needs concerning this project and others that we have discussed that are coming up as far as print advertising for our business. Everyone is very knowledgeable and seem to genuinely care about helping us get the best product out there for clients to see. I sincerely believe that it is only by shortcomings on our end as far as decent pictures/ wording or directions on my part that this brochure is not even better than it is.
Having said that; SLOANE has by far exceeded all expectations that I had going into completely overhauling this brochure. She has been there by my side from step one and has performed exceptionally. As a small business owner, and also per my disposition, it is hard for me to easily say anything along the lines of "use artistic license" or "what would you suggest" when it comes to something that I really want done right (which is pretty much everything). Once I felt at ease with her (which did not take very long) and had given her the "overall concept" of what I was wanting to do with this thing; I relinquished a bit of control and let her go for it thinking I was going to have to come back and start from scratch again. Not even close!!! I could go on and on, but I want you to actually get the message that I want to convey: Sloane is very exceptional at what she does, not only in the "artistic" category, but also in professionalism/ customer service/ promptness/ willingness to go the extra mile, etc., etc., but most importantly, she made me feel at ease through the entire process and that is a very rare trait to have. (especially when dealing with me).
I sincerely look forward to working with her again soon.
Thank you,
Mike Elveston
A Plus Motel & RV Park
Sulphur, LA
From the first time I contacted PFL for my wedding invitations I noticed that they were different than all other companies I had previously contacted. My experience with PFL has been filled with outstanding customer service every step of the way! Team Mustang offered phenomenal service, extremely fast turn around time, and excellent quality at a price that blew all other competitors away! I will definitely come back to PFL for any other product I need in the future. Thank you Julie, Rainy and Rob for all your help.
Jefferson Santos
Palm Coast, FL
We received our order, today, and I wanted to send you guys a HUGE THANK YOU! is a top-notch company! I sincerely appreciate your attentiveness, willingness to help and the way your team conducts business. The ordering process was simple and your team is to be commended for their responsiveness to our multiple revisions - each time sending us new proofs as needed. Communication is unprecedented - I was updated each "step" along the way. Our print order was delivered quick and on time (actually a day early)! Our Annual Report, brochures and business cards came out better than I ever expected. The printing looks amazing! As a school district in tough economic times and tight budgets, your competitive prices can't be beat.
Also, your sample packet is brilliant... great resource and puts all the confusing printing terms in everyday language - it is what convinced me to try your services, SO GLAD I DID!!
Thank you for being such a high quality printing company, customer service and quality like yours is hard to find. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come!
Karen Hyler
Public Information Officer
Rockingham County Schools, NC
It was a very positive experience working with your company. Angela, Sarah and Cole went out of their way to make sure we received the product we wanted. We are extremely pleased with the work that was done and will definitely use PrintingForLess in the future, as well as recommend the company to other people.
Carol Conley
Asst. to Town Council, Town of Buckeye
Buckeye, AZ
In an atmosphere where so many self-serving and fly-by-night companies plague the small business owner, PrintingForLess continues to impress me by operating in the upper echelon of quality and customer service. Anyone would be foolish to consider working with companies that promise lower price points, for their lack of responsibility and follow-through has proven to be far more costly in poor quality, late deliveries, and broken promises. I know my dollar has maximum impact with PrintingForLess.
Will Gustwiller
Eclipse Chocolat
San Diego, CA
Best ever as usual. Terra and the Red Team really helped us meet a tough deadline with a great product!
Thanks to all PFL!
Scott Panichelli
Palo Alto, CA
A Great B.I.G Thank you to the team at PFL.(Red Team) I am so please with the service I received from the staff. They were fast, reliable, on point, professional, and very friendly. I would strongly recommend this print company to any one. God Bless you all, it's so hard to find good service these days and you guys succeeded in great customer service.
Kadeen Boothe
West Palm Beach, FL
I've done many projects with PFL in the past five years and in my mind you get a 5-star rating every time: your customer service is personal and complete, your printing is impeccable, product always arrives on time. Thank you!!
And, you always send me five sample pieces of projects that get shipped to my design clients -- I really appreciate this.
And, the $100 referral coupon was great-- it allowed me to get holiday cards printed this year for my own business use.
Double and triple thanks to PFL and to the Eagles!
Anne Mckinsey
Amck Web & Print Design
East Corinth, VT
Great quality finished product and customer service along the way! thanks for your help - our holiday cards turned out fabulous and the mailing service made it super convenient. Will definitely order from you guys again!
Rachel Wasilewski
Saint Paul, MN
You did a great job making everything be the correct font, worked with me to get it right, followed up with me to be sure everything was the way I wanted it, and my business cards came out perfect. The quality of the cards is wonderful. Thank you and I definitely will use you again in the future.
Cheryl Casson
Orlando, FL
I got the Utilligent brochures today. You guys killed it! They look great, and the foil on the front cover really was a great add. Thanks for making it right, and then some...
Donald Halpern
New Albany, Ohio
The color quality looked great on the new paper! We are very pleased with the ordering process, the professional service, the turnaround time (our cards arrived 1 day early!) and the selection of eco-friendly products. Thank you!
Kelly Bernard
Wu & Associates, Inc.
Cherry Hill, NJ
Thank you so very much again for the fantastic job on my greeting cards. My customer was extremely happy with the quality and the price, as was I. All of my future printing projects will be headed your way! Warmly,
Kathleen Lepak
Canterbury, CT
I would highly recommend PFL to those that needed top quality printing. The Glacier Team was very quick and responsive to all my questions, concerns and needs. I would like to send a special thank you to Carla for all her help and quick and informative response, so again Thank you Carla and to the team dept.
Michael Donahue
Wakefield, MA
I am very pleased with the business cards (and the recent booklet). The process to get there was a positive experience (and interesting!) for me. What I really liked was the informal but sincere way the Mustang team very subtly made me feel they were co-owners of my projects, instead of the projects being just more work to get through.
Tom Mccutchen
Medical Biofeedback Services
Fayetteville, NC
You guys are amazing! Especially with making sure we get our order on time and get the best price! Will continue to use you! And the red team is so attentive and so helpful! I love them and all there hard workin'.
Miaya Gannam
M&G Wholesales, Inc
Germantown, TN
All the brochures look great and we are very happy with them. The turnaround time as well as customer service was excellent as well. We will definitely use your service again for our next printing project :)
Hiroko Mori
Mirwec Film, Inc.
Bloomington, IN
The process could not be more simple. Everyone I have spoken to has been very helpful. I always get a quick response. Thank you.
Linda Vaccaro
Captain Lawrence Brewing Company
Elmsford, NY
The print quality and customer service at Printing for Less is second to none. You are my "forever" printer!
Michele DeFilippo
1106 Design
Phoenix, AZ
Great business model! Good product, good service and good pricing!
Carol Vidic
Fortune Fine Art, Inc
Scottsdale, AZ
You guys always do excellent work for me. It's done right - you've set up a lot of double checks before items go to print, and I always receive the work on time!
Events by Autumn
Longmont, CO
I could not run my business without you! Thanks to all your products we have doubled our revenue this year!
Keith Westerman
Great Face And Body
Albuquerque, NM
Your assistance, super communication, excellent service and efficiency in getting our newsletters printed and delivered was commendable. Equi-Ed Therapeutic Riding has relied on Printing For Less for many years and will continue without hesitation.
Maxine Freitas
Equi-Ed, Inc.
Calistoga, CA
Can you imagine working with a "team of professionals" on your printing needs that are always available to offer their professionalism and talent. Look no further, PrintingForLess is your solution. They even sent me the best caramels I have ever eaten as a thank you. Most competitive prices and quality you'll find. Quick turn around, professional and talented staff, quality product. What more do you need.
Give them a call....
Monique Busold
Piney River Ranch
Vail CO
Thank you for the excellent printing and for the awesome customer service, too! Our Newsletters look fantastic, and they arrived ahead of schedule, too. Thank you so much for making our organization look good!
Jennifer Proseus
Rivercrest PTA
Arlington, TN
I just wanted to let you all know we loved our business cards and were very impressed with your customer service. Each person I spoke with was very friendly and willing to help, and made ordering online feel like I was speaking to someone next door. I also appreciated that when sending the free samples you included real printed projects, because it gave us quality examples of what could be done for us as future printing options.
Jorunn Musil
Juicebox Interactive
Des Moines, IA
I wanted to thank you for your EXTRAORDINARY SERVICE. You met our unreasonable deadline for delivery and you also provided a welcome incentive to start our business relationship. The plastic printed pieces that you did for corporate giveaways were the hit of our grand opening. That you not only did the work to a high standard but that you also delivered on time made all the difference. It was a pleasure working with you.
Nicholas Jones
C2m Services
Portland, OR
You guys are simply awesome. The only thing better than the terrific quality of your work is your customer service. It was a pleasure working with the Mustang team and I look forward to working with your company in the near future.
Stefan Thompson
Graphic Designer
Nassau, Bahamas
I received my business cards yesterday. I'm absolutely thrilled! The quality is outstanding and doesn't compare with what I received from a local printer here. I'm so glad I chose the Dull/Matte stock, which I wouldn't have, hadn't you send me the samples. Working with you was a wonderful experience, you always pick up the phone, you're friendly, know your stuff and have a good feel for a customer's needs. I will definitely work with you again on my next project. Thank you again for a great experience and have a wonderful day!
Customer in New Mexico
I am very happy with both the quality and the cost. Also, the ease of use is great, and the best customer service online. After using PFL, I tried to give a local printer our business, even though the cost was higher. But the quality of the paper and printing was not even close to what PFL did, and it took much longer to get our order, even though it didn't need to be shipped! So we came right back to PFL. Keep up the good work and you'll never have to worry about customers.
Anne Hall
North Lincoln County Historical Museum
Lincoln City, OR
I wanted to follow up after my client received their 2013 Horse Show Prize List booklets that your team handled the printing on. My client was extremely pleased with the quality of the printing by PrintingForLess, the timeframe that it was completed, as well as thrilled with the quality of paper it was printed on. They emailed me to say, "The prize list looks so awesome! The other horse shows will be jealous!" I had sent this job to another online printer - and after three days of trying to upload the files, getting annoying error messages, the production department telling me how many issues I had with my files, and losing almost three days of work trying to "fix" issues that weren't really there. I decided to send the files for you to look at. I was getting desperate to have them printed because the deadline was fast approaching. I was told by Tyson that they were "dream files", and there were no issues with them at all. Your team had everything ready to go within the hours and printed without any snags at all! The printing quality was excellent, and the customer service AMAZING! I will be sending you printing jobs as often as I can with full confidence that it is quality work with a great attitude! Hats off to you all! Thanks for saving the day!
Please forward this to your manager and / or owner on my behalf.
Tricia Orcutt
Tricia Orcutt Design
Simpsonville, SC
Excellent help on the phone from your staff. I was unsure about the internet choices, but it was great getting the phone support. The business cards turned out excellent!
Amy Carr
TJB Consulting
Wilmington, MA
Easy to do business with you. Friendly reps who always know what's going on with my order. Proactive communication. :)
Megan Franzen
Patients Medical
New York, NY
The service was fantastic as always! I really appreciate that my last order was kept on file so that I could say, "just like last time!" Thank you.
Meg Anthony
Deerfield Public Library
Deerfield, IL
Thanks Eagle team. Best customer service of any company I've ever worked with. You guys set the standard for sure.
My sincere appreciation.
Paul Dressl
University at Buffalo Neurosurgery
Amherst, NY
Thank you Team Mustang! You may provide customer service like a Mustang...but you print like a Cheetah!
Nicholas D. Cotherman
Cotherman Group LLC
Pittsburg, PA
PFL makes it so easy to order business cards AND they are less expensive than any company I could find here locally in KC . . . all the associates are helpful and ready to work with you on any project you throw their way. Glad I found PFL!
Jennifer Wright
Prairie Village Police Department
Prairie Village, KS
As usual, I couldn't have asked for more. Thank you for your outstanding service, your perfect design work and your uncanny ability to understand my needs with minimal interaction.
Thanks to all of the team at PFL.
Paul Harmon
Troutman, NC
Thank You for the great job you all did on my business cards. They look great! Also, thank you for the awesome mug! I'm going to use it to hold the tears of my competitors when they see how much better my business card looks than theirs.
Bill Howsare
Lake Wylie, SC
I wanted to express my gratitude for your services. Oftentimes companies try to fit a certain mold and only go "by the book." The Glacier Team, Patrick in particular, worked with me and the finance division to accept a Purchase Order (PO) on our first transaction since payment came from the University. Because of the extra effort to help me, he has gained a new client for Printing for Less. If I could not have used a PO, I would not have been able to use this company for my printing needs. In the end, a little extra effort gained the company a new customer.
Heather Forester
Hawaii Ant Lab
Hilo, HI
We received our stickers quickly and they look great. We have already used them on our product and they provide the finishing touch we were looking for. It has been easy and efficient dealing with you and will definitely consider you for any future printing needs.
Linda Mazzola
Beli's Bundles
St Louis, MO
The reasons I print with your company: 1) great customer service 2) great prices/product quality. 3) art is reviewed by A FRIENDLY production team who look over art for errors and contact alert me if anything is wrong in the file set up. Priceless!
Naama Marcos
Visual Fusion
Wichita, KS
I love that you folks do such a great job on our print projects, and I love it even more that your prices are so competitive with both online and local services, which makes it easier to stick with you. But I'm writing to say that there's something that I love even more about PFL, and that is this; when I call, not only do I get to speak with someone who knows what they're talking about in general (not just reading from some on-screen script), they also are up to date with my specific project. This boosts my confidence in your service, and it makes me feel like a valued customer and not just a distant voice associated with some long number that has been processed by some back-office automated system.
Thanks for being there.
Alfred Poor
Desktop Wings, Inc.
Perkasie, PA
I love my business cards! I was really impressed with the print quality (I wanted very bright colors, and you guys did that perfectly! beautiful crisp details, too,) the speed at which i received my order, and the convenient packaging they arrived in. super pleased all around!
I'll definitely be ordering again in the future, and referring friends to you! I just requested a sample pack, so I can plot my next printing order.
Thanks again!
Rose Besch
Canton, GA
You all are amazing! It is always a pleasure to order from you! We are expanding from 1600 sq ft to 10,000 sq ft and that is because you help us run an amazing business!
Keith West-Harrison
Great Face & Body
Albuquerque, NM
I just wanted to let you know that the shipment arrived and I couldn't be more pleased! From my very first phone call with you guys until I received my order you guys have been amazing! I was super nervous ordering from a place I had just found on google, but I will definitely recommend you to others and use you again!
Thanks so much!!
Ariana Shane
Temple Beth Am
Los Angeles, CA
Thank you! Everything you've done for us has been fantastic, I appreciate all your help!
Andy Gipe
The CPI Group
Greenwood Village, CO
I am amazed at your effeciency, technology and customer service. I was in the print industry working for a 90 million a year company, which included a digital department and you guys blow us away in the way in which you handle a small order. Very impressive.
Steve Alexander
Private Water Fishing
Richardson, TX
My newsletter order was scheduled for shipment on July 12th to my home in Maryland. On July 12th (late evening EST) I remembered that I was suppose to call PFL prior to the shipment date and request that 200 of the newsletters be shipped separately to me in Orlando, FL for a tradeshow Monday, July 16th. In a panic I called PFL and Tyler confirmed the newsletters were being processed for shipment. When I explained my situation he volunteered to check whether the newsletters had already been shipped out. Confirming they were still in the facility he agreed to pull the 200 I needed and have them re-routed to Florida. This effort on Tyler's part required him to stay late to solve my predicament.
I received the newsletters in FL and I am so appreciative of Tyler's exceptional customer service. As I am not a first-time PFL customer I know the quality of printed materials. Now I know PFL has employees whose commitment supercedes their job descriptions!!
Wealth for the Righteous
Fort Washington, MD
Hey! I just got this shipment of business cards and they are really beautiful. You guys did a terrific job. After ordering this first set, we ordered two more from you "sight unseen" -- and I am so glad we did that! I can't wait to start handing out these cards, as they make our small company look so professional and polished.
Thank you so much for your fast and professional work. We will definitely look to you for our printing jobs as our company grows, because your work is terrific!
Betsy Woudenberg
Intelligence Arts, Llc
McLean, VA
Everything was great! PrintingForLess has consistently demonstrated that high quality, quick printing can be cost effective and hassle free. Thank you! Go Silver Team!
Landon Turner
Johnson And Johnson
Brunswick, NJ
Thank you very much! I have always been more than happy with your service and product. I recommend you all the time! Keep up the good work :)
Terry Sardina
Sardina Farms Inc
Miami, FL
I received my order and just want to thank you for your professionalism-- I don't normally purchase things online but this was a waaay better experience than I'd had with a local printer that I'd been referred to. Thanks!
Ella Hearrean
Stellar Communications
Katie, TX
I was very impressed with your professionalism, service orientation, and attention to detail. All aspects of the process (quote to delivery) were well done, and when I called you always were on top of things. I've dealt with a lot of printers over the years, from a customer perspective PFL however is the best overall that I have seen.
Dorene Robinson, RD CDN
Beyond Diets
Bellevue, WA
OK, I am so excited!!! You guys are the BEST! and trust me I will never use anyone else!
Seriously, I have dealt with several on line print places and my experience with you guys stands head and shoulders above all of those. It is a pleasure working with people who make you feel like nothing is impossible.
Many Thanks,
Kris Hawkins
2 Jackaroo
Charlotte, NC
You all are absolutely awesome! I would never use another company and have referred others over the years!
Kim Anderson
Force Protection Detachments
Grantsville, MD
Great work -once again. I am delighted to continue to do business with you. Thanks for the timely and accurate work.
Kim Widup
Widup Consulting
Naperville, IL
Love your service. You make repeat orders wonderfully simple. Also, slight changes were handled with ease. Job well done!! Thank you.
Janet Russell
Arlington, VA
You guys are so sweet and so easy to work with, and you got us our project days ahead of schedule which really helped us out! No way am I going elsewhere!
Gram Slaton
Wheeler Opera House
Aspen, CO
Really really helpful customer service - love love love that I get a person every time I call :) I'll never look anywhere else for my printing needs again.
Jennifer O'Neill
Mendham, NJ
Yesterday in our New York City office I received a package from our Woburn factory with some of the new brochures and statement stuffers that you printed. They look fabulous! Once again, you did an excellent job!
I want all of the Mustangs to know that it is a pleasure working with you from way across the country; you are extremely responsive and do incredible work.
Best regards,
Gloria Cowen, VP Marketing
Insultab - VinylGuard
New York, NY
PFL is the best! I filled out something to get a packet of example flyers sent to my house and in 20 minutes someone called me to find out my needs and filled those needs perfectly. I am so happy with everything!
Chris Vondruska
Northeast Ohio Championship Wrestling
Pinehurst, NC
Thank you and your team for the great job you all did for us for my Bath and Body Works project. I just got the overruns and they look FANTASTIC!!! Thanks for pulling it off and making us look so good to our client. So excited that we met in EME - this order was worth my trip to FL.
Thanks again and have a great weekend!
Brittany Brown
The Callard Company
New Albany, OH
Thanks you again for all the help. You guys beat all the competition by far. Your customer service is unbelievable.
NJ Correnti, President
Nicholas Air Inc.
Columbus, MS
I cannot thank you guys enough! I was really struggling to format my image just right for all those companies that probably don't have a live human bean on the other end making sure what you pay for looks awesome. The wonderfully helpful and friendly staff (real live humans) at PFL did just that! My postcard is beautiful! And I received it sooner than expected. I have already recommended PFL to all my classmates who also need to make capstone show postcards. You guys are great.
Tess Witler
Fort Collins, CO
I am always pleased with the work that you do. I like the quick response from my Eagle team! When I am ready to have something printed, I am excited to get it rolling - so, it is sooo wonderful that I get my emails answered so promptly.
Mary Jo Cravatta
Grass Valley, CA
Great job, as always! I continue to recommend you to other small business owners. Especially the ones that mention VistaPrint! (Boo! Hiss!).
Jim Manning
Jungle Jim of Boston
Somerville, MA
Again, you have exceeded all expectations. The client is one of our favorite artists here and the cards were a "redo" from her old card done elsewhere. I have never seen someone get so happy over a business card! Her shop picture was so sharp and correctly colorful. Thank you for pulling it all together for us and producing a great product.
Mary Ann Converse
Center Line Digital Printing
Elizabeth City, NC
I was delighted with the staff and your service! I particularly appreciated speaking to a live person and actually feeling part of your team! The finished product was extraordinary! Thank you so much!
Teri Brown
Howell Memorial Middle School
Morganville, NJ
I just want you to know that you guys are the best.I'm not sure I have ever experienced customer service in any arena of my life quite on par with your team. Really, caramels? And an on time beautiful-as-always catalogue? Am I dreaming?
My goodness! Thank you,
Jillian McDonald
Pace University
Asheville NC
Your work is excellent; your support staff terrific and unfailingly friendly and helpful. I wouldn't use any other service but yours. Thanks!
Cordelia Biddle
Philadelphia, PA
I want to thank you all for the magnificent job you did in producing my latest catalog for Tufts University. It's really beautiful. More than that, your customer service has been excellent. I will continue to use you in the future.
Many Thanks,
Khalilah Imani Tyre
Center for the Humanities at Tufts
Medford, MA
YOU GUYS ARE GREAT ! We love the Silver Team. Great customer service that Vistaprint could never dream of matching. Thanks for all of the hard work :)
Vanessa Malkin
Impriva Inc
San Francisco, CA
You do consistently good work -- and fast! And I absolutely love the green aspects of your business -- especially the really nice paper.
Amy Kelley Hoitsma
Amy Kelley Designs
Bozeman, MT
I would never have thought I would be so impressed with a non-local business experience. I have only had great interactions with your team. Thanks!
Judy Pruzinsky
Santa Cruz, CA
As usual you guys were awesome. Your people are professional and always on task. You have been the best find since I started my new job with the church.
AJ Sanford
Grace Bible Church Kapolei
Kapolei, HI
I look for three qualities when choosing a printer: price, quality and service. Unfortunately, it's rare to find all three qualities at one print shop. PFL, however, is the exception. Top-notch ratings on all three counts.
And you have my undying gratitude (and that of my students) for offering a steep discount every fall on student-produced business cards. I teach an advanced InDesign course at a community college, and we spend half the semester on cmyk color and prepress issues. The business card is often the first time students have a real-life experience with offset printing, and the finished product makes a tremendous impression on them - much better than lectures followed by cards printed on school printers. It is my hope that at least some of the students return to PFL as paying clients.
Digital printing has produced some terrible results over the years, and slowly but surely I've made headway educating clients away from the idea that "price is everything." PFL really does offer a quality, affordable alternative.
Thank you.
Margaret Loos
Cabrillo College
Watsonville, CA
Thank you for calling to check up on the order. From start to finish it has been wonderful experience. The paper quality is wonderful, price and delivery. You and your team did an excellent job! Thanks again.
Penny Lack
The Clausen Agency, Inc.
Rocky Point, NY
We have been very pleased with the quality of the newsletters you have printed for us over the last 3 years. It took me a while to get used to doing everything online, using MyPFL etc, as I am a "technoclutz", but I think everything is now going smoothly. I appreciate having friendly and helpful staff to call if there is any problem. Thanks!
Shona Aitken
Wolf Hollow Wildlife Rehabilitation Center
Friday Harbor, WA
We at Hack and Slash Entertainment want to just drop you all a note to thank you for your outstanding support of our charity and merchandise projects. PFL has been a smooth running and "no-surprises" experience for us and we recommend you to anyone who mentions printing needs. We want to specifically recognize Sloane McCue for her outstanding support as a designer. The time she takes to collaborate with us, our illustrators, DVD duplicators and other vendors has always resulted in a great feeling of satisfaction when the product is finished. We know that when we put her on a design, we'll be impressed, as will our customers. We consider her a key and dependable resource the the ambiguous and hard to measure task of producing quality design work and we will definitely be bringing jobs that would necessarily go to PFL because we know that Sloane and your entire team will deliver the results that give us our edge. Thanks and Happy Holidays.
Spencer Humm and John Davis
Hack and Slash Entertainment
Tampa, FL
I am VERY happy with the last order and the customer service was OUTSTANDING. I had doubts about the product that i was ordering, but when it came in, I was surprised at how good it looked.
I am really glad I found you all. I have looked at other printers and found myself saying, "Nope...going back to PFL!"
I will be sending in for a new order soon! Thank You so very much!!!
Maria Horne
Bellevue, NE
Just a quick note of thanks on ALL your help getting our Foundation's Endowment Brochure together. Aside from the fact that the printed brochure looks GREAT and the paper stock you suggested is perfect, I really wanted to acknowledge your customer care and service on this job. You really make it easy for folks like me to produce high-quality printed collateral and your thoughtfulness and hand-holding through the process took the stress out of this particular job.
Thank you for your care and attention and we look forward to working with you again in the future.
All the best,
Jeff Parness
The New York Says Thank You Foundation
New York, NY
I think your work is stunning! Your customer service amazing. I appreciate your expertise so much! Thank you.
Sue Forrest
Sue Forrest Agency
Durham, NC
OMG!!! How can I express my gratitude to PFL for such a generous effort to help me with my business. This is why I only use PFL for everything. Your team is amazing in every way!!!! From Customer Service to Production, there is no one out there that beats your company.
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Nancy Perez
Madame Earth/Once Upon a Dream
Miami, FL
You guys ROCK!
This is the second time I have used you for my printing requirements and it will not be the last. I can't say enough about your professionalism but to say AMAZING. The process is streamlined, easy to use and when I had questions, you answered immediately. And the resulting quality of the products you completed for me is exemplary. Bravo!
In a time when many companies cannot figure out how to simply return a call or respond to an email, you guys have it all figured out and are shining super stars. Keep up the great work. Thank you for taking such great care of my needs and I will most definitely use you again very soon.
Best Regards,
Don Ritzman, CEO & President
Absolute Identification, Inc.
Scotts Valley, CA
Hey, We just received our brochures and they look amazing! We are so incredibly pleased with the result! We are already talking about redesigning our other brochures and having them printed with you as well! Thanks so much for the great job and being available with any questions we had. And, as always, the turnaround was amazing! Thanks again!
Misty Bowers, Director of Communications
Good Samaritan Ministries
Brownwood, TX
Just want you to know you did an awesome job! Very helpful when I placed the order. Communication was good. I tracked the package and it was sent and arrived on the days promised. I did a search on the last day and it said it was delivered and that is when I found it on my porch!! This is the 2nd order with you people, I will not hesitate to recommend people to you as clients. Again, Thanks!!
Barbara De La Rue
Calistoga Goddess Day Spa
Calistoga, CA
You have delivered on your promise! Thank you very much! My client was pleased that she got the cards on time and was ready with all of her materials to make the meeting turn out the way she planned it! Bravo!
"Thank you" just doesn't seem enough to express to how pleased we both are with how you stepped up to the plate and took care of our dire need to get the product here in a timely manner. You can rest assured we will be sure to use your company again for other projects!
Raymond De Clue
The Lawn Ranger Ltd. Co.
Little Rock, AR
I cannot find a more decent and fair partner for business than you guys. You can expect my loyalty in the coming days.
Karthik Sundaram
Purplepatch Services
Tiburon, CA
Quick and Easy! Affordable and friendly service! What more can you ask for? Thanks
Debby Mcgoldrick
Pack 1st Properties
Aloha, OR
Thank you for your excellent customer service; you are about the only thing making my life easier today (servers down, email down, no graphics software, design departments having tantrums, no one doing rush orders....holidays....ARGH!). Thank you and I hope to order more from you in the future. Also thanks for being wind powered, earth friendly and DOG FRIENDLY. My coworker is a 11 month rottie pup who is keeping my chair from rolling by lying in back of it right now. ;)
Robyn Volkening
Pro Equine Group
Pleasanton, TX
Wow, I am flattered to get your royal treatment! Thank you so much! It is always a good experience to work with Printing For Less... your staff and your ordering system is the most efficient, detail- oriented company I have ever had the pleasure to work with or order from. My sincere compliments to Team Mustang and whomever runs your company. You're the best!
Pat M.
Somerville, NJ
Just wanted to let you know that I'm so happy with the postcard, I don't want it out of my sight. It is beautiful! As always, we are so happy with your work. Enjoy your day.
Nancy Goodwin
Urbana Cityspa & Teabar
Charlotte, NC
My business cards arrived and they look great! Thanks so much for your generosity which was completely unexpected but very much appreciated. I've been highly recommending your company to my colleagues.
Thanks again for a great job!
Michele Chisholm
Chisholm Pottery
San Antonito, NM
Many thanks!! The brochures arrived yesterday and they look fab!
You all rock!
Tara Framer
Tara Framer Design
You all did a nice job and it was a painless experience. I am a new fan! Job well done.
Thomas F. Renk
Ewald Consulting
Naperville, IL
I have been absolutely thrilled with They did gorgeous brochures and business cards for my client and everyone loved their quality, price and ease of use. I worked with the "Silver Team" but any of them are helpful and excellent.
Peggy Cramer Jara
Belmont, CA
I just received my package containing some beautifully executed business cards. All of the members of your team mustang are professional, pleasant and patient. They responded to my sometimes repetitive and inane questions with an ease and joy in their voice. I can think of nothing (from my point of view) that would improve your process. Thank you. You do very good work!
Jim Georges
Jmk Energy Management
Moon Township, PA
I received the cards earlier this week and they look AWESOME! Thanks again for all your hard work.
Andy Miller
The Basket Craze
Bozeman, MT
This past Monday I received the latest batch of postcards from you guys (with that fresh from the presses new postcards smell!) and was reminded again why we continue to do business with you guys. They look fantastic.
Your careful attention to detail in matching the blacks of our markered font and colors across multiple cards really paid off terrific work! Thanks again for all of the help in processing this order and getting it turned around so quickly and with such high quality. Hope you guys enjoy whatever samples you kept for yourselves, and we look forward to printing more stuff with all of you as soon as we can!
My best to all of you,
Max Mead
Max Mead Cartoons
Providence, RI
Oh my gosh thank you soooooooo much, the business cards are AWESOME!!!
!!!!!!!! LOVE 'EM!!!!!!!!!
Thank you once again for always taking care of me... you guys are THE BEST!!!
Brittany Allen
2nd Story Design
Carrollton, TX
The note cards look fabulous! We love them. Thanks for your attention to detail and for the always quick response.
Tricia Berry
University of Texas, Austin
Austin, TX
Thank you once again for outstanding service. Our postcard looks great and has arrived at our clients in great time.
Michael Mele
Il Chiostro, Inc.
New York, NY
I was recommended to Printing For Less by a friend of mine when I was looking for a printer for the first time. I'm happy to say that I have found my only choice for professional and quality printing services for life. Your work is unparalleled.
Jason Ayer
Keith S. Collins Company, LLC
Germantown, TN
OK, once again, PFL and the Ranger Team have come through and I have a delighted customer! How you do it so consistently - and painlessly - is beyond me but I am extremely grateful. My client, Diane McCabe at sea-change is on her way to her major national conference with new business cards that she loves.
Teri Jeffrey
Morgenthau Venture Partners
Palm Beach Gardens, FL
You make printing easy, fast, efficient and affordable. You have a customer for life with us. Thank you!
Scott Bell
Mainely Tubs
Yarmouth, ME
My company usually went to another vendor-- so people were nervous when I said I was going to try another company mainly because of PrintForLess' competitive pricing. Well, your finished product allayed any concerns--- great price AND great quality! Thank you PrintingForLess-- you made me look good!
Kathleen Mason
Ruth's Harvest
Yorba Linda, CA
YOU GUYS ROCK!!!! We LOVE the 'Mohawk Wampum' that you printed - silver on black. AWESOME! We are mixing it with our bright orange wampum and it really has already been a hit in the office (yeah, we adults work at a camp/nursery school for a reason - kids in disguise!).
Thank you for all your help and for getting it to us in a timely fashion. I think you will be hearing from us about future wampum needs and maybe other odd projects as well - I love that you were committed to find a way to produce MY vision of what we needed. Thanks for your adventuresome spirit!
Beth Bodemann
Mohawk Country Day School
White Plains, NY
Thanks for the follow up call and email. The cards look great. I'm so happy I was able to send some business your way again. Printing for Less is a great company that I can always count on.
Donna Figliola
Clients First Business Soultions
Litchfield, MN
A quick note, I did received both orders ( Presentation Folders and Business Cards,) they both turned out great! Thank you both for your proffessionalism and awesome customer service!
Thanks again. Sincerely,
Mark E. Hunt
New Image Industries
Poway, CA
I can honestly say that I have never had as excellant a service as what you all provide. I wish that all other internet and phone related services especially folks like tech support and medical insurance would follow your lead. Keep up the good work!
Paul Dirks
Laminar Energy Services
Santa Cruz, CA
I'm not sure if this will be received by anyone but worth a try - my banner came today - three days ahead of schedule! I let you know when I ordered that we were under a time crunch and you exceeded my expectations. Many many many thanks!
Becky Peterson
The Liz Logelin Foundation
Edina, MN
I just wanted to Thank You All for an excellent job on the specialty business card project we just completed! Everything from the Personal Customer Service to the Foil to the Custom PMS Color to the Die Cut was top notch and the cards came out FANTASTIC! My client was VERY impressed with the finished product as well. I will definitely look to you again in the future for specialty printing and I'll be using samples of these cards to show potential clients the type of quality and unique product features available to them!
Thanks Again!
Alan Weidner
Mesa, AZ
Please accept a very warm thank you for all your hard work and patience in helping me place my first of hopefully many orders. I know we are all in the customer care industry but you three showed an extra amount of what I felt was sincere help and care. It's really nice to experience the type of care and concern that many times is talked about but rarely seen. From my first phone call with Sarah who was very pleasant and patient to Kerri and Hannah you two were very gentle and kind in your manner of speaking and explaining what you needed. Never take for granted how you can affect people from day to day with your kindness and courtesy especially on the phone. Phone skills are not that easy to come by, you three are doing quite well. You've made a lasting impression on me, thank you.
Ed Forton, General Mgr/Sales
Lamunyon Cleaning & Restoration
Hutchinson, KS
Your commitment to make my project a success has not gone unnoticed. I was worried that your company was not geared towards custom work. During my interaction with you while requesting a hard proof, discussing paper and ink coverage, you have been knowledgeable, patient, and courteous. Thank you!
I am confident I can consider you for all of my future projects.
Warm regards,
John Snogren
Snogren Design
Columbia, MD
We received the cards we ordered today and I just wanted to express how satisfied I am with your work. Everything from the card stock to the embossed effect has exceeded my expectations. I also appreciate the fact that you correctly stated your turn around time and were able to deliver with overnight shipping. This project was very important to us, and I want to thank you for your professionalism, great customer service, and friendliness.
Pat Meehan, Marketing Coordinator
Leads360, Inc.
El Segundo, CA
It's a super busy time of year for me, so can't believe I'm taking time now to write. But THANKS! Thanks for a beautifully done job.
I've had projects in the past where printers have struggled with color balance. My post cards arrived from you today and look wonderful. Right on the money. My one complaint is that I didn't order more. After this "test" order, I'll know better next time.
From your easy to use site, to the cards arriving at my door, it was a pleasure to use your service.
Thanks again for a job well done.
David Worcester
David Worcester Designs
Albuquerque, NM
Thank you PrintingForLess! As my business grows I just know that you will be a part of it. Your professional and courteous service is second to none. You told me exactly what to expect and you delivered. By the way -- the cards were beautiful and they were well received by my client. You certainly made me look good!
Thanks again!
Ben Allen
Memphis, TN
Your customer service totally rocks. And, honestly I recommend your company to everyone I know that needs your services. I totally believe if people spent more time proclaiming the good service they receive rather than always focusing on the negative they would be much happier. You guys and gals are all awesome.....LOVE working with you. Thank you so much for always taking care of "my people".
Best Regards,
Cara Bishop
Pollock Pines, CA
I'm very pleased with your work. My customer loved the pricing and the work! You made me look good! That's what it's all about.
Candace Webster
Webster Design
Harleysville, PA
Got the slide rulers today and they really look great! Thanks for taking what I thought was a complicated job and executing perfectly!
Lu Enstad
New York, NY
Outstanding customer service and value. I will re-order my business cards from PrintingForLess and highly recommend you to my associates and friends.
Michael R. Lopez, CEO
Premier Enterprise Solutions, LLC
Mitchellville, MD
The Big Sky team at PFL always meets or exceeds expectations. Always trustworthy, always a pleasure!
Jim Killion
Carrollton, TX
Your company rocks!!! Thank you soooooo much! I am definately a "forever customer"!!
Brandi Goldapp
A View
Omaha, NE
We received our order of my daughter's wedding announcements and they were AWESOME!!!! I was nervous - just because we had designed and created them ourselves and hadn't ever done anything like that before. We saved literally almost $300 by doing it ourselves and having you print them and they turned out so great! We couldn't be more thrilled and I will definitely brag about you and recommend you to all my friends! You were fast and fabulous! Thanks again!
Joela Craven
Layton, UT
I wanted to write and let you know I received the cards. They exceeded my expectations, and I am difficult to please so I wanted to congratulate all the members of the Red Team. You all were very helpful and responsive to my needs as a customer. Please forward this email to your managers so they can understand the great work you did.
Brian Ray
Ray Design Development
Denver, CO
The quality of the brochures is outstanding, everything is perfectly registered and the pictures came out great. Thanks for your excellent work!
Veronica Garcia
Access Direct Systems, Inc
New York, NY
The bookmarks are extremely popular. Every time I hand them out, people are ooing and aahing and can not believe how absolutely beautiful they are. Thank you for the amazing work and the great service.
Looking forward to working with you again,
Lynda Henry
Owen Sound, ON
You guys rock. Thank you so much for such a quick turnaround. I've yet to find a vendor with such great response time.
Thank you so much.
Desiree Jordan
Seattle Yoga Arts
Seattle, WA
You guys are awesome! Thank you so much for working with us and trying to get the letterheads to us as quickly as you could. Makes a big difference and shows how much you care.
Looking forward to working with you all again sometime in the future.
Take care,
Anna MacLeod
Industrial Nanotech, Inc.
Naples, FL
Thanks so much for checking on the cards- turned out fantastic. As always, great customer service along with a great print job. Wish everything with business was this easy!
Have a good one!
Kristi Mertaugh
Preston, MD
Thanks, folks! I really value being able to count on your superb service and quality work - one less thing I need to worry about. Enjoy your day.
Lori Roux
CyberTools for Libraries
Harvard, MA
I love doing business with PrintingForLess. I upload an 8.5x11" 2-sided 4-color PDF Monday and you gave me 2500 copies @ $0.17 each. Delivered on Thursday. That is just silly good! PrintingForLess delivers clear and crisp printed communications at great prices. Your staff makes it easy to do business; they turn the seemingly difficult into the easily delivered. These are the reasons we keep coming back to PFL.
John Bouyea
Aurora, OR
Thanks for an early completion and shipping of the envelopes!
I just wanted to say how incredibly impressed we have been during our work with you on our stationery and envelope order. From the first call and contact with you and in our production questions for you. You have great attitudes. We were treated with exceptional care in handling our order, and then the print job itself -- when it arrived so very well packed and so perfect in color and production quality -- this has all been such a delight to have found a company that is so responsive and customer-focused! The production tips and samples package that we received is really outstanding, too! We most certainly will only come back to PrintingForLess for all of our future printing (even if occasional!) and will recommend you to anyone who asks us about a printing supplier.
You are all so great!!!
Thanks very much.
Don Dillin
Edgewater, MD
Thank you so much! We will be sure to encourage all of our network partners to order their business cards from you. Thanks again for the excellent service.
Richard & Sue Gnetz
Eagan, MN
I want to thank you for all your help and patience during our brochure and business card orders these past few weeks. You have exceeded my expectations by getting our brochures here on time with the short notice order form that I submitted. I will continue to order all of my marketing/business materials through you from now on and I will recommend you to anyone who has a printing need.
Thank you guys again and I look forward to getting our newest brochure!
Tara Bolson
USA Background Search
Ames, IA
Thank you so much Gold Team,
You are always so helpful and attentive. It makes my job as a graphic designer so much easier to have an affordable printer with excellent quality printing for my clients that I can trust. You always go above and beyond to make sure everything is perfect with my orders and I appreciate all your expertise. I would recommend your services to anyone and everyone looking for incredible quality printing for incredible prices. You guys are truly THE BEST!
Jessica Goldner
4ward Financial Marketing
Virginia Beach, VA
I just received my set of (4) postcards, and I can't begin to tell you guys how totally AWESOME they are!!!! They look absolutely stunning - We are extremely pleased, plus you make my design-work look like a million bucks!
Thanks again for all of the amazing personal attention,
Roseann Nieman
Rochester Hills, MI
The brochures look fantastic. Our sales team was waiting for these to get their new campaign going and they were thrilled with the quality of the printing. For my part, I appreciate the level of customer service I've come to expect from you. It's refreshing to work with a proactive vendor and I look forward to doing business again when we have another project.
Edmund Rose
Provo, UT
Thank you for your ALWAYS VERY EXCELLENT service! We very much appreciate it and know that we are guaranteed the same great service with each job we send your way:) We are very satisfied customers indeed!
Best regards,
Christine Holzmann
CeloNova BioSciences, Inc.
Newnan, GA
Just to let you know we got the brochures yesterday and they look beautiful. The client and all her team were very impressed with the printing and paper quality and the packing.
Maria Davis
MC-MediaCreation, LLC.
Cartersville, GA
Just wanted to drop you all a note to thank you so much for getting those cards here so fast! They arrived Monday and I had every intention to contact you and let you know that they arrived, but every time I went to start an email for the last 2 days, poof- something else flew in front of me.
So thanks to all of your crew- you did a great job- people are happy with their cards and those QR codes are wowing a few people in the office!
Take care and thanks again to all of you!
Liz Hoffman
H&H Benefit & Investment Consultants
West Hartford, CT
The catalogs just arrived. Great job! Thank you so much. I'll pass on the word about your attentive customer service, excellent communication and great printing job. :-)
Monique Mandali
Mandala Connections
Helena, MT
Thank you all so much for the help above and beyond what you should do.
Maria Knapp
Brooklyn, NY
Thank you so much Jay and team. Your service and courtesy have surpassed what I expected. I shall use you for printing again.
Diane Weber
Better Marriages Gateway Chapter
Kirkwood, MO
Super Job!! the customer loves the cards!! You've done your Magic AGAIN!!
Kevin Conway
SOS Printing
Boone, NC
Perfect! Thank you for your attention to detail and expertise. It's a pleasure working with the PFL Eagle Team!
Lynn Medina
Lexington Herald-Leader
Lexington, KY
I've been meaning to write and tell you what a wonderful job you did with our Installation Guide... I, personally, appreciate your patience and attention to detail that your staff has given our Team and this project. Your Team is always very polite, responsive and eager to get our print job just as we like. These are traits not found just anywhere and is what keeps our company's business with PFL. We have been working on this Installation Guide for a very long time and to see it finally distributed around the world gives our Marketing Department a great sense of accomplishment. Thank you, Silver Team! If no one has patted you on the back lately, slap your neighbor for us. You deserve a raise!
Kristy Richerson, M.S., Marketing/Distribution Manager
Andreae Team, Inc.
Ardmore, OK
The bookmarks arrived quickly and in good form. I printed one of the bookmarks locally last year and wasn't pleased at all. So I returned to your shop knowing that I didn't have to worry about the quality of paper, color, resolution, and the like.
Elizabeth Crawford, Director of Publications
Minneapolis, MN
Thanks Team Grizzly...the postcard turned out great and drove several event registrations once it was handed out on Friday afternoon!
Sarah Webber, Director, Custom Services
Constant Contact
Waltham, MA
Thanks Mustang Team! The cards arrived in great shape look perfect! We are continually pleased with your excellence, expertise, and courtesy with easy-going style, The speed in which you get your jobs out the door always amazes us! And.....thanks for keeping us in line when WE miss something too. Looking forward to our next job together.
Gina D'Ambrosio, Production Editor
New Mexico Bureau of Geology
Socorro, NM
Silver Team: You outdid yourselves with connecting, follow-up, and most importantly, the job. You treated our organization (a small nonprofit) as if we were preferred customers. I had phone calls and emails from friendly voices who seemed to want everything to be perfect for us... and this was our very first order! I would definitely recommend PrintingForLess to others.
We'll be back.
Sandria Parsons
Learning Network Associates
Marion, MA
I greatly appreciate your wonderful service, this is why I use your company for my printing needs.
Renee Kant, Owner
Accurate Appraisal, Inc.
Whiting, VT
Awesome! thanks for ALL your help. Please forward any of my email transmissions to the principal, founder or superior letting them know the service from technical, pre-press to press was smooth, informative and AMAZING.
Coming from a designer who's been in the industry for a while working with print shops, your service tops them all. Again, thank you! Can't wait to see the final product!
Barry Lai
Design Rehab
San Francisco, CA
We received our brochure order and all I can say about the print job is that it is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Phil Clark
Endless Summer Flower Farm
Camden, ME
Just a quick note to let you guys know that we've received the letterhead and envelope portion of our recent order for Wag the Bone Media and they are absolutely BRILLIANT!
We've worked with a lot of printers in the past and nothing has compared to the customer service and quality of materials like what we've just experienced with PFL. We are just so, so glad that we found you guys!
Thanks so much for being so wonderful to work with right off the bat and we're looking forward to a very long and prosperous relationship together.
Lace Wilson
Wag The Bone Media
Mammoth, PA
Hello, Silver Team: Thanks for your help in getting our order to us as you promised. It means a great deal!!! Our new CEO's first day is today and we received the business cards before 10:30AM. Thanks much!!
Orlander Duncan
The Campagna Center
Alexandria, VA
I received our wedding announcements (in record time) and they were FABULOUS, as I knew they would be from the last time you printed for me! You guys are amazing. It's the wedding season around here and I've got 7 invitations sitting on my bulletin board but my daughter's is my favorite! The quality is fabulous, the colors were true to my design and you are, hands down, cheaper than any local printing places or any others I've ever searched online.
I recommend you to all my friends and I'm so happy with my order!
Thanks again!!
Joela Craven
Layton, UT
The envelopes were done perfectly, just as I expected, and the turnaround time was accurate. Thank you once again for your great and personalized service. You are our go-to printers!
Leslie Koplow
Jericho Road
Concord, MA
Thank you for all of your efforts. My client was thrilled at the finished product and the especially quick turn around, as I was!!
You are a great team to work with and I will send my business your way whenever I have printing needs.
Jann Harmon
Jann Harom Design
Laguna Niguel, CA
Everything about my order was perfect and I greatly appreciate the simplicity of your website and the quality of the printed documents and packaging I received. I will definitely order my next print job from you.
Chris Evans
Grand Rapids, MI
Your team did a great job on my posters! Thank you for all the extra help with the photos. I hopefully have budget for another set later this summer.
Katrina Hinegardner
Santee, SC
Just wanted to let you know what a FANTASTIC job you did on our custom order -- I was a bit nervous at the start seeing as I have never really ordered much from your company besides business cards so doing a custom order like that was extremely stressful trying to get everything together to have it done. Your team was not only extremely patient but VERY helpful in getting me all the info I needed and going over everything in detail so the order would be exactly how we needed it-- Our client was very pleased with the printing as am I and will definitely be calling again for the next job!
Thanks to you ALL!!!!
Kelly Blazejak, Art Director
Axiz Group LLC
Lincolnwood, IL
A great job on the Eco rack cards!!!! Yeah!!! Customer loves them, I love them, everyone loves 'em! THANK YOU! And, by the way, one of the bookmarks has already been stuck to a wall in some saloon in Alaska by one of our local guys who finished a hiking trip up there. It's a tradition to put up your card at the end of the trek, but he didn't have his own so he put up the Eco store bookmark! A pic on Facebook proves it! Cool, huh?
Hope you all are having a great summer.
Carol Sullivan
Fox Run Studios
Rangeley, ME
Thanks for all your help on our print job. It was refreshing to work with a capable and talented group as yourselves.
Thanks again!
Amanda Rue
Sage Island :: Ultimate Design
Wilmington, NC
This was my first experience with your company. I just received a small supply of business cards and letterhead. I wanted you to know that it looks very nice and that your suggestions regarding choice of paper stock was excellent.
Thank you for your personal service. I suggest (and I suspect you already do this) that you inform Company management that they should be cautious and conscious not to loose sight of an extremely valuable part of your business model - quality and value backed with superior service!
Tom Bischoff
DNA2Diamonds Limited
Fort Washington, PA
Thank you for your wonderful service!! I LOVE the brochures and business cards!!!! They came today and are perfect in everyway. I was so worried about the color on the front of the brochure but it couldn't be better! If you ever need a reference let me know. Thanks again, your are a great TEAM.
Thanks again,
Aileen Brosten
Diamond B Weddings
Kalispell, MT
Thank you so much for your prompt work, responsiveness to my requests, and willingness to work with us down to the small details. You're awesome. The brochures had been shipped directly, so I didn't get a chance to see them until yesterday. They are perfect. We love them.
Thanks, again!
Heather Simmonsen
Seattle, WA
Thank you very much for the OUTSTANDING "CK Moments" newsletter. They are perfect and more than we ever imagined. This was our first attempt at professionally printing our quarterly CK Moments newsletter and the response from our community has been overwhelming. The newsletter has taken on a life of its on and the demand for the newsletter has exceeded our expectations.
Again, thank you very much.
Clark, James L. LTC
U.S. Army European Command
I received my order and am SOOOOO incredibly happy with the work that you have done! It is exactly as I had wanted it! Not only did the order turn out great but you all were super helpful and VERY prompt with getting back to me with any questions I had. I am extremely impressed with your company and am thankful for the work you did! You get a TEN for sure!
Thanks again,
Aby Rinella
Wood River Young Life
Fantastic work!!!!! You have a loyal customer! Your company clearly understands and implements a business philosophy that focuses on communications with the client throughout the job process.
Most of my email queries and order emails were responded to IN MINUTES after I had sent them. The obvious knowledgeability of your customer service team regarding 4 color process printing made the print buying experience stress-free one for my company. The emails I got from the Silver Team were personable and never resembled anything auto-generated and generic. Bottom line- the work arrived and it's quality was excellent! Delighted to be able to deliver the job to our client.
Your site is exceedingly clear in the step-by-step ordering process, and the stock weight options you provide are all appropriate, as well as the finish on these stocks for 4 color process printing.
Thanks for the excellent work. You run a great company and you have much to be proud of.
Sarah Wasley-Smith
Wasley-Smith Design
I received a wonderful surprise from you all this morning! Thank you for the sweets, very thoughtful and completely unexpected! In addition, thank you for the great work you all do! I have been extremely pleased with the quality of the printing as well as the A+ service you provide. And your website, it's so easy to navigate and I love the instant pricing. You all are so helpful and I greatly appreciate the fantastic service! You have a loyal customer here and I will definitely refer everyone I know to you. You guys rock! Have a wonderful week and thank you for brightening up mine!
April Bryson
Southeast Laser Systems, Inc.
Thank you so much for your help and professionalism with regard to my magnet order. The magnets arrived on time and they look absolutely beautiful. You should know, by the way, that I contacted several printing companies (about six), and your prices were by far the best. It is so nice to see a discount company that still cares about customer service and doing the job correctly and on time. I look forward to doing more business with you when our next project arises.
Thanks, and best regards,
Andrew Butler, Assistant Principal
Park East Day School
Puma and I want to let you know what a delight it has been working with Team Beartooth as we launch our new venture Tailored Dog ™, a designer and manufacturer of clothes for big dogs.
Andrew, Christine and Chris, Team Beartooth's Triumvirate, have proven invaluable advisors as we navigate through our print requirements. Launching a new business can be intimidating and overwhelming. Receiving advice from veteran professionals certainly reduces the angst and the errors.
Not only did we receive sound advice, but we received our material on time and as expected! That is a big order.....obviously not for Team Beartooth!
Thank you, Team Beartooth.
Rita and Puma
Dear Silver Team: Drew, Patrick and Jessica,
Thanks for being so dependable and having great customer service. You guys rock, seriously. The brochures we printed on short notice got here on time and looked amazing. You guys make designing for print easy. Since you guys do such a good job at saying thank you for the work I thought it would be appropriate to return the favor and say thanks for always doing such a great job.
Troy DeRose
Identity Graphics, llc.
Thank you SOOOO much! I really do love doing business with you professional, easy to get a hold of, super quick, and constantly making my life easier! We love the quality of your product too..obviously! We are so excited to see them and give them to the artist and our public! Thank you so much and for your patience.
Best wishes,
Marjorie Vecchio
School of the Arts, University of Nevada, Reno
Hello Eagle Team!
I just received my business cards and I have to tell you I was blown away. They are perfect! There isn't one thing I would change. The color is spot on, and the image looks exactly as I had envisioned from my photoshop file. Everyone I hand one to, I tell about you guys. What I really love is that for a business, there is a real human element to your customer service. I got a call at work about a possible issue, then another day a call at home. Really, really great job. Thanks for being worried about the font size and how it would look on a dark-ish background. I really believe other places would just print and mail. Thank you for actually taking pride in your work. I will definitely be back for more, and will continue to recommend you guys to anyone and everyone for their printing needs.
Thank you again,
Julie Miller
Just wanted to let you guys know how excited my daughter and I were at how beautiful the save the date magnets turned out. We can't wait to get them in the mail. I know we'll get fabulous feedback.
I also want to let you all know how much I appreciated your working with me on making sure the color was correct and the writing legible. It meant the difference between the project being a success or failure.
Thanks again for everything. I look forward to working with "Team Big Sky" in the future.
Lisa Sheppard
Corpus Christi, TX
You ve got the best customer service out there. Fast response, good quality.
Great job!
Agustina Casal
The Foot Foundation
Aspen, CO
Can't you work a little faster?
(Just kidding of course. You continue to amaze me with your superior customer service.
I must say there is a lot of pressure here to bring our accounts local,but I tell my folks over and over how PFL has consistently done us a fabulous job and at a fair price. You have earned our business and it is an honor to do biz with such a great bunch of people.
Thank you all very, very much!!!
Elliott Flick
Commercial Institute
Austin, TX
We received our presentation folders this week - wow! They look amazing! Our office is buzzing with excitement!
Thank You!
Michelle Manders
Baka Enterprises, Inc
Appleton, WI
Just wanted to let you know, I am thrilled with the product, and will spread the word! Thanks again for all your help. Your company seems to do just about everything perfectly, from your totally well functioning interactive website that covers everything, to your helpful and skilled staff, service, and high quality products.
Vivian Parker
Sierra Forest Legacy
Kelsey, CA
I just wanted to send a special thanks to the entire Team at Printing for Less. It seems that I have talked to all of you at some point over the past week. Although I had a bit of trouble making sense of the website - Team Grizzly was on top of my every move. It is hard to find customer service like this in this day and time! I felt like I was dealing with my neighborhood printing company. I will be sure to pass this message on to the powers that be at Constant Contact.
Stacy Nance
Email Marketing and Social Media Consultant
Mandeville, LA
We love our earpin cards! You all are awesome. And I am spreading the word. You did a rush on them for us too. And we appreciate the wonderful customer service. Thanks again. Lia Harmon
Lia Harmon
Harmony In Design
Middle River, MD
The cards are beautiful and they looked wonderful I will be using you guys again and again... Great job.
Melissa Phillips
Mad Chic Boutique
Mamaroneck NY
I just wanted to let you know I am so excited regarding how this order turned out. I couldn't be more pleased. It turned out awesome! Thumbs Up! Yeah! Yippee!
Thank you so much for all of your help and I definitely keeping you guys in mind for future orders.
Dee Dee Jacq
Milwaukee, WI
You guys are the best! Seamless! no fuss for me, and that's how I like it.
Michael Halliday
Smart + Strong
New York, NY
They got here today and look fabulous, much better than the previous printer I used. I will stick with printingforless from now on. And you can quote me.
Gerry Bartlett
Author of the Real Vampires
League City, TX
THANK YOU SO MUCH TO THE SILVER TEAM!!!!!! I really appreciate all your help, your pleasant attitudes and your AWESOME work going the extra mile in getting my Happy Times Photography flyer's out in such a timely matter!!!!!! This is the 3rd year working with the Silver Team and I've always been more than happy with the finished product - Smiles to the SILVER TEAM - YOU GUYS ARE AWESOME :)
Thank you SO much and I'm looking forward to receiving my flyer's & sharing smiles & happy times with customers!!!!
Happy day......................
Rhonda Hathaway
Happy Times Photography
Barneveld, WI
This order just showed up right on schedule, and the output couldn't be Better. We are just starting up our business, and this was our first experience with PFL. It won't be the last. Your service, process, price, and output were all excellent. I am 100% pleased, and that rarely happens. Thanks so much for the great experience.
John A. Mensinger, Marketing Consultant
JDF Networks
Drums, PA
Your team is super sufficient and wonderful to work with. I work with buyers and sellers daily, your company level of service is absolutely superior. Just want you to know that. And that level of superior service is consistent every single time. You guys are doing something so right!!!There are many companies that do online business card and printing service at a fraction of what you charge, but I rather do business with you because I know I will be taken care of! Thank you again.
Carmilla Lau
Los Angeles, CA
Dear Big Sky people,
I just wanted to let you know that the brochures arrived early Thursday morning, and they look terrific. Thanks so much for your excellent work! We will recommend you to everyone we know!
Joey Hawkins
Vermont Writing Collaborative
South Strafford, VT
I have enjoyed working with you all and hope to bring more business your way. Thank you for being so professional and supportive in terms of achieving the client's vision and expectations.
At the university vendor show, a printer vendor asked for my card. When he saw the card, he grabbed a loop to study it. Excited, he passed on the loop to his associate, saying, "Look at this job, it is beautiful, perfect."
Joan Beck
Northbrook, IL
Megan Megan she's the one,
Is amazing at getting the difficult job's done!
With such a smile and a happy tone,
You can feel her energy through the phone!
Thank you Megan, for your cheery way,
That's the reason we always say,
Printing for Less is the only way to go,
The Silver team ROCKS, FO SHOW Fo SHOW!!!
Thanks from your number one fans,
Nicole and David
THE SHOP Yoga Studio
Park City, UT
I just wanted to send a note to your team to let you know that we got our flyers this week and they look awesome. You guys were great to work with and we will certainly be using you again (very soon)!
Thanks so much for being a great vendor - it's rare these days.
Laura Horton, Marketing Manager
Pardot - No Hassle Marketing Automation
Atlanta, GA
We were completely satisfied with the order and every step of the process. I cannot think of anything that you can improve on as everything went smooth and flawless.
Francis Adanza
San Diego, CA
Hello Printing for Less,
I'm a new executive assistant at Allocade. I've worked with a lot of vendors over the years as an executive assistant and just wanted to send my compliments. My first experience working with your team has not only been professional, but pleasant and friendly. People like Jessica, have picked up the phone and called me to clarify and answer questions in addition to answering my emails very promptly. Your web site is friendly and easy to use!
Overall, it's been a great experience and I'm look forward to working with your company as our company grows and has increased needs.
Have a great day and many compliments to your team.
Beth Woodworth
Menlo Park, CA
The banner looks fantastic. The quality of the canvas, the stitching, and the grommets is excellent. Your follow-through, AND your follow up is second to none, and I've managed a lot of printing projects over the past 40 years.
If you could hear all the raves we get for the folders you made us your heads would grow bigger.
Thank you.
Lafe Dutton
Skyhunter Music
San Diego, CA
Aloha Nick and the Red Team,
I gotta tell you - your service is outstanding. LOVE the cards. Best ever.
Thank you Thank you Thank you. Super duper. You are the ONLY service I will be using for all my and my client needs. Off will go the link to the other printer on my site (they couldn't do anything right) and on goes your link. I highly recommend P4L. Thanks again.
Holualoa, Hawaii
What great work! Extremely helpful and prompt service, superb printing, ahead of schedule shipment, excellent packaging and a reasonable price. You couldn't have done a better job. Thanks a million! I'll be back.
Pat Battaglia
International Puzzle Features
You guys are amazing! Its like we stepped into another dimension of service and quality.....Please don't beam me up yet, we have finally found intelligent life here!
We are a nine person programming, design and eBusiness firm and our clients choose us and remain fiercely loyal because we practice follow through and follow up. Period. Your company must have read the same game-plan and needless to say we are very thrilled and are working towards using your team full time for all of our projects. The combination of great people, well conceived/deployed online systems and attitude is amazing. Our test print-job with you on a very difficult rush order in small quantity was treated like it was the most important printing job on the planet....and to our client it was. Our hats off to you guys and our next print order will be out to you pronto.
Best Regards,
Marc H. Crowl, Sr. Partner
Ryan, Wes & Laura:
Everything has been great! I can't tell you how much easier PFL has made my life as a work-from-home designer. Your service and prices make it possible for every one of my clients, primarily small businesses, to purchase full-color printing.
And, your prepress skill means a lot less work for me! I dread it when a client says they want to work with a local printer, simply because I never know what sort of prepress department I may have to deal with. Not the case with PFL! Each and every project to date has been a dream come true.
I am wholly and completely satisfied with PFL and can't imagine sending my clients anywhere else.
Julie LaPierre
Googie Design
I'd like to Thank you for the level of service and quality you provided with my postcard order. I have NEVER received such detail and concern from a printer. You helped me by guiding me which photos were of 'less than standard' quality. A normal printer would have just printed it without a mention, but your concern and detail kindly pointed out that perhaps I could use some better quality photos.
My postcard turned out beautiful! The card stock you used was of premium quality ( I know this because I have friend in the printing industry and he noticed it right away!).
Thank you again...and you will have our business for any of our print needs!
Sabina T. Tabaka, President
Planks and Ponds, Inc.
Parker, CO
Andrew, I am so absolutely pleased with your Eagle Team. We had a couple of issues and I had one very particular customer and Dawn, Kristen and Lee went so far above and beyond their job that I was floored.
When we needed to reorder because some contact information was incorrect on the Business Cards and Magnets (customers fault) they were able to receive the order upload on Tuesday, November 10 at 5:15 pm (CST), get it back to me to proof by 5:23 (CST) and we had it approved and on to press shortly thereafter. My customer received the cards about ½ an hour ago. Less than 72 hours after order. Amazing.
Thank you so much for all you do, your employees are a true asset to your business and I hope to do much more business with Printing For Less in the Future.
Heather Witt
Tinity Designs
Bloomington, IL

You guys have completely blown me away!! I cannot believe the level of service you provide. It reminds me of working for a man named Charles Brewer the founder of MindSpring Enterprises (now Earthlink), he used "Core Values & Beliefs" as a guideline to run his company & treat his employees & was an unbelievable inspiration to everyone that worked with him. One of the his CV&B's was to "under promise & over deliver," that is certainly what you did in this case. I spoke to someone a week or so ago and they told me that you didn't normally design letterhead, but it would be up to Celene. After speaking to Celene she offered to give it a try, not more than an hour later I had better letterhead and envelopes than I could have ever conceived. Your service, quality & value cannot be beat! I will get some goodies out to you guys as soon as I can get into our storage upstairs (it's kind of packed).
Jeremy Heidl
Sunbelt Asphalt Surfaces, Inc.
As usual, PrintingForLess delivered a flawless product for a great price in record time accompanied by superior customer service. We LOVE you guys, and will continue to use you as long as I have any say in the matter.
Thanks again for the great work, and thanks also for the Dancing Deer cookies. They were a huge treat for my entire overworked, underpaid, cookie-loving staff.
All the best,
Amy C. Branner, PhD, Administrative Director
Children's Hospital Boston, Harvard Medical School
The postcards are TERRIFIC. I'm seriously so impressed. I've ordered postcards from local places and other discount suppliers in the past and have wound up recycling them immediately or turning them into scratch paper. The cards from you guys are perfect. The images are crystal clear, and the colors are exactly right. Those things are really important to the way I represent my business as a photographer. I will certainly be ordering from you all again when I run low!
Thank you again for the awesome product and impressive customer service. I miss that component of business living in New York...
Julia Kinnunen
Camano Island, WA
We received the business cards and absolutely love them. I called prior to submitting my order for some tips on getting the formatting just right and your team was very helpful. We will definitely use your service again, and tell our friends about you as well.
Dave and Jodi
Titusville, FL
The tri-fold brochures you printed for us look fantastic, and I am thrilled with the outcome. Also, I want to compliment your service and the efforts you all made to insure that the final product turned out perfect.
The guidance you provided me regarding the selection of the paper stock and finish was invaluable. Rest assured, if I have other printing needs, it will be PrintingForLess !!!
Alan Schlossberg
Chicago, IL
As usual, I have had a fantastic experience with PFL and the cards came out as expected. I had two, self-imposed issues come up during the process 1) slight change to the digital file; 2) increase of printing quantity, after order was placed. The Silver Team handled both issues with ease and again it was a stress free and completely great experience for me.
Thanks again for all of the help and superior service.
Stephen T. Tanis
In Avanti
Greensboro, NC
I want to give HUGE Kudo's to the entire Eagle team. I had and "idea" in my head and the account reps and the designers worked together to turn my idea into a beautiful card. I am recommending PFL to my entire team!
Thanks again, everything is just perfect!
Sarah Braun
Pleasanton, TX
Thank you so much! I got the cards yesterday and they look great. You guys always come through and get our orders to us ahead of schedule.
Randy Bolerjack
Wilson Strategic Communications
Edmonds, WA
Thanks so much!! Wow, what great service. I will definitely be back and be sure to tell my publishing friends about you. (You all live in the best place in the husband and I were up there a few years ago and would love to be there).
Cathy Diez-Luckie
Oakland, CA
Thank you so much for your great work. The cards were a hit. They look very professional. We will definitely be in touch anytime we need professional cards done.
Janice Gonzalez
Chicago, IL
The bookmarks look great, just as they did last time. I'm pleased with the speed of service as well as helpful, pleasant customer care. Thanks so much. I'll definitely order from you when I need more bookmarks...or anything else.
Cathy Walker
Port Perry, ON
Everything is perfect -- letterhead, envelopes, business cards! I could not be happier with your service or your products. Thanks so much!
John Blaustein
Berkeley, CA
As always I so much appreciate the attention gives to even such a little account as mine. You have my business forever.
Leslie Burrell
Watertown, MA
To The Management of PrintingForLess,
Don't change! The Teton team at your company is just the best. Professional and responsive to a "T". It happens that I talked to each of them, Patrick, Wes and Lindsey, to get my order designed and shipped within a certain time frame. That team took care of it all. By far my best Internet experience with any product or service. You can bet I will recommend your company where I can.
Jerry Davis
Westlake Village, CA
I was extremely pleased with my experience. I am a design professional and expect nothing less from a printer. Unfortunately, too many times, I've encountered problems. This job went as smoothly as if you and I were on press together. I am planning on using you in the future. In fact, I'm delivering the job this evening to the client!
Thanks again,
Steve Higgins
Glenside, PA
Thanks for the great job.
I've been in this business for 40-plus years. (Yes, I"m older than dirt.) You folks were an absolute pleasure to work with. The product was great. The client was happy, and OMG..the price was wonderful.
I love pushing pixels through the internet and having the finished product show up at my door. I never even had to change out of my bunny slippers to get the job done. Nice!
I'll definitely recommend your services.
LaRhee Webster
Palo Alto, CA
I just reviewed the proof and they look better than the last time we printed them. Words fail me in expressing how rare this is and how pleased I am. The print is crisper, the little swan in the oval is definitely crisper.
The quality of the print, the blackness of the black, the paper quality, the quality of the UPC and the Kosher symbol are all great. I folded these proofs on the black band and it is not cracking.
Thank you for a job well done!
Robin Bequet
Bequet Confections
Bozeman, MT
I just received the newsletter you printed for us and it's beautiful! Thank you so much for a great job done quickly and perfectly. I really appreciate being able to call and get your help with sending it, etc. and will continue to recommend you to other groups. And IOSA will, of course, have another one for you next year.
Thanks again!
Jackie Wolf
Friday Harbor, WA
Hello Gold Team and everyone I spoke with while going through my printing project!!! I was very impressed with the whole process and the professionalism of all of your team members and your ability to take my rushed request. The final project is wonderful and my clients thought so as well!! As I am starting a new business and need printing projects regularly I will look to your team again in the future and have referred you already!
Thank you again! Take care,
Amie Flowerday
Windy Ranch Administrative Services
Sundre, AB
You all were great to work with, your pricing was very competitive, you did everything you said you were going to do and the final product itself looks fantastic!
Many Thanks and we will surely be in the market for your services again.
All the best,
Adam Almeida
Information Enterprises Inc.
Waltham, MA
My reprinted cards arrived this morning... they look FANTASTIC! Thank you so much for the great work you do: the quality is excellent, and your customer service is the best in the business. That's why I keep referring clients to you... you do great work!
David Hastings
David Owen Hasting Graphic Design
Shoreline, WA
You gals are the best! SUPERIOR SERVICE every year that I order and a very easy to use website and print process throughout. Thank you and have a great and prosperous year!
Lisa Cormier
Mount Grace Land Conservation Trust
Athol, MA
You did an awesome job on the printing and the turnaround time! I couldn't be more pleased, the colors look great and the printing is sharp! I will definitely use PFL for future projects.
Mike Evans
East Troy, WI
Thank you! The brochures look great. Since this order was a little more complicated than most of our previous projects, we were a little bit anxious about how it would come out, but alas, everything looks perfect as usual! I knew we could count on you guys.
Thanks for another great print job and for being so reliable, and so affordable too!
Best regards,
Megan Boswell
Peaceful Mountain
Boulder, CO
Beautiful! You guys are like "Rock Stars"! Thanks for making it happen under the crunch. "I'll be back!" :-)
Tony Fabiano
Watch Certification Services of America
San Rafael, CA
My business cards arrived today. I am thrilled with the result. Thank you for your patience and your steady presence in my life as I finished this little tidbit of a nuisance. It is such a relief to be holding these. It is jobs like this that really suck the life out of me. Your efforts made a huge job for me something manageable.
Please let me know if there is someone else in your company I can thank for all your efforts. I would be glad to do so.
Rebecca Mullen
Altared Spaces
Mesa, CO
I wanted to take a moment to let you and your team know that I got the posters today. I am "ECSTATIC"! The quality is great. Even though we had problems at the start we made it work and I am very happy with "TEAM MUSTANG" for going the extra mile on this project.
You guys are FANTASTIC! Thank you for everything.
We will work together again...
Lonny R. Willis
Freelance Arts
Caldwell, ID
Dear Friends at PrintingForLess,
On behalf of all of us here at STRATA NETWORKS, I want to thank you for your outstanding and timely service, not to mention your unsurpassed quality that you provide with each and every print order that we send your way! I will definitely recommend you to others and continue using P4L for my custom printing needs. You guys are great!
Maigen Zobell
Roosevelt, UT
I wanted to thank you for two jobs well done. I received my job just as ordered. Thank you for correcting this in time for my presentation. My client received their job and was very pleased at the beautiful work. She said she'll be happy to print with PFL in the future.
Best regards,
Grace Maher
Oceanside, NY
I wanted to let you know that we just received our business card shipment one day earlier than expected! This was a last minute, rush order that could have been a disaster in the wrong hands. The cards look great and we will be proud to hand them out at the SPECS trade show next week.
You made the process so easy and delivered results that were beyond our expectations!
Thank you.
Karen Winston
A.F. Alber General Contractor, Inc.
Hilltown, PA
I want to thank you and the Silver Team at PFL. Your printing was superb, your customer service is unmatched in your industry, and I appreciate all that you do. Thank you so much and look forward to using PFL for all my printing needs as well as referring my clients to you as well. Thank you again.
Damien Scott
Quick Accounting San Diego
San Diego, CA
Thanks again for the great service. We are very pleased with our bookmarks; you all put in some great work, and thank you again for the excellent customer service at every step.
Kristen Christy
Christy Publishing Company
Clayton, NM
Thank You for the awesome flyers!! Not only did they arrive earlier than expected and in time for our May 3 event, but they are beautiful. We enjoyed doing business with your company and look forward to the future.
Carla Butler
Cass Tech Marching Band
West Bloomfield, MI
I have been using PFL for ten years and have always been extremely pleased with the service, the printing, and the politeness of anyone I have had to speak to. It has been a pleasure!
Gerard Huerta
Southport, CT
I really felt like PFL listened to my concerns about the printing of my business cards. I am a painter, and the card included artwork that I wanted cropped a specific way. The image quality/color was great (they did suggest a specific paper for my needs, which was ideal), and they cropped the cards exactly the way I envisioned. I wanted to include a QR code on the back of my cards, and while it's larger than I would have liked it to be, they suggested I make it large because small codes tend not to work consistently. They even used a phone to check the code for me, and alerted me that the increased size worked. So happy to have found a company I can go to that's detail oriented, so I don't have to use Vista Print!
Rachel Wolfson
Salem, OR
I LOVE Printing for Less!!!! You have the BEST employees and the BEST customer service and the BEST quality of work. I feel so fortunate to be able to work with you and Team Mustang!
Jodi Ford
Children First Communities And Schools Of Buncombe County
Ashville, NC
Service was prompt and very good. I was so pleased with the Eagles Team who assisted as though I was their new best friend. Certainly I will recommend Printing for Less for friends printing needs. I plan to use them again for my Christmas Cards.
Janice Carter
Lionrock, NC
I am very happy you offer the print jobs at lower quantities. You were a life saver. The product arrived quickly and flawlessly. I will definitely use your services again.
Megan Norton
Csols, Inc.
Newark, DE
Thank you so much for your prompt service. The cards look great and the customer is very happy to receive them a day ahead of schedule. The quality is superb and I am looking forward to do send more business your way.
Tiffany Tran
Fantasy Printing
Philadelphia, PA
You guys nailed it! I am SO HAPPY with the job you did for our company! Your people took me through the entire process from beginning to end and shined the whole way! There is no question we will be back with our printing needs.
Well done!
Bob Shigo
PCH, Inc.
Corona, CA
Many thanks Eagle team,
You are all so awesome. I can't even think of having my printing done anywhere else!
Wayne Farr
Park City, UT
The quality of the order we got was perfect. Not being in the business, I had to depend on others to help make decisions and it worked. Your team was extremely helpful. Thank you all for your help with this and when I'm ready for new things I will certainly contact you!
Loree Schwartz
San Jose, CA
Leo -- Many thanks to you, Dawn and the entire PrintingForLess team for a GREAT finished product and an excellent buying experience. My professional anniversary announcements turned out beautifully, and arrived exactly on schedule. It's rare to have great technology, a user-friendly web-site -- and knowledgeable, caring human beings available on the phone as well (Yey Dawn!). Your follow-up is also appreciated.
Nice work.
Peter Lesser
Attorney-Mediator, Los Angeles
I just received the samples for the postcard you printed, and they look FANTASTIC. Just like the previous job, the printing is exceptional. My client is going to love it! I've been using PFL for a few years now and have always been very happy with your printing quality, prices, and possibly most important to me, your wonderful customer service.
As always, thank you for your incredible printing and service.
Lori A. Leech
L2Designs, LLC
Orlando, FL
You've done it again. The monki stickers are frickin' sweet! I feel like a kid again--I've been sticking them everywhere. Thank you! As always, it has been a pleasure working with you all.
Have a happy day,
Suzy Simmons
Test Monki, LLC
Spring, TX
The brochures are AWESOME! Thank you so much for all of your help. I really appreciated your assistance with making a last minute change to our brochure for us AND shipping it out a day early, too! Your customer service is FANTASTIC and I'm looking forward to working with you all again as our company grows.
Enjoy your day,
Kelly Hackett, President
Centers To Go, Inc.
Melbourne, FL
Working with Team Mustang on both of our orders was fabulous! From the first conversation we knew we had picked the right company. You designed a brochure with vibrant colors that was perfect for what we needed on our brochure. I will never look anywhere else for my printing needs. We will always choose Printing For Less.
Thanks team mustang for your help !
Scot Stamey
Yucatan Treasures
Newton, NC
After looking for a printing company online, we decided to go with PrintingForLess based not only on the competitive pricing, but also the quality of the samples overnighted to us. Our project came with a rapidly approaching deadline and PrintingForLess far exceeded our expectations with timing and quality. Everything was perfect with our order. From the customer follow up and attention to detail, as well as responsiveness. We will definitely be using PrintingForLess service for future projects.
Kelly Gheesling
Dearborn, MI
You guys rock! Seriously, best customer service experience I've had in a look great and a free coffee mug to boot...thanks! I'll be using you again for sure.
Dave Peterson
Conifer, CO
Cards arrived and better than expected, I will use your services in the future and recommend to friends and associates. Great Job!
John Daniel
John Daniel & Associates
Winfield, KS
Thanks SO much. That was great customer service! That's why I love you guys!
Benjamin Evans, Gallery Director
NURTUREart Non-Profit
Brooklyn, NY
Thank you for checking in, and Dawn thank you for the call. The cards arrived in plenty of time and they look great. As usual wonderful service, quick turnaround, and great prices. Thank you!
Sage Morgan
Random Acts of Flowers
Knoxville, TN
You have made my client very happy. Thank you for your professionalism and I'll have another project to price very soon.
Guy Smalley
Waynesville, NC
Thank you again for an excellent job with our most recent printing orders (cards and magnets). We received everything in good order and the quality is as good as ever and your customer service is the best!
Thanks so much! We will be in touch again soon with our next order.
Katy Fritts
Ann Arbor, MI
Pet 'N Play
Thanks so much for helping us get a 8.5 X 11 brochure. I have been in touch with PFL to ask price quotes on different quantities, and you have come up with an even more economical way to produce them by printing two at a time on a large sheet. You are all wonderful to deal with!!! Every time I have had to speak with someone out there, they have been so nice and helpful. I am so glad that I became affiliated with!!!
Thanks again for being so patient with us all.
Jody Guerrieri
Boca Raton, FL
You guys are the best!! EVERY experience I've had with you has been fantastic. It would be hard to even consider using another printing service!
Lee Ann Davis
Indianapolis, IN
You guys are amazing! That was so fast, you took all the stress out of this one. Thank you so much for everything.
Rachel Williams
Crestwood Construction
Truckee, CA
The brochures looked awesome! Thanks!! Really glad that you have the online proofing process - streamlined, easy & very useful!!
Jennifer Rahr
Deer Creek Design
Glendive, MT
I love the printing, pricing, customer service, turn around and follow up I get from PrintingForLess.
Christopher Zsarnay
Z Studios
Ventura, CA
You guys are awesome!!! The cards arrived today and they look great. You folded and boxed them too. WOW you saved me tons of time and made sure I was happy. You were before too, but now you are absolutely my favorite printer.
Thanks again,
Matt Muhsam
Seattle, WA
As usual, the print job was EXCELLENT! The past 6+ years with you have been a pleasure! I've never been disappointed.
Dan Seabreeze
Sun City, AZ
I received the order and the cards were fantastic! Thanks so much for all of your hard work and for shipping them early. The LROC group was very happy with the cards and quality and is packaging them up for distribution. We also liked how they were packaged for shipping in the plastic containers with PFL on them. Your company does a wonderful job and we love working with the Silver Team.
Thanks for your efforts! Excellent job!
Susan Selkirk
School of Earth and Space Exploration
Tempe, Arizona
The booklets just arrived in Qatar today, and they look fabulous!!! Thanks so much for your work on these (and your patience in inserting the revised pages).
All the best,
Charles Nailen
Georgetown University · School of Foreign Service in Qatar
Doha, Qatar
Hi Silver Team, The postcard looks great. Thank you very much for your speedy service!
Ann Davidson
Lewis and Clark Community College
Godfrey, IL
From my initial contact with Printing For Less the experience has completely exceeded our expectations. With so many 'online' printing companies popping up you typically have no idea who you are working with and if they care about your printing job as much as you do. I can tell you that PFL does! Their customer service is first class, the print quality is stunning, and the turnaround times were unbelievable. Thank you PFL for taking good care of J Tabor Design and our clients.
Rebecca Tabor
J Tabor Design
Hauser Lake. CA
You are the best print shop EVER!
I say this every time I work with you. Thank you for being awesome. I also looked at your location page on your website and became severely jealous. I want to live in those mountains!!!
Linsey Burritt
one design company
Chicago, IL
We are so thankful for PFL and the excellent job you do with our printing and our customer service. You make it so easy to create great posters, postcards, anything!! We're doing a big national exhibit this week and you made it possible to have a beautiful display. You guys are always so helpful and go the extra mile for me every time I place an order. And I have the most beautiful postcards and posters in the world!
We look forward to working with you again in the future!
Dixie Huthmaker
Huthmaker Violins
Duluth, GA
Looks great and thank you for all your help, You all were so wonderful to work with. I will be contacting you for my next order!!
Kristina L. Therrien
Pine Tree Society
Bath, ME
We just received the order and wanted to thank you everyone is so pleased with the final copy. I am sure you will see us again for our next newsletter in about 3 months. Thanks Again!!!!!
Tammy Flicker
Bellevue City Schools
Bellevue, Ohio
Thank you very much for your great work and your patience with me.
Don Kahn
i systems, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN
Thanks a million PrintingForLess! You gave me something I can not only not find at another printing company, but any other company in the world...3 very important things...service, quality and affordability. The service PFL offers is just unbeatable. I always have my questions answered immediately, I receive prompt return phone calls and you put such great attention towards my jobs, as if you were printing them for yourself. The first time I used you about a year ago, I wasn't sure how my first project woud come out...when I receieved the shipment it blew me away. I couldn't believe the quality, everyone I showed it to said it was the best they ever saw. It is so professional looking and is eye-catching to all readers. The price I pay for the quality and service you offer is truely amazing. Your prices cannot be beat. I recommend you to many people. Your website is so organized, and easy to use. Expect tons and tons of return business from me in the future! PFL is no question about it, the absolute best!!!
Ryan S. Feigenblatt, owner/publisher
The 5 Towner, local advertising
Hewlett, NY
I received your voicemail and appreciate you checking on our satisfaction. Anne, I just have to say, that the experience I had with your company far exceeds any expectations I had. The print job was fantastic. There were 'imperfections' in some of the photos that we thought were photoshopped out... your printing was so perfect that it managed to pull those imperfections out (that is a compliment by the way :) ). Our graphic artist was worried that you would accidentally print the brochure "wrong" and that the backside would be mismatched with the front. She was pleased when she found out that you did it the right way! (many bad experiences apparently).
We needed our order expedited and it was, at a very low cost. The print costs were phenomenal - we could not believe the money we saved by going through Big Sky, even with overnight shipping charges, we saved hundreds of dollars on our order.
This was a perfect transaction. I have given your information to my graphic artist, and will tell everyone who has printing needs, to go through you. We are a new company, and will eventually need more products, we intend to do our business through you.
THANK YOU SO MUCH! Our experience was wonderful.
Jenn Brunson
Advanced CNC Innovations
I really did mean it. This is our second year working with you and it was effortless. You are so pleasant to work with. We are small charity group in a small town and I feel like you are small shop in our town they way you treat us.
The quality of the cards we get are superb and for that I am so grateful but most of all I am very grateful for the way you treat me. I never feel like a bother or someone with absurd questions and for someone who most of the time is winging the creative side that is so important to me.
Thank you again so much.
MaryEllen Goode
Nantucket S.T.A.R
Many thanks to the Bobcats and the PFL team for the cheery and efficient execution of our most-recent card project. We are usually - but not always! - quite late with our inspiration and then harried when it finally gets to production so speed is important. On top of that, we are not super graphic-tech savvy so we particularly appreciated your patience in getting the set-up 'just right'. We happily recommend PFL to our friends based on the very positive experiences we have had, every time.
John W. Smith
Willem Smith & Company
Washington, DC
Thanks to everyone on Team Big Sky!!
The recipe books came in looking clean, crisp & professional. Nothing but "oohs" and "aahs" from the employees who have seen them. Now it's off to our clients, as corporate gifts. I'm sure we'll get more of the same reactions to the outstanding quality. We called with a rush print job and you delivered patience, knowledge and service with what we have to describe as a smile(since it's over the phone :). Thanks again - we look forward to continuing this fantastic business relationship.
My very best,
Bryan Chaney
Austin, TX
I just received the sample of this card. OMG the best print job ever!!! I just couldn't be happier with you guys, the blend on the background was totally perfect and undetectable, the colors sparkled and the reproduction was amazing. The client has not received the cards yet but should be receiving them today and I know they will be amazed -- you made me look so very, very good. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you. You can expect all my print business from now on, really top drawer work. After seeing the blend work you did I may redesign my own card AGAIN!! Love it. Will probably be having you print some table tents for these folks once they see this card. You are the best printer I have ever used!!
Kati Falk
Kati Falk Designs
Fairbanks, AK
The order arrived perfectly. The post cards look even better than I expected. The paper stock is excellent. And as aways it's a pleasure ordering from you. Mahalo,
Ginger Hall
Waikoloa, HI
I just wanted to send you a note to say how happy we are with your service. The business cards you did are top notch - really nice quality, affordable, done quickly and accurately. We were, frankly, dreading the prospect of doing business cards after our move, and it was unbelievable to me how easy it was to get it done on your site.
Thank you for a great service. I'll definitely spread the word.
Dmitri Belser, Executive Director
Center for Accessible Technology
Berkeley, CA
To Terra, The Gold Team & PFL,
We LOVE LOVE LOVE our 4WARD Folders. They turned out perfect. It was no easy task with all the specialty features, including, the multiple embossing, specialty die-cuts/folds, clear foils and the metallic pantone - & you guys rocked all of it.
Terra - thanks for holding my hand through the whole thing and being super awesome. I truly appreciate your expertise & help.
Thanks again for making us look so good!
Jessica Rose Goldner, Art Director
4WARD Financial Marketing, Inc.
Virginia Beach, VA
Our latest order (doorhangers) was very well received by the staff here. I had ordered the print and paper sample kit that you offer (for free!) a while back and having that on hand took the guess work out of ordering. I knew exactly what the paper would look and feel like before I placed the order, so there were no surprises when the doorhangers arrived. They were exactly as I expected them to be; and if anything, they looked even better than expected!
I also love the ease of ordering and reviewing/approving proofs on-line and the customer service is top-notch. I am so glad one of our volunteers (freelance designer) told me about!
Ariane Kjellquist, Communications Manager
Asheville Area Habitat for Humanity
Asheville, NC
The postcards look fantastic; my client is absolutely thrilled! And thank you for sending samples to the designer...that is so helpful!
Larissa Hensley
Ithaca, NY
You are a life saver! Thank you so much! It never fails that someone always comes in after my deadline and wants cards.
Ruth Lodwick
Electro-Mechanical Corp.
Bristol, VA
I just received my business cards today, much sooner than expected and they are extremely well done. This is my first order with you and it was a pleasure to have such personalized friendly service along with the best prices. I will go no where else for my printing needs. Thanks so much.
Rose Sher
Bodywork & Trauma Healing
Thousand Oaks, CA
Thanks so much for everything. The client loved the cards, I loved the service. Rest assured I will be a returned customer. Everything went so well, the Red Team is the best!
Jackie Harmon
Philadelphia, PA
I wanted to take just a minute to thank you all for great service with my recent order for the Stepaganza 2011 CD booklets. I will surely use your service again and again. The process was smooth and each member of your team was knowledgeable and extremely helpful. The patience shown as we made last minute tweaks was invaluable. A member of your team even suggested a few changes based on the resolution to ensure the best result. The shipment came in as promised and awaited us at the Hotel in Atlanta, GA. Everyone had raving comments on how well they came out. Although I can take credit on the design (patting my own back [?]), it would be nothing without a great print result.
I know many people take time to complain when something goes wrong. I believe the same time should be taken to express appreciation for such a great team. Thank you all again.
Tonya Harris
Edwardsville, IL
I received the cards the other day. They look fantastic!! Thank you very much, I'm very happy with how they came out. I'll definitely order from you again as the need arises.
Matt Hayat
Baltimore, MD
Again, I very much appreciate you reprinting them for me and I have told countless people that customer service isn't a thing of the past and why it's worth so much more to print here (on so many levels) than in China!!
Thanks again and my designer is busy at work on several additional products which I will request quotes for soon!!
Cheri Fogarty
Creating My Best Life
Southport, CT
I love PFL! You make my life easier with your easy reorder process. Your customer service is great and thank you for the coffee! I have been using your company for our business card needs for several years now and have been nothing but pleased. In fact, your staff was so friendly I decided to check out everyone on your website. Your facility is great, your staff has nothing but great things to say about their job and best of all you have a daycare upstairs. I joked with my husband that if this job didn't work out that I was moving to Montana!
Julia Moffitt
Crowley, TX
I love you guys and will be a loyal customer for life. You are so good to us!
Karrie Newcombe
A Buyers Choice
British Columbia
Thank you for the great customer service and professionalism. Once again you have helped Cinq Partners to shine. The brochures are a hit with the client. I'm sure there will be a re-print order coming your way very soon.
I look forward to working with you on many projects in the future.
Awesome job!
Steph Doyle, Creative Director/Partner
CINQ Partners
Rockville, MD
You guys are awesome to work with. This order was a little out of my comfort zone and it turned out PERFECTLY!!! I'm sooo glad I took the plunge with the Post-It notes. I'm working on getting them in the mail today! Thanks again for another job well done, Eagle Team!! I'm certain my investment will be returned to me and then it always is when I order printed items from PFL.
Amy Jeffries
Amy Jeffries Voice Overs, Inc.
Bettendorf, IA
Hi Eagle Team. I just wanted you to know that we received our latest order today and, as is always the case with your company and the team, they look terrific!!!! We REALLY enjoy working with PrintingForLess! Thank you!!!!!
Gerry Brewer
Voltage Factory
Roswell, GA
I got your voicemail asking if the tickets came on time and wanted to let you know they did! and they look amazing!
Because your team was so committed and was able to get my order rushed through, we got our tickets in time and have since begun the process of distributing them; this means our charity fundraiser has started right on time, even though my organization had a delay in getting the printing process started. Your team worked so fast and did such a great job working with me to make sure all the order details were covered and production ran smoothly, we were able to make-up for the delay we had experienced before!
To say it a different way -- your team is SO efficient, you made MY team run better. And that is priceless. I, the rest of the George Washington University Residence Hall Association, and the future recipients of the funds we are raising for the University Scholarship through this raffle, cannot thank you enough. You will definitely hear from us again -- maybe someday we can finally print those "Welcome Home" banners ;) (if only your speed-magic worked on university officials, right?)
Very sincerely yours,
Cameron Smither
George Washington University
Washington, DC
The cards looked great and arrived very quickly! I called yesterday afternoon to ask for a copy of the invoice (couldn't find the 1st one) and I swear within 30 seconds she had my order pulled up and an email on its way to me! You guys always impress me... and I love looking at the dog photos on the web!
Bonnie Wendt
Mat-Su College
Palmer, AK
I just want to say thank you for the GREAT customer service. It is refreshing to know that although I can't go to your office to see a proof, you are looking out for the client. Thanks again!
Kathy Bussert
Designspring Inc
Villa Park, IL
I absolutely LOVE my business cards! They turned out fantastic! I was very impressed when I dealt with you. The quality and look of the cards was just fantastic. So, when it was time to order new business cards for my business, I automatically ordered with you.
Thank you,
Sandi Vasquez
Pro Web Design
El Cajon, CA
Thanks, you guys are great! On projects with critical press requirements like this, my mind is always at ease knowing PFL is on the job. Printing with PFL is like having Capt. Sully at the controls. Thanks for your service
Edmund Izbickas
Studio Izbickas
Westwood, MA
Thanks a lot. You are the only company I deal with that I have total confidence in.
Tom Whitworth
Whitworth & I
Sonoma, CA
What a pleasure to deal with Team Mustang. You all are terrific. My stuffers look great, delivery was early, and you all had the patience of the saints when dealing with me and my first time ordering.
Now I know why the others at MJD speak so highly of you.
Thanks again for your help and the great stuffers!
Karen Simmons
MJD Patient Communications
Bethesda, MD
Our postcards looked great, they arrived in customer homes on the target date, and our sale has been successful so far. Thank you so much for the fabulous work you always do! We won't take our business anywhere else.
Kim Sundal
Bothell Furniture
Bothell, WA
Thank you. You guys are great - smooth process, quality product.
Jennifer Fleischmann
Jennifer Fleischmann Design
Beacon Falls, CT
The cards look incredible!!!!! Thank you so much. Will be in touch shortly about stationery, press release paper, and brochures.
Lori Ames
ThePRFreelancer, Inc.
Babylon, NY
Many thanks for your fine work, you make our job so much easier.
Jim Peden
USS Newport News CA-148
Hudson, NH
Thank you so much! You did a wonderful job! I really appreciate the rush order & the fantastic customer service. My clients as well as friends & family really enjoyed the greeting cards.
I've been spreading the word about Printing for less so I hope it gets you more work in the new year.
Francine Daveta
Francine Daveta Photography
New York, NY
You guys are the absolute best ever and I've told my bosses that I will NEVER use another company! I love PFL!
Lucy Skeen Alinda Capital Partners LLC Ridgefield, CT
The newsletters look great -- thanks! Working with PFL is such a breeze -- you guys are the best! I cannot tell enough people about PFL -- it has been such a pleasure doing business with you.
Ellen Gravina
Care to Knit, Inc
Deer Park, NY
First: thank you for getting us the New Baby Belly materials in record time...they look - as far as I can tell without opening the shrink wrap - FANTASTIC.
Second: Thank you for the PFL's a nice gesture that genuinely makes me feel valued as a customer. Even though I've been in the specialties and premiums business my whole life, I am (like most people) seduced by free goodies!
We'll have some more work coming your way in the next day or keep up the great service!
Noah Rosenberg
Parsons Bowne LLC
Huntington Station, NY
You guys did a great job and your customer service is outstanding. This is not only judged by what you did now for me but also what you already did for my wife's company.
Thank you and I wish you all a wonderful weekend, Peter
Peter Anich
IT Solutions Finder, LLC
Norwalk, CT
Thank you! The bookmarks arrived last Friday and are perfect. I appreciate your friendly service very much.
Kris Anderson
Dee S. Knight
Portsmouth, VA
Thank you gold team for being such a great full service and detail oriented crew. All your hard work is very much appreciated!
Megan Boswell
WH Products, Inc.
Corning, IA
Just wanted to let you all know that I am thoroughly pleased with my note card order. The cards are excellent quality with excellent color. The service was fantastic, along with the speedyness in processing my order. Thank you so much for great work. I will be using you again!
Emily Kerley
Trussville, AL
Thanks so much for the wonderful job you did on my brochures. They are wonderful, and folks here commented on the quality of the print job. I look forward to working with you in the future.
Fr. Mark
All Saints Chapel
Dinwiddie, VA
Thank you so much for your help with all of this. You've made the process easy for a first time user - if I hear of anyone else in need of printing, I'll recommend you to them.
Melissa Purdy
Saint Andrew School
Murphysboro, IL
Thanks for an absolutely perfect job! I especially appreciated the additional samples you sent me. The Red Team as well as all the staff I've interacted with at PrintingForLess have been extremely courteous and helpful and it's my pleasure to acknowledge a job well done.
Look forward to running my next job with you and gave you a shout out on LinkedIn as well.
Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch
Hoboken, NJ
I just received cards. Thank you for all your help!!!!
Best regards,
Tanya Goncharova
Magic Travel Group
New York, NY
We got our schedule cards today and I just wanted to thank you for the fabulous service! It was a treat as usual to work with you!
Kathy Jahnke
Montana Shakespeare In The Park
Bozeman, MT
Thanks! I received both orders and they were great. You guys do a great job in terms of punctuality, customer service, and quality!
Anca Novacovici
Washington, DC
I have received my recent order and I must take the time to thank you for a most exceptional job. Well done as usual.
All the Best,
Peter Mazzei
P. Gerard Mazzei Art & Antiques, Co.
Ascutney, VT
I want to thank you all for the magnificent job you did in producing my latest catalog for Tufts University. It's really beautiful. More than that, your customer service has been excellent. I will continue to use you in the future.
Khalilah Imani Tyre
Center for the Humanities at Tufts
Medford, MA
Just a note to let you know how gorgeous the cards turned out! My client is thrilled and I'm happy!Thanks!
Wendy Wiley
VIE Communication
Bellevue, WA
I received the Triple C Brochures yesterday as well and they print quality is great! I'm very happy with the output and especially the great service from everyone at PFL! I'll be delivering the brochures to my client today and I'm sure they'll love them as much as I do! Thanks!
Tina Said
Grand Cayman, UNK
Hey Team Big Sky!
We love the stuff you did for us! Great quality and you shipped when you said you would.
You are our new printing company!
Rob Springer
Computer Logic Group
Ronkonkoma, NY
We received the catalogs and am very much impressed by them. You did a fantastic job, thank you.
We will pass the good word to other companies we work with.
Kind regards,
Garth Klein
Bellevue, WA
You guys rock!
Can't tell you how much I have appreciated working with you guys the last two years. I really appreciate your quick replies and great customer service.
Mary Lundregan
Alexandria, VA
Fed Ex delivered my cards on Monday. I appreciate your great customer service as always. Ahead of schedule, nice quality, good price and an uber responsive, friendly staff.
Lori Lochner
Ft. Edward, NY
Wow!!! Not only was it so very easy to place my order but you even delivered BEFORE the promised date! I'm very impressed. One of my orders was a custom piece that, whoever worked on it for me, did an outstanding job. She really understood my intent.
Thanks bunches. I've found a printing company I can count on.
Sandy Huwel
Best Results Realty
Florence, KY
As usual, I was thrilled with the postcards. You guys do such an excellent job of printing, cutting, etc. The results are far superior to any printer I've ever used.
Kudos to you for running a top-notch business. In a world inundated with poor customer service and less than ideal quality, PFL is like a text book example of what businesses should do. As someone who works in the marketing industry, I'm continually amazed at how you guys do everything right: from the email newsletter to the follow-up phone calls...and now Twitter, too! It's truly impressive.
Thanks to you and your staff for the excellent service and quality. It's much appreciated! You guys are wonderful to work with from start to finish! I'll keep sending my business your way, you can be sure of it.
Thanks for another great experience,
Whitney Harris
Big Timber, MT
Your customer service has always been the BEST! We can't tell you how important this particular job was for us, and the fact that you expedited it without even knowing how important it was, really shows how you do business. You're amazing!
Thank you so much.
Hilary A. Reed
Bucks First Federal Credit Union
Bristol, PA
Believe me, I'll be back with you guys. I've never done bookmarks before and I've been delighted at the reception I've received for these. And you are a pleasure to deal with!
Karen Schwartz
Pelican Waters Qld, UNK
Anna Campbell, Award-Winning Author
Thank you and your company for being a pleasure to work with. America would be a better place if more companies were as efficient as yours.
Edward Faircloth
Gooden + Faircloth
We love your work! The postcards came in and they look great - thanks and have a great Thanksgiving!
Joan Cummings
Hudson Park Apartments
Thank you so much for your assistance! Your service was oustanding! I am always leary to make an order like this on line. Actually your team placed the order and designed it for me. I will certainly refer you to our friends and clients. We have had so many comments on our cards. The first 2 people that we gave them to wanted to know where we got them.
Thanks so much.
Kymm McCall
Palm Beach, FL
I received my order and they are great. Your company did an excellent job and I will deffinetly use you in the very near future. Great customer service and great product quality.
Duane Hendricks
Hughesville, MD
The cards turned out nicely, as always. I have recommended your services to several designers and will continue to do so.
Best regards,
J. Chen
Redondo Beach, CA
I got my order this morning and could not be more thrilled. It turned out even better than I hoped AND arrived 5 DAYS EARLIER than I expected. Outstanding quality - outstanding service!
Thanks for everything and I can't wait to use PFL again!!!
Michele McLeod
Rocky Creek Beads
Manhattan, MT
As I expected, the posters look great! I can't thank you enough for making this process so easy - your customer service is exceptional. In fact, I have been so happy with PFL that I used you as my official referral last week during "Make a Referral Week".
Many thanks,
Melinda Penland
Pet Allergy Laboratory, Inc.
Austin, TX
You guys have really gone above and beyond the call of duty on this one!!!!!! You processed it supper fast and were very understanding regarding our changes, then you didn't charge us for the changes -- then ship the job ahead of schedule!
That is crazy good service. This was a pro bono job for us (and it was on a tight schedule) so your great price really helps us out.
Thanks again for the great service on this job!
MillerCox Design
Silver Spring, MD
We received our bookmarks and business cards today and I was very happy with the way they turned out! Thank you for the quick and friendly service and the exceptional quality of the printed products we received. I was disappointed with an online printing service we ordered business cards from before but you have exceeded all my expectations. We will definitely use you for future projects!
Katharyn J. Doak
Mother Nature Language Center
Seattle, WA
We love our postcards and business cards. You all are great to work with....I can always count on you and the good customer service. I truly love doing business with PFL. I enjoy the team concept and especially how minor problems (big to me when working on a deadline!) are quickly and efficiently dealt with, each and every time. Once I turn in my file to the team I know that it is going to be in great hands and I am able to concentrate on the next project on my list.
Thank you!
Cheryl Jukich
Fine Lines, Inc,
Havelock, NC
We are very pleased with our business cards- they look great. Thank you for your quality customer service and attention to detail. We will be ordering letterhead through you guys very soon! Thanks!
Sarah Puckett
SBK Enterprises, LLC
Ryegate, Montana
We received the fliers today -- and they look GREAT! We all love how crisp the colors came out. I wanted to thank you again for wonderful service, beautiful prints, and the coffee mug, I will proudly drink out of it!
Take care,
Kelly Hale
Holiday Inn Historic District Philadelphia
Hi you guys, thank you so much for your follow up. The cards printed out beautifully! Everyone here was very pleased, as always! Patrick, thank you for your telephone follow up as well. It's very nice that you show concern for your clients and appreciate our business. Thank you.
Santos Morales
Thank you! This is the fastest print job I have ever ordered! If you can do it, why can't "they"?
Melissa A. Wells, Marketing Coordinator
Professional Group Plans
Thanks, you have been great. I wish all of our business dealings were as smooth, quick and accurate as ours has been with you.
Lia Parker
First, I'd like to say thank you for the input on the photo!...many printers would have just run with what was are not only prompt, you are professional!
Susan Vanderheyden
Sonflower Gifts, LLC
You exceeded our expectations as usual. The ordering process is so simple and your turnaround time is impressive. Thanks for a job well done!
Jenny Burden
America West Realty
Thank you so much for catching this. We really appreciate it! The door hangers are going out and everyone loves them. Thank you so much for all your help, we couldn't do it without you. Team Aspen was really the best. We would be happy to tell everyone that this is a really really good company! Hope he wins this election just from what your team has put together for us.
Thanks again soooooo... much!
Paula & Keith Hunt
Kieth Hunt for City Council
They look just great! Thank you so much for another great job. You guys are so good at taking care of my orders. I am glad you talked me into a different layout.
Thanks again.
Shirley Lafferty
THANK YOU THANK YOU!!! The postcards look fabulous! And I love the aqueous coating too. The colors match perfectly as well.
Jenna Buescher-Hill
AllStyle Productions Wedding Videography, Portland OR
When the doorbell rang and it was FedEx, my heart stopped because I thought maybe my client's cards were delivered here instead of to him -- but then I saw the little package and knew you guys had been thinking of me! Thank you SO MUCH. The cards are absolutely stupendously gorgeous and SO professionally printed that I'm just speechless.
Eileen Parzek
Business Design Studio
Team Mustang!-- Leslie, Rainy and David, A great big THANK YOU to all of you. I received our newsletter and was very pleased with the outcome!! Your work is wonderful, timely and very reasonable. Your service, honestly, I have never dealt with a more friendly, efficient, team oriented group -- you made it so easy!!! KUDOS to you!!! May you and yours have a fantastic holiday season --
Hilda Baisel
Pioneer Equine Hospital
Oakdale CA
Dear Members of the Rangers-Team: I wanted to take a moment to thank you all for the amazing job you have done with the Business cards (despite my own ineptitude to check the original file for mistakes :) You have to be the only Internet based company I know, whose customer service, dedication and professionalism exceeds any expectations. I wish your team could hold training sessions for banks, insurances and other customer service heavy businesses. Providing reliable service has become a dying art; your company however will ensure that this art will never become extinct!Thank you again. I have already recommended you to a friend of mine, and I am sure she will be as excited as I am!
Greetings from San Francisco!
Frank Therre
I wanted to say THANK YOU for our new business cards! Everyone in the office is going GA-GA as they get their beautiful, newly printed cards. The stock is solid and the design really "pops" with the gloss. Thank you so much for all your help with the typesetting and getting them perfect. We really are grateful to have been referred to you guys from our designer, Mike Gunderson @ Gunderson Designs.
Christy Kenyon
Marketing Communications Manager
Rohnert Park, CA
"I LOVE MY BUSINESS CARDS! They are BEAUTIFUL!!! ANOTHER GREAT job that you guys (and gals) did! I will ABSOLUTELY do more printing with Printing For Less!!! Thank you!!!" case you needed a testimonial for the website ;) hehehe
THANK YOU!!! (seriously!)
Myrna Gamez Galan
Future Mary Kay Sales Director
The cards were great and the service superb. Thanks for all your. Help. I had heard, read, etc, good things about PFL and you definitely delivered quality at a lower price. thanks. again. as my business grows, my printing needs should expand. thanks again.
Chris Corbin
Lotic, llc
I received the AIDSpirit brochures today and they are beautiful, thank you once again for being the only company I know of that delivers the product they promise- You are priceless!!!
Don't go changin'
Tana Hanson
bleu dahlia creative
Billings, MT
I received my cards last week. Everything went well, as always. I have to tell you that I grew up in the printing industry and ran a large print operation way back when. I am always impressed when dealing with your company, it reminds me of the old days when customer service and satisfaction actually meant something. The Mustang Team always makes me feel like my little order is at the top of their list and not inconsequential.
Until next time-
Victoria Vrtjak
Affinity Commercial Real Estate, Arlington Heights, Il
Guys, wanted to thank you again for your help with the recent trifold brochure order. Your help with the order process, direct mailing, and working with me on rebuilding the file to get the perfect blue....was all very appreciated. You guys set the bar. Thanks again.
Jacob Lamprecht
Gulf Coast 4 Star Trailer Sales
Hi there! Just wanted to let you know the postcards and note cards turned out beautifully! Normally I am hesitant to go over the internet for printing, for it sometimes can be a wild card. With PFL, I experienced excellent communication, fantastic customer service, timeliness, and quality! Thank you! I look forward to using you again in the future:)
Jana Pare
Title One, Inc
Minnetonka, MN
Brilliant as ever. I was hugely impressed with the turnaround time - as was the client. Ordered on Monday, delivered to the Cayman Islands Thursday afternoon - what more could I ask for!
We have had a fabulous working relationship with PrintingForLess for almost four years and to date I cannot honestly think of a time when I have been disappointed. Your customer service is phenomenal, the production support and quality checking is so helpful, and at the end of the project we always have happy clients. We have decided that PFL will always be our #1 printing service provider. Have you ever thought of opening a printing service in the Cayman Islands?
You are our best kept secret printing weapon. We like the fact that we get repeat clients for design projects that we can forward onto you, and we don't want our competitors knowing where we go for great quality products. Thanks again and have a fabulous weekend - you deserve it!
Melanie Roddam
mc² Design Group Ltd
My order far exceeded my expectations! Both the quality of product and your customer service were better than I have experienced with anyone else. I will most definitely be ordering through you again!
Karl L. Kruger
Author, Pajo
San Diego, CA
Quick. Professional. Easy to order. Great communication. High quality work. What more could I want?
Brian Conyers
Waterbury, VT
I appreciate the personal responses and Red Team's willingness to make changes in the design - as well as showing some flexibility. I initially was going to use another online company (before finding PFL) but they don't accept PowerPoint files, and the file had to be sent in ready for printing. I'm a novice, and so I couldn't really meet their requirements. I may be in the minority - maybe most people are able to send their work in ready to be printed - but for me, I appreciate the willingness to be flexible and to make some changes in the design as needed. I also didn't send my design in with room for the bleed, and you fixed that as well. Thank you so much for all your assistance - I am well please with my experience with PFL and my Red Team.
Jane Weaver
Fort Wayne, IN
Second purchase from Printing for Less. Very responsive. Very fast order processing. Very fast shipping. Business cards were received as promised. Five Star Company.
Anthony Huxoll
TryState Clean Care
Henrico, VA
My experience with PrintingForLess was entirely positive, from my telephone conversation while placing the order to the expertise in the production. I've had many compliments on my postcard. Thank you for your kindness and professionalism!
Susan Marshall
Philadelphia, PA
Just wanted to say thank you. The cards looked great, client very happy.
Already talking about needing more:) Hopefully this will be the beginning of a long business relationship with you. I want to commend you on your employees. I changed my order a number of times and the one problem that came up was caused by me not paying attention to detail. Every person I dealt with was professional and friendly. It appears you have created a great place to work and surrounded yourself with capable employees. I will be using you again, you had incredible customer service and a great product. Wish all my business went as smooth.
Cyndi Rodgers
BackCreek Productions
Buies Creek, NC
Love the PrintingForLess team. You guys do a wonderful job every time. It's crucial for our business to be able to convey our commitment to excellence and top notch quality. Your quality of print help us do that and you do it in a friendly and professional way. Joseph Jewelry loves PFL.
Joseph Jewelry
Pascale Boukhalil
Bellevue, WA
The ranger team is responsive, dependable, professional, and extremely pleasant to work with! We often place rush orders, and we appreciate that we can relay on you to make them a priority and get the job done quickly and efficiently. Thank you!!
Erin Dubuque
The Taunton Press
Newtown, CT
Dear Rainy, Leslie & Ken,
Thank you for your ongoing support and outstanding care for our account. We are so pleased to work with you that we wanted to share this with you. is the epitome of what customer service should be for all businesses. We learn from your example and try our best to treat our clients with the attention and appreciation your show yours. Thank you!!
Please feel free to use our statement as a testimonial and we look forward to many more successful projects with you.
Christopher Cisneros, Vice President
Just wanted to let you know the swing tags arrived - they look AMAZING. Thanks so much for a job well done & customer service better than anything I've received from any printing company I've ever dealt with. We'll look forward to doing business with you!
Emma Pezzack
Future Natural
Austin, TX
To my new friends, The Madison Team,
I want to express my sincere appreciation to all of you. Having just started at a new job and being entrusted with the task of reworking the entire marketing of this company was/is a daunting task. We started with a new logo and thus needed to find a printer for our new business cards. I feel quite lucky that I picked PrintingForLess out of a myriad of printing companies on the web.
The expert advice and the personal assistance I received from all of you on the Madison Team was just what I needed to get this project done for a great price. I hope your organization realizes what a fantastic group they have assembled in your team. I also want to commend the rest of your plant, I know quite a bit about printing and I appreciate the consistent and accurate color and also the perfect registration I saw in all sets of business cards.
What a first rate company! I will wholeheartedly recommend your printing company whenever the opportunity arises. We are looking next to print some pocket folders so I of course will be contacting you soon.
Thank you so much,
Ken Fetting, Sr. Controller
DeMarco Inc.
Powell, OH
Well, they arrived and they're gorgeous. Thank you so much Andrew for all of your help with this project!
I am still amazed that we received 2,000 rack cards in less than 24 hours!! You and your team truly pulled off a miracle and our team is eternally grateful!
I'm sending you a crate of cheese, so bring in a baguette next week :) What's your shipping address?
Jennifer Teichman, Creative Director
Pish Posh Design
Westport , MA
We appreciate the follow up on our recent order. Happy to report a great printing experience. Unlike your online competitors, you rate among the best when it comes to customer support and we were happy with the print quality and ease of ordering. We look forward to working with you in the future.
Deb & Jess,
Communication Works, Inc.
Fantastic Job!!!
Quality and attention to detail is best of class - Turnaround Quick and ahead of expectations - Customer Support 12 out of 10. Wish all transactions and relationships were at this level of excellence.
All the best now and in future.
Alan Probst
Redartichoke Enterprises
Yonkers, NY
Thank you for all your work in getting my order in, and in a very timely, and professional manner. It's nice to know there is someone out there that will go the extra step for the little guy trying to make a go of it. Thanks Again!
Looking Forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Bill Wilson
Cement Supervisor
Prudhoe-bay, AK
Just wanted to thank you guys for a job well done. I will be happy to use your service anytime I have printing needs, as well as recommend you to anybody who I come into contact with. You beat the local competition on price, you made using your service a breeze,and everything was completed even quicker than you promised. In a marketplace where customers are given the run around, and shipments are rarely on time, it's refreshing to do business with folks like you.
Thank you,
Mark Fitzgerald
Dan's Fan City
Jacksonville, Fl
I want to thank everyone at your company who made my first on-line printing experience so wonderful. I was particularly appreciative of the hand holding I received. As a marketing person, I think that your communication, follow up, and follow through was beyond professional. I was impressed over and over again. Sending something off to print over the Internet could feel like sending something off into a big, black hole. The phone calls and emails I received from the people at made me feel just the opposite. I felt like I had a great group of people on my team who were going to work to make me successful. My client is happy and so am I.
I look forward to doing business with your company in the future. Keep up the great work.
Dana Webster
Dana Webster Consulting
Topsfield, MA
I received my business cards yesterday and I have to admit that I was beyond impressed. I'm sure you receive e-mails like this on a daily basis, but I have to tell you that impressing me is a difficult feat in and of itself, so BRAVO! Not only did PFL finish production on my order 1 day early, but you guys upgraded the shipping for my project from ground to overnight for FREE! The quality of the printing itself and the card stock that was used was spot-on and beautifully done. PFL definitely understands the concept of "Excellent Customer Service". Expect to see more orders from me in the future.
Thank you again, guys ... GREAT job.
John W. Vermaes
Catalina Concierge Services, LLC.
Tucson, AZ
Thank you all for your impeccable customer service. Take it from this customer, quality service can make the difference between a sale or no sale. You were all very nice, every time I called. That is important! Also, I cannot express how pleased I was with the printing results. Although, I must admit, I felt as if I took a risk by trying a company (in far away!) that I had no prior knowledge or personal testimonials. I'm happy to report the risk was worth taking. Nice work.
Thank you!
Tracy Mannix
Paralegal Outsource Solutions
I must say, I have been so very impressed with the Mustang Team and PrintingForLess. The generous offer for the business cards were amazing and it is very much appreciated as a small business owner. The support from the Mustang Team is superior, and I just hope my clients are as impressed with the service I provide as I am with the service I get from you guys. You make everything so very fast and EASY! I cannot tell you enough how much I appreciate doing business with you. Thank you for being so friendly and such life savers! You guys have set a standard for your industry, keep up the outstanding work.
Cori Smith
Bio-Link Scientific, llc.
I just wanted to say how much we appreciate your help on this project. We know how hard it is to work with demanding clients who have impossible requests. I don't believe any other company would be able to deliver the same level of professionalism. You've given us peace of mind and we can't thank you enough.
Jenn Turner
Norsk Enterprises
Hamilton, MT
As always, a phenomenal job! This was the first time I utilized your mailing services and it proved to be quite beneficial. THANK YOU!
Ever since my first experience with PFL I have been astounded by the personal service - something rare for on line companies. I have always been tremendously happy with the projects that you have done for me and the ease in which you make the process.
Leslie Sturgeon
Women Inspiring Women
New Hampton, NH
The brochures arrived and they look great! The colors really pop just like I was hoping they would. I am very happy with your printing, but most of all with your service. Everyone on the green team was very helpful and always willing to answer all my questions. I will definitely be back for more!
Gladys Rosa-Mendoza
me+mi publishing, inc.
Wheaton, IL
First of all, let me tell you how delighted we were to receive this recent order. Not only did it fit within our budget, but the quality was excellent.
Second, I really want to thank you for checking our jobs to ensure that they are technically ready for print.
I look forward to working with you in the very near future.
Warmest regards,
Tyrone Taborn
Career Communications Group, Inc.
I received my business cards and I am so EXCITED! They are absolutely BEAUTIFUL and just PERFECT. I have been handing them out and people are commenting on how much they like them. I am so glad that I choose to have PFL do the job and I am so thankful for all the help the eagle team provided in this project. Thank you all for your patients and your regular contact with me in order to move the project along.
My graphic designer is also very impressed with the product and your service. He will be using your services in the future.
I will only use PFL on all of my future printing needs. You guys are AWESOME and you have made my day!
Pamala Kay Schwarz
Redlands, CA
The cards look perfect, perfect, perfect. And what a delight to work with a company with sterling customer service! It seems to be a lost art. Thank you for such great work and attention to service and I will certainly be using you for any future printing needs I have. Thanks again!
Laurie Wisbrun
You guys are, as always, awesome! Thanks for the follow up, the project came out great!
Hope to send more work your way soon, and I appreciate how wonderful you all are to work with--thanks for everything!!
Michelle Powell
BFD Design
The folders are SPECTACULAR!!!!!!!!! Unreal how good they turned out. The team is fired up about using them.
We will soon have the need for some "inserts" for those folders, and I'd love to have them printed on a stock that is similar in weight to the file folders that we ordered.
Having a fresh cup of coffee in my favorite, "Printing for Less" coffee mug!
Thanks for the magic dust you sprinkled on our order. It worked!
Brian Small : Marketing Manager
Pegasus Logistics Group
Coppell, TX
I just returned from vacation and got to see the calendars today. They look great!! Thank you so much for your expert work and the very quick turn-around. I truly enjoyed working with you guys on the calendar and the magnets and we'll definitely come to you again with our printing projects.
Sherry Chapman
Redemption Church
Knoxville, TN
Since we spoke earlier today, I've checked in all cartons and find all images present and accounted for!
They're all superb! printing, folding, packaging, etc. Thanks again to all of you for delivering as promised... hold those files, there'll be re-orders we hope! (and we have another 45 images you haven't seen.)
Dave Stickney
Cpe Calendars And Images
Just got my cards!!! They are AWESOME!!!!!!!!
Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!!!
Will definitely be ordering more soon ..... I am so impressed by everything -- your service has been wonderful and the cards are outstanding!!!! PLEASE use me as a reference if you need one!!!!
Can't wait to order from you again!!!!
Meghan Soell
Woodlands, TX
We love our new business cards!! Thanks so much for doing such a fantastic & speedy job on them. The colors are excellent; I really appreciated your assistance with the File Review.
In the software industry, when we talk to people about budgeting and vendor selection we can sum it up as "Good, fast, cheap: pick two." I'm so pleased that with, we get to have all three!
We'll be widely distributing our cards next week in Barcelona at the World Conservation Congress. You can bet that any time someone compliments us, we'll be referring them your way.
So, thanks for helping to turn us out in style (and to force me to get our new website launched so the design will match our cards...).
Alison Heittman, Chief Executive Officer
Solertium Corporation
Williamsburg, VA
I just received word from my client, they think the presentation folders are beautiful. Having a high maintenance client can be daunting, but you the RED Team are clear, organized, and not only helpful but a sheer pleasure to do business with. I continue to have the utmost confidence in you, your company, and all you produce for us, a too rare occurrence in today's world.
Most sincerely,
Deborah Trella
Trella Mendl Design Group Inc.
Everything worked our great! The cards are perfect and all of your help making it happen in such a hurry was amazing. Can't tell you how much I appreciate it. I'll definitely be calling again for our next project and we'll be looking into the custom print shop as well.
Thanks so much!
Lisa Constance, Manager of Partner Relations
All I can say, again, is that y'all are the BEST! Thank you so much for the unexpected, early delivery and an awesome finished flyer. I, and everyone else, is very impressed with the final product!
Janet Bancroft
California State University, Fresno
In terms of product quality, proactive customer support and strong customer relationships, Printing forLess remains at the top of my list of vendors of any size and in any industry. You've obviously created a great organization and you can be very proud of the people in your shop.
Before heading to your web site, I wanted to give you a heads-up so that you can get the credit for bringing back a very happy repeat customer.
Ric Getter
ric getter:communications
Portland, OR
Aron, everything looks great. Thanks for your heads up correcting the resolution of the graphics, it made a difference!
You are all courteous, professional, immediately responsive, and very helpful. As someone who is very new to printing commercially, and with absolutely no budget room for error, I have been very happy to be taken care of, and taught so much along the way. I'm taking notes and hope that one day, Infinite Family can provide your level of immediate contact.
We are working on the layouts for the next several orders and will be in touch soon. We've referred your contact info on several times in the past few weeks. Hopefully this will generate new customers for you.
Amy Conrad Stokes
Infinite Family
I received my order right on time and it looks exactly like I wanted. Thank you for a great job and I really do appreciate the speed and efficiency of your work!
Tina Tuscher
Knotty Dogs Company
My experience with your service is always amazing. You guys are BY FAR the best and easiest to work with and get in contact with. Everyone there is so helpful, has a great sense of humor and is incredibly nice.
THANK YOU for not only giving us products we love but you also are so pleasant to deal with.
Thanks again. You all are awesome!
Lucy Skeen
Alinda Capital Partners LLC
As always, your service was above and beyond expectations. Thank you for such a fast turnaround - it really helped us out.
Have a great week!
Deb Crawford
Montana State University
We received the lookbooks!! They look wonderful! Thank you again for another job well done!! I appreciate all your hard work in getting these out to us and formatted correctly!
Thanks so much!
Jennifer Donahue
Betsey Johnson
New York, NY
This has been a great experience working with your team and believe me, you will get more business coming from our company than you could ever want. We appreciate everything you are doing and the great customer service you are providing. You are a great team and you have great people working on that team.
Thanks again,
Geoff McDonald
If you're like me, you hear a lot of complaints every day from customers and clients. I thought you might like to hear compliment for a change. I just wanted to let you know that I received our magnet order yesterday and our rack card order today and I couldn't be happier. You were such a big help getting this project done for us in such a short amount of time, the quality of the product is excellent, and we received it EARLY! We will definitely be back for a reorder...and I'll be sure to pass your name along to anyone that might need a print job done right.
Thanks has been such a pleasure doing business with you,
Dan Kirby, President
The Community Players
I am always pleased with my orders from PFL! You guys have awesome quality and the best customer service! I also love your referral program. What a great incentive to refer an already great company.
Christy Lonergan
Happy Chick Photography
There should be someone writing up 'Printingforless" as a model for the Harvard Business Review; I'd be pleased to offer a quote for the story...a quote detailing friendly knowledgable customer service, a user friendly technical interface; a product exceeding expectations, better than fair price, service.
If Mona Lease gets me to smile with success, even a positive projection,...I'll be back.
Best wishes and may the Mustangs romp in the snow!
Skip Henderson AKA
Mona Lease
Greenbrae, CA
Thanks, guys, for an excellent job printing my Christmas cards--the quality is outstanding (the saturation of the blues is impeccable) and I am so pleased with the matte finish, working with you is easy, informative, and enjoyable. My son, who can be critical at times, was very impressed with the job: he's a graphic artist and works for a digital printing company so I value his opinion...........once again, I am very pleased with the cards and look forward to future projects-Happy Halloween and, eventually, Holidays!!
Ron Wohlgemuth
Everything looks fantastic!!!!!!!! I am so incredibly happy, I can't begin to tell you. I have been searching for a printer that I could rely on, and I will DEFINITELY use you.
I appreciate the exceptional customer service more than you know!
Looking forward to working together in the very near future.
Thanks, I truly enoyed working with the Teton Team!
Kathy Duffy
I am very upset.
First of all, your website is really well laid-out and easy to use. I have years of experience using websites, and it all turns out to be unnecessary when I use yours! Hrrrmph!
Second, your customer service is excellent. That stinks. Now I'm going to start expecting it from all the other companies I work with.
Third, your prices are much lower than my local printer. How am I supposed to justify draining money out of our Texas economy???
Now see here, if you're going to continue to pull stunts like this, why
I'll just... I'll just.... Uh, keep coming back. So there!
Holly Williams, Marketing and Communications Manager
NCI National Cellular
I have nothing but the highest compliments and praise for your team. I am thoroughly and completely satisfied with my order ... the work was great. But more than that, I appreciate the help and guidance the team provided throughout the process. What a pleasure to do business with your folks. If there was ever a question about anything, I got a call right away. I had a couple of small changes during the order and they were met with a "no problem" attitude. I truly wish every company we worked with had the same devotion and attention to customer service as I hope you distribute this note or somehow recognize the team ... they deserve it.
We will undoubtedly have more high-quality printing work needs in the future, and you will assuredly get our business. I also will be recommending your firm to anyone that asks about business card and other printing companies. Finally, if you ever want to publish customer testimonials, please don't hesitate to ask ... I'd vouch for your company any day.
Thanks again,
Thomas Eaton, Vice President and Head of Marketing
AVCOR Consulting
WOW WOW WOW!!!!!!!!!! In the past week of waiting for my brochures to arrive, I'd had two nightmares of my brochures printing out and folded every which way but the right way. Talk about anxiety! Being I was jumping with both feet into my business and having limited funds for marketing material, these brochures needed to be printed correctly the first time out.
The fedex guy just delivered my boxes of brochures! I am completely blown away by what a great job you all did, they look AMAZING!!!!!! I was nervous cutting into my box but then noticed a brochure was taped to the side of the box for identifcation and my initial reaction was WOW! They are exactly how I want them to look....inside, outside, folded properly...WHAT A TOTAL RELIEF and money well spent!!!!!!!!
I want to thank you again for the outstanding customer service you gave me. You helped eased my concerns by answering all of my questions with no high pressure selling tactic and you took time to really listen to what I needed done and to fix any minor issues with my publisher files. It's people like you and companies like this that show their sincerity and genuineness in how much they care and value their customers and their business. Even though I am sure I'm not your biggest order, you took the time to make me feel like I was priority! Thank you so much for your attention to my printing needs! I will recommend you to everyone I know and you definitely will get my repeat business for sure! These brochures look phenomonial, thanks for taking my creative thoughts and turning them into a wonderful reality!!!!! I feel 100% proud to show off these beauties to everyone I know and will meet!!! You have done what other printers wouldn't even bother to do for me, thank you a million times over!!!
Feel free to use this testimonial as you'd like, you all deserve my glowing review!!!! Thanks Team Mustang!!!!!!!!!!!!
Jean Eng
Your Personal NightSky
Glen Burnie, MD
Team Aspen,
If you guys lived closer I would give you all a BIG kiss! I received the sample shipment and the cards look better than I could image them. And you got the yellow EXACT!
Thank you so much for your uber-awesome (I made that word up) customer service. I sing your praises to everyone.
Looking forward to doing more business with you guys.
Best Regards,
Suzy Simmons-Petak
Marketing Communications Consultant
Spring, TX
Great Customer Service! Definitely unsurpassed, as you have been with me from my initial phone call, through the ordering process, while in transit, and remarkably within minutes of delivery! Wonderful job, and the product is superb, to boot!!! I surely look forward to a long term relationship with you!
Best regards,
Carole McGary
Preferred Care at Home of Indian River
Ft Pierce, FL
Thanks so much for sending me the box of Dancing Deer chocolate chip cookies. These are my favorite. I will remember your kindness and hope to place many orders with you in the future.
The process of creating the Tides brochure was long and arduous. Every change had to be reviewed by the Board and administrative people. However, I hung in and reedited the brochure many times. I know it seemed like forever since my initial submission of first iteration of the PUB file.
Thanks Aaron for helping with the editing. I really appreciate the quick production and shipment once the final approval was given.
Thanks again Mustangs for creating an excellent Tides summer Rental Brochure. I know we are going to increase our rentals greatly for 2006. Please give a copy to one of your ex-team members, Sloane. everyone from the Villanova area vacations at the shore. and the tides is a great place to stay.
Thanks again for your help. The brochure is a great success.
Rich Patrick
Tides Condominium Association
Kudos to Printing For Less!!
In a day and age where most companies no longer care about "the customer", PrintingForLess goes above and beyond to provide exceptional service and quality products!
I own a small business and recently ordered custom bookmarks. When the order arrived, I noticed that the bookmarks were off center due to a cropping mistake. After contacting you the mistake was immediately corrected. You even offered to overnight the replacement order!
If you want a company that truly cares about you and your business needs, I highly recommend PrintingForLess!
Keli Richmond
Literacy Speaks!
We received the business cards and they look great, just like last time. You guys are awesome and you've provided the best customer service I've ever experienced. You have a customer for life! Keep up the great work!
Thank you,
Mike Shumaker
Driven Auto Detail, LLC
Brownsburg, IN
Dear PFL Red Team,
I am sure you think I am kidding...actually, it's true. I've been at this fundraising biz for 50 years.
Our nonprofit, Inspired Legacies is based in Houston. We found your company online. We did three bids for the essential envelopes for our fundraising, and PrintingForLess beat 'em all. And timing and service were exceptional. Go Montana...friendliest and more efficient. Go PFL Red Team too, providing an experience that will bring us back again and again. Keep up your excellence.
PrintingForLess rocks!
Tracy Gary
Philanthropic Advisor and Serial Nonprofit Entrepreneur &
Founder, Inspired Legacies
Ross, CA
WOW!! I was amazed at the quality of the postcards you sent. I was very impressed with your service, and your willingness to work with me on the fine tuning of the design. I have already given your name to several people I know. I am now a loyal customer...Keep up the good work!! I am already planning another postcard. I'll be in touch.
Kind regards,
Darrin Petersen
Franklin, WV
Thank you all so much for your help. You guys are awesome. I have ordered from you before and got excellent service then too. This time around I am in the middle of relocating, changing jobs and moving in with the love of my life. All at once. I was disorganized, and messed up my files to you twice in a row. You were kind and patient and took care of things without a word.
You have a customer for life.
Thank you again.
Sifu David Bernhardt
We received our beautiful, bright postcards today (much earlier than anticipated) and we LOVE LOVE LOVE them. Thank you for making all our print needs so easy, so quick, and always so gorgeous. The products and the PFL teams are out of this world! We will be sure to spread the word about PrintingForLess. Thanks again for yet another job well done!
Skye Snyder
Skye Snyder Photography and Videography
Reno, NV
We absolutely love this brochure. I will be ordering more printing from you very soon, since I have a newsletter to put out for November. You should know that the quality of a printing order that you did for me last spring changed our minds completely about how many mailings we'd do this year. Normally we only do one or two. Because of the success of that newsletter, we are upping to 4 or 5. (May not seem like much to you, but that's every other month for our season.)
Thanks again,
Maria Knapp
Irondale Ensemble Project
I love the business cards...and my husband is extremely pleased with the cards.
I wanted you all to know that I love the ease of ordering from you. I like your website, the ordering process, and most of all the personal touch...having a "real" person working with me was wonderful.
I want you to take a minute to go to the iprint website and just look at the horrible job those folks did on their site and their order notice that there is no phone number and no personal touch whatsoever. If you have a question, you get to submit it and wait for a response from customer service (with no person's name attached). Having been in the printing industry for 30 years myself I can say with authority that they are horrible!!!
I plan on telling everyone I hand my card to when I get them how wonderful you all are. Great printing job! Great customer service!
Thanks so much.
Beth Miller
First Priority Mortgage
The sample bookmarks just arrived, and they look great. I want to say that your customer service on this short-order job was terrific... each person I spoke with was friendly, personable, and responsive. We really appreciate your work on this, and will definitely use you again in the future...
Doug Silsbee, PCC
Presence-Based Leadership Development
Hey Bobcats Team,
We are tickled pink with the order we just received from you. You were terrific to work with, fast, capable, and patient. The quality of the cards is first rate and they were delivered exactly as promised at a "can't beat it" price. We'll be using you again and I've already told others about you.
Thank you,
Chris Bradshaw
African Library Project
Hello Bobcat Team members,
I just wanted to let you know that I received the brochures and I'm ECSTATIC! They look fantastic! I really appreciate your hard work with this project and your willingness to work with me to get it just right. I know the Cokeville Miracle Foundation will be very pleased. I look forward to working with you again when another project comes up.
Thanks again,
Kit Finlayson
Conrad, MT
Got my card in the mail. I am very impressed with the quality and Communication with everyone that I dealt with, and completely satisfied with the customer service. Excellent support, thanks very much for a good product. Starting to put together our winter catalog and look forward to working with ya'll in the future. Thanks for a very smooth and professional transaction.
Jamie Oxley
Meadowbrook Nursery/We-Du Natives
Marion, NC
Thanks again and I did get your voice mail. Everything turned out just fine and we foresee ourselves, as the company grows, looking at more printed products including promos, which we ordered in 12/07 from another company before finding yours. Your follow up and quality has been excellent and for that, you have a dedicated client.
I will be in touch.
Rod Crowell, President
Rader Crowell
I am a very small business, just starting out, and I'd be quickly going out if it weren't for your amazing staff and support.
I have made countless errors in the very important world of the "proof approval process." Whether color problems, font issues, you name it - if it's a mistake, I've made it. And without fail and, more importantly, with kindness and consideration, your team has bailed me out of many costly errors.
I cannot thank you enough for your professional kindness and supportive spirit. So help me god, if I ever make it big, you're going with me!
Thanks for taking care of the little guys- or princesses- in this world.
Anne Whitwood
the paper princess
Caldwell, ID
Thanks you guys so much for a project WELL DONE! I received the magnets and they look awesome. I appreciate your timeliness and great quality. I will be sure to spread the word about what you guys can do and will for sure contact you again for projects.
Naomi Wawers
Spider And Company
Fargo, ND
To the Red Team (who helped me over the last 3 months):
I used Printing for Less for my campaign for Judge. The materials were delivered on time and they more than met my expectations. Many people commented on the quality of my brochure and postcards. I would recommend your service to anyone who was thinking about getting high quality printing at a low cost.
Oh, and by the way, I won.
Scott Shipplett
Democratic Candidate for Judge
The postcards arrived when promised and they look great! I am impressed with your service and personal attention, as well as your attention to detail & quality control. Although this was my first order with the Bobcats team at PFL, it certainly won't be my last. Because of your unbeatable combination of price, value and service, you're now my "Go To" team, and I intend to sing your praises to my friends and colleagues. Thanks for a job more than well done.
Don Fox
Canandaigua, NY
My order, albeit small, was perfect. As usual, you provided excellent service by sticking with me and making sure we were on the same page (no pun intended), and by employing intelligent people who care about getting it right.
Be assured that when I am rich and famous, will be my exclusive printer!
Take care,
Carol Evans
Tucson, AZ
I just wanted to express my thanks for delivering our product in both a timely manner and in very accurate colors. I have had problems in the past with printers and the proof colors not matching the final output, and I am so pleased with the results of this job. I will definitely be using in the future!
Laura Garabedian
Cebolla Fine Flowers
You guys are the absolute best - I have been so blessed and blown away with the professionalism and graciousness exhibited by the Aspen Team and PFL on the whole. We are so thankful to be able to work with you.
Thank you so much for your kind, professional, and efficient service. I appreciate so much the extra efforts you went to in order to make sure that we had our white flower bulletins in time last week. The new batch (Xianity in HD) looks great, also.
You guys are the best! The staff here all stood around talking this morning about how much we appreciate you.
Thank you for everything.
Looking forward to our next order! :)
With sincere thanks,
Katy Vold, Community Life Coordinator
Neighborhood Church had the most competitive rates and the customer service was superb. Most importantly, the notecards were top-of-the-line quality with amazing, vibrant colors. Thank you!
Megan M. Christopher, Director of Development & Public Relations
Pickersgill Retirement Community
Towson, MD
As always, your commitment to the being the best is obvious. Perfect print, ship, and satisfied client. I will continue to use your services because you make me look good.
Kathrine Rend - Rend Graphics & Photography
Summerville, SC
Monday I was freaking out! Today, Friday, the day before I leave for the biggest convention of the year, I'm calm and happy. Your team pulled off a rush job for me and I couldn't be more pleased with the results. From the moment I visited your pleasant, helpful and easy to use web site through the harried phone calls the evening I placed my order, every contact was professional, reassuring and enjoyable. Good price, great service and a top notch printing job in less than a week. Well done! I can't wait to tell people about this great printing company I found!
Best regards,
Peter May, Contributing Editor
Digital Media Net
Milwaukee, WI
Hi, Silver Team -
Consistently great suggestions, a superb result, speedy delivery, happy client. And just when I thought it couldn't get any better ... cookies!
I will continue to use in my Branding Classes as an example of a company that incorporates consistently high customer service into its visible brand values.
Thank you!
Susan Bierzychudek, Branding Coach and Principal
Green Ideals
Bobcat Team Members,
By the power entrusted in me, by and for the caring citizens in many different locations; I would like to state for the record, and immediate public dissemination via mass media reproduction, that as of this moment it is officially mandated, and will remain so until any statements to the contrary be made by myself personally or an agent acting with my authorized consent, that :
"The Bobcat Team officially kicks some major league butt."
Thank you and goodnight,
Brian Forest - Unofficial spokesman for The Republic of Texas (& various surrounding communities)
Attorney & Counselor at Law
Dallas, Texas
Received the new order--it is PERFECT!! This is exactly the product I expected. Thank you again. I've shared an invitation with other business associates who love it.
Patti Conger
We have been so pleased with our printing experiences with your company! I worked with at least 5 other companies before I found you, and no one has been as on the ball as you. I worked at a printing company several years back and your operation is how it should be done! Our folders are wonderful and we are working on two more orders, which we hope to have to you much quicker than the last one. It's been a pleasure to work with a company that checks in, returns phone calls and messages and basically gets the job done quickly. We look forward to working with you in the future for all of our printing needs.
Thank you and well done.
Cynthia and Jay Wren
Katotsi Enterprises
Greetings Red Team,
You are AWESOME! You also make me look very good!
The printing looks fabulous, the timing was perfect. I cannot say enough great things.
I have worked with many printers trying to process different projects. I am not a real large shop but I estimate that I direct $15,000 in printing annually.
I am interested in the qualities of paper for my projects. Local printers don't understand and either direct me to what they have in stock OR send me dozens of options from which I can choose. I am fairly ignorant in such matters, I just know what I like.
PrintingForLess sent me paper samples that featured a great cross section of options. Hannah contacted me about the project, looked at the project, listened to my goals and guided me to an end result that I am thrilled with.
Additionally, for this project I included some unique images that may not have printed too well. Hannah worked with me on upgrading, or in one case swapping out a better image. YEAH!
Lastly, I had a collaborative art show in a couple of weeks. The rush delivery for 2500 pieces was cost prohibitive. Hannah dug deeper and asked how many I needed for that show and we agreed 250 rush shipped was great and the rest would come by standard shipping. An awesome solution!
Thank you for giving me one of the best printing experiences ever, especially the time and care you gave making sure my order was the best it could be.
At YOUR Creative Service,
Jeff McSweeney Creative Services
Eureka, IL,
Hi! I just wanted to tell you that I cannot believe how wonderful and professional your customer service team is. I was worried that I would not be able to get a hold of anyone if I had questions or concerns because I was doing the printing over the internet instead of a local print shop. I actually feel very confident and felt like I had a "real" person to contact if I needed to. You do a much better job of making your customers feel confident than even when I see some printers in person.
Thank you very much!
Terry Palmer
THANK YOU SO very much for the awesome business cards! I'll be sure to recommend you guys to any future co-writers who need some made up! You were great and easy to work with! The cards came out great and I'll be sure to re-order when I run out! Thank you so much and have a great rest of the summer!
Gina Miller
East Earl, PA
Just wanted to say thank you for the excellent service you provide. Each time I've placed an order with PrintingForLess you've checked my work and found ways it could be improved. The attention to detail and the fact that I can always call and talk to a human being is what keeps me coming back and recommending your company to others. Your prices are fair, your work consistently top rate, and the customer service can't be beat. You can be sure I'll be back.
All the best,
Jena Ball
The Nature of
I just wanted to send a quick to thank your for your excellent service. Every time I have called, I have spoken with a very helpful and knowledgeable person. I was recently notified when a partial shipment of my brochures had to be shipped due to an equipment failure. You made sure that the majority of my order was not delayed, and then took the extra step of providing 2-day air so that the rest of my shipment would be delivered on time. I call that EXCELLENT service!
We are happy with the business cards we ordered and the brochures.
Thanks again!
Best Regards,
Rick Field
Field of Dreams Nurture and Education Center
Tega Cay, SC
I was searching for a discount printing service when I stumbled across PFL on the web. Boy was I impressed! Not only did I find a printing service that was competitively priced, but an actual company that was truly interested in my business. I only placed a small business card order, but I was treated like I was ordering a major full color, multi-press job costing thousands of dollars. The personal touch that Team Mustang gave me was incredibly refreshing in this increasingly impersonal world. I will definitely be doing more business with PFL in the future and also recommending it to all my contacts. Oh, and the printing was superb and was actually delivered several days EARLY. Unbelievable! Go Aaron, Hannah and Duncan...........Team Mustang is the best!!
Gary Aiello
Thank you for the excellent service before, during and after my order with Printing For Less. I continue to be impressed, ever since first accessing your website right through to service after my order was received.
Your online information provided me with the know how to make me feel comfortable processing my first online order with you, thanks. Every interface I have had with you and or your company representatives either verbally on the telephone or via email has been first rate. Your product (in my case 1000 postcards) certainly met my expectations for quality. Your customer satisfaction follow-up call after the postcards were received was a right on.
After all the above was said and done you up it another notch and send a nice gift and a thank you.
I appreciate you Team Mustang and PrintingForLess "YOU ROCK". I will be happy to refer my friends and associates to you for their printing needs in the future.
Happy Trails,
Rick Knight
Rick Knight Designs
Far too often the only feedback given to employees are complaints. I wanted to let you know about my experience with Team Big Sky. For the last year I've been working with this team for 90% of our company's printing needs. Your employees have provided me with EXCEPTIONAL customer service. They have exceeded my expectations on a regular basis. While your front end web system is great for generating business, Team Big Sky and their professionalism, attention to detail and work ethic is the reason I keep coming back.
Thanks for all of your help and professionalism over the last year.
Jeffrey E. Salzer, Director of Marketing and Public Relations
Elkhart, KS
I have received my printed Dental Appointment cards and Dental Reminder Cards. I would like to thank you very much for the excellent service. That had to be the best customer service I have ever experienced. I wasn't expecting call backs and such a fast and very affable response. I was very impressed with the overall print quality as well. My client is extremely happy with their cards. I can't express enough in this short message of just how much I appreciate the hard work that went into my jobs and the great communication. Being a designer with prepress experience, I know how frustrating and challenging it can be at times. I will definitely come back to in the future. Please feel free to let others read my letter if you would like.
John Pelliccia
Sarasota, FL
To the Mustang Team:
I APPLAUD your work, from start to finish. Let me just say that I am currently THE (pronounced 'THEE') WOMAN here at Music@NCState due to your excellent printing job on our 80th Anniversary Programs.
Picture this:
Less than 3 weeks before the event, our small staff is running around here trying to find a local printer to do our 1500 programs. The job must be no less than fabulous, because our director's reputation is riding on every detail of this momentous 80th anniversary concert. Although the graphics person (me) was given a super referral by Ron Foreman (NCSU University Theatre), her supervisors were nervous about sending the job so far away. So, we waited precious days to hear back from a local printer w/a quote, only to be told, "yes, here's what we would charge...but we don't have room on the press schedule until next week." SHUH.
Less than 2 weeks and while the director is on vacation, the graphics person sends her job to, where the Mustang Team takes her work, hones it, makes it look like everything she'd hoped and dreamed, AND SENT THE FINISHED PRODUCT ONE DAY SOONER THAN SHE WAS EXPECTING IT!!!! The boxes were opened with much ceremony in front of the nay-sayers, and the smell of 80# paper-and-ink-mix was fanned (albeit obnoxiously) all throughout yesterday's staff meeting. And, for the first time in 3 weeks, the graphics person got a full, good night's rest.
I personally thank you for helping me complete this project; I doubt I'd have gotten fired if it weren't perfect, but because it surpassed my director's expectations, my competency rating is through the roof. And on behalf of my department and its faculty, staff and students, many, many thanks.
You guys rock.
Shana Tucker-Williams
NCSU Facilities & Concerts Coordinator
Raleigh, NC
I must apologize for taking several days to respond. I have one of those jobs that are quite demanding and in addition to my newly formed business I am the President of the entire Commonwealth of Virginia's alumni for my alma mater. All this keeps me quite busy.
I will say that being a novice concerning printing layout, colors, etc., I found my experience with PFL to be exceptional. The customer service was excellent, including the communication when files were received and re-uploaded. I sincerely appreciate your patience walking me through layout, resolution, color formula, and crop size. In addition, it was extremely nice to realize that I had the utmost personal attention given to my order -- considering my requirements were quite different from a typical order (i.e., do not cut). You and PFL were extremely helpful alleviating my anxiety with my first large order as owner of a newly formed small business. The book covers are spectacular, far exceeding my expectations. But, oh what a great way to start a product line for a new business. I will definitely continue to send my orders to PFL; the quality is exceptional, the personal attention is exemplary. In fact, I am working on the layout for my second order. I have only praises to sing for PFL.
Pat Woolard
Chesapeake, VA,
Thank you so much for calling and checking to see if I am pleased with my brochures. They are exceptional and you were right - the gold foil stamping is superb. I am so happy that I decided to get the foil done. I really appreciate you taking the time to overnight the fifty examples that I received yesterday morning. Thanks for following through on everything - you guys are great. I have a few jobs that I am planning for the next 60 days and I will certainly count on your fine work in the future.
Kindest Regards,
Paul Hollis
Paul Hollis Rare Coins
Thanks for the yummy cookies you sent! You guys are so thoughtful to do're spoiling me with your good service, your quality product and the care you put into everything...apparently I'm crazy to expect the same from my local printers, whose job it is to lose files, print on the wrong stock, and ignore that pesky "quality control" thing. You guys are the best thing to happen to a designer...thanks for that.
Nada Giunta
I received your voice mail as well as the great printing work your Team completed for us. The experience with you was trully exceptional in every positive way I can think of.
I plan to use your services for every printing need I may have in the future - both with my present company or any other in the future.
You can use this quotation if you wish. Great service such as yours must be recognized as it is a very rare commodity in today's business world.
Warm regards,
Allan White, Partner
Unitools Management Solutions
Burlingame, CA
I want to thank you and your team for the excellent job you did on my first order for 1000 trifold brochures, and my business cards. The experience exceeded my expectations. Your team and you personally were excellent to work with, and you provided customer service that I have not experienced from other vendors. Your team knows how to treat customers and encourage them to both refer you to others, and come back with additional business.
I will be glad to serve as a reference, or you can quote me in your marketing of you service. Again, I really appreciate your fine work, and will continue to both refer you and utilize your printing service for any other needs I have.
Gerald W. Sweitzer
Non-Profit Success
Lawrenceville, GA
Thank you for your voicemail message and your e-mail. I appreciate your follow-up and the exceptional service that your team provided me as I placed my first printing order with 'Printing for Less.'
I am so pleased with the product and outstanding service that I have been telling everyone about PFL. That should tell you everything you want to know in regards to my satisfaction.
And, if that were not enough, today I received a nice candy filled mug from you with another follow-up and 'thank you.'
As I progress in expanding my marketing efforts with my new company, I can assure you that I will be looking to the Eagle Team for my printed materials.
Best Regards,
Joe D. Duke
Maximum Motion Media
Shreveport, LA
I just wanted to let you know that I (and my husband) am very impressed with your company and service. This is my first time ordering from you and I can't believe how nice you guys are. Then I read your bios and saw your pictures and thought "what a cool company".
I am originally from Arizona, I lived in NYC for 20 years and now live in Jersey for 7. I have always wanted to visit or live in Montana. I love the outdoors and hike every day and camp in upstate NY. Seeing your pictures and reading about your interests reminded me how much I long for Big Country.
My husband and I were just talking about living somewhere else other then Jersey and after seeing your site I suggested we consider Montana.
Thanks for the wake-up call,
Vicki Fredricks
Yoga With Vicki
You should have seen my client's face. As a photographer, it was essential that her brochure reflect the quality of her work, and natural-looking skin tones are of utmost importance. If a photo could have even half-captured the gleam on her face when I delivered her brochures, I would have grabbed her camera. She was thrilled, as was I, since she paid me instantly!
Last year, she had to have her brochure reprinted twice because the color was so off - and this by a professional printer specializing in photographers' brochures!!!! Thank you SOOOOO much. I'll be back!!!!! The process was so simple, your hand-holding was very comforting, and the results were exactly what I'd hoped for.
I'll be sure to tell everyone about you.
C Strand
PreFlight Design
I just love you guys! I can't TELL you how I appreciate your attention to detail and the quickness of your responses and your unfailing good humor! I can't speak highly enough about the Aspen Team and, really, about your entire operation. It's so professional and at the same time so personal and responsive. There are great, great people at PFL!
Shari Stiver
Whimsies, Ltd
St Louis, MO
I just wanted to let you know I just received my postcards and I am, quite frankly, shocked....
I am shocked by how EXCELLENT the quality is - they are outstanding! The card is nice and heavy, the colours are great (I thought they were going to be quite washed out) and you guys just did a super, super job.
Everyone else said "Oh, no - we can't use Publisher files" blah, blah, blah. But you guys certainly proved them wrong. I will be proud to send these out.
FYI: I am a new business owner. I am also in an ongoing programme with about 25 other business owners. I shall tell them and anyone else looking for a high-quality, low-price printing service about you. And, when I need printing done again, I will come to you guys.
On top of it all - you were just a great team to work with.
I can't say enough about you guys. You Rock!
Katherine White
OnLine & OnTime
Port Moody, BC
Wow, actual people behind an organization! I really appreciate the follow-up Ryan, especially going to lengths to call and email me.
I would be remiss if I didn't express my satisfaction from working with your team from Day 1. I was very impressed by my initial contact (there may be a note in my file that I had placed an incorrect order the first time, and the gentleman I spoke to 'deleted' it, and told me how to place a corrected order).
Given the way business is done over the web these days, it was so reassuring to actually speak with the person doing the work, and to feel like they're on the customer's side. And to get a quality product is just the icing on the cake (yes, the cards came out perfectly.)
So please give everyone my sincerest thank you. I will have no problem recommending PrintingForLess, or placing future orders with you myself.
Best regards,
Leah Rogerson
Lighthouse Business Group
Do you accept marriage proposals? Honestly, I've been a freelance graphic designer and writer based out of France, New York, and Athens, Georgia for the last ten years ... I've never worked with a printer I didn't want to kill. This process has been so pleasant, so finely executed, and so idiot-proof for both myself and my client, that I'm soon to MapQuest a horse trail between here and Montana so I can deliver appreciative hugs in person (it's a southern thing). You guys rock ... kudos to your web designer, your project managers, and to all those who keep your presses compatible with the creative decisions of your customers.
Allison Firor
Graphic Designer And Writer
Once again you exceeded expectations! The promotional postcards are FANTASTIC and I am sure the program they advertise will be a big hit. The colors are vibrant and accurate to the original intent and everything is crystal clear. All at a price around half of my local print shops! The best part is...I feel like I am doing business WITH a local print shop. You guys (and gals) are a phone call away, extremely helpful, and make me feel like I am your only customer.
Thank you again Team BigSky and PFL!
Duke Kelly, President
Calculated Success, Inc.
Bigfork, MT
Thanks to all of you for doing a great job on my brochure order. Since we are a new business and were going to exhibit at a conference for the first time, I was very concerned about it looking good. Your team helped me through the problem areas (with graphics and fonts, etc.). I was very pleased with the results.
I was also very short on time, but I actually received my brochures 1 day ahead of your promised date. That was a huge relief to me!
Thanks again for your help. I am sure I will be using PrintingForLess again!
Suzanne Airhart
MSE Solutions
Kountze, TX
WOW!! I was amazed at the quality of the postcards you sent. I was very impressed with your service, and your willingness to work with me on the fine tuning of the design. I have already given your name to several people I know. I am now a loyal customer...Keep up the good work!! I am already planning another postcard. I'll be in touch.
Kind regards,
Darrin Petersen
Olympia, WA
Just wanted to say I got the business cards and they look amazing! Such high quality and great service from you guys, just love it. As a marketing consultant myself, it is nice to see a company who still cares about customer service and quality. Well done. I will be definitely recommend you for my clients in the future.
Maria Ross
Red Slice
I've been quite impressed with your company actually. I've had occasion to call you guys as well as trade emails, and you guys know what customer service is about. It's just like "the old days". No kidding though, you guys are very professional, friendly, accurate, and seemingly really interested in my project! And, oh yeah, the product! - my postcards turned out even better that I thought they might. We've made two orders - the first design turned so good, we quickly finished development on another campaign and placed another order. We mailed the first batch a couple weeks ago - following up on old leads ... we've closed three new contracts on those leads.
So, let's see ... am I happy with Printing For Less? Absolutely!
Hysterically Yours,
Scott McElroy
Webmaster, Hysterical Management - The Nations Number One Comedy Booking Agency
Macedonia, OH
I received my flyers in July and was astounded at the quality and the care you took in the process of creating them and packaging them. I immediately contacted your company to let them know how pleased I was, but I wasn't able to start distributing them until last week.
I cannot describe to you the difference in how my potential new clients perceive us prior to our first face to face meeting. The difference is extraordinary, as the flyers create the (accurate) impression that we are a first rate business. The traffic generated by the flyers is approximately five times greater then flyers we have previously distributed.
I had contacted about two months ago regarding a mail list of 10,000 individuals on a cd received from a different service, and generating postage paid, addressed flyers with that information. I was told printingforless would have this capability at the beginning of the year. I wish to pursue that aggressively at this time.
Again, your own first rate business allowed me to communicate to our marketplace that we too were a first rate business and I appreciate that tremendously. It generates more capital for all of us to prosper from.
Judith Smith
Affordable Basement Visions
Marietta, GA
I had a good experience working with PrintingForLess. Your response time is phenomenal. The cards I ordered are already being used. I get to do all of this from the convenience and comfort of my home office, without spending $ for gas, etc. I also love the printing packet you sent to me, and am thinking of how I might be able to print my own calendar to use for clients this year--the one you sent is beautiful.
Ilene L. Dillon
Full Power Living
El Sobrante, CA
Outstanding. Could not be happier. Bobcat team rocks!!
Your company is a genuine pleasure to deal with. I refer you to clients and colleagues on a regular basis.
Paul Dressel
Strategic Medical Seminars
The window envelopes look incredible. I don't remember seeing anything quite like them. And we've been doing this for 10 years. Amazing job. Well done. Everything is exactly like I pictured it in my head. Except better, because, you know, now they're in my hands.
Thanks. You guys rock. We're so excited about launching this new brand, we're about to pee our collective pants.
Matt Reiswig
Creative State
Tulsa, OK
YOU ARE FABULOUS! And my cards were FABULOUS! I'd recommend your FABULOUS company to everyone. The cards and the color were perfect.
Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!
Susan Hayes
PaperClip, Inc.
Bethesda, MD
You guys are just so great! I wouldn't think of doing business anywhere else.
Steve Kirby
China Auto Group
We have received the business cards. Just wanted to thank you for all your hard work and effort! The cards are most excellent! Great design, picture and layout!
Best regards,
Noah Heckmann Sr.
Belgrade Mini Storage
Perfect!! Thank you all so much for your help! Everyone has been wonderful and I will always come back to you guy and use you for all of my printing projects!!
Thank you again!
Bethany Wyrostek
Soiree Photography
San Juan Capistrano, CA
Thank you for an excellent experience with my first and second order, I have received my first order and it looks fantastic! I have always used a local printer for my printing needs, but no more! Thank you for your personal touch, and helpful guidelines. It is great to be able to get such quick responses, and to talk personally to one of you over the phone. I am looking forward to a long term professional relationship with all of you!
Teresa L Zizak
One Source Solutions, LLC
Deputy, IN
Oh my gosh! I just received my order. Consider me a thrilled client! The brochures are amazing. Thank you! Thank you! I will be back.
Leslie Burke
Cool Louisville Homes
Louisville, KY
The order was for a client of mine and they were pleased with your work. This is why I keep working with you guys! You are wonderful to work with and have an incredible customer service team. Thank you and we'll definitely be doing more work in the future.
My sincerest thanks,
Devon Millward
Vantage Controls
Birmingham, AL
The business cards came out great, I couldn't be happier. You have a great team and I appreciate the follow-up. Thanks again for keeping me in the loop during the entire process.
Adam Petsko
Raritan, NJ
Somerville, NJ
Thank you for the excellent customer service I have received. I placed my order late last night and you all were on top of things this morning. I really appreciate every thing. You all are fast and friendly! You can't beat that!
Millicent Perry
Act on your Calling
Columbus, GA
Received my business cards and they look simply awesome. Thanks for the quick turn-around and the high quality work. Will be ordering and recommending you. Thanks again.
Brian Leslie
Specialized Hyperbarics Llc
Prairieville, LA
I received my order and I was very pleased. The cards are eye catching and great quality. The print time and delivery were very fast and I am completely satisfied with my order. I can't wait to order again.
Thank you,
Michelle Trate
Trates Surplus
Milton, PA
Boy oh boy, are you guys making me look good! Thanks for the recent extremely wonderful print jobs. My clients are THRILLED with their business cards. Your web interface is so easy for me to use, it's almost as though I have a full service desktop printshop right here in the home office! Thanks for helping me accomplish my mission of delivering strong branding to my clients.
Robert van de Walle
The Pixel Rangers Pegged!
I am so grateful to you for your outstanding customer service, and precision to all printing requests in the recent Stationery order for: "ClutterRx" Letterhead, Business Cards and #10 Envelopes. The 4-color print quality is outstanding; the paper & trim accuracy, highly professional; the custom printing on back of the business card is a wonderful custom effect. I appreciate's speed and efficiency in production proofs, job delivery and follow through. All were outstanding.
I appreciate the individual attention I received; precise attention to detail and's commitment to maintaining superior print industry standards.
Thank you again for all your dedication to the printing profession and outstanding customer service. I look forward to more print jobs with you all in the future.
Happy Holidays!
Irene Zevgolis
Z Design, Inc.
Olney, MD
Thanks for checking back with your customers. I thought the postcards were absolutely beautiful. I sat here night after night until I designed exactly what I wanted, but when I received them in the mail, that's when my postcard actually came to life!!! You guys do wonderful work and take very good care of your customers as well, thats a big plus in my book. I looked at quite a few sites before I decided on I think overall, it was the information that your site contains to help your potential customers along the way that finally convinced me that your company was the way to go. Thanks for doing a great job and I will be in contact in the future to reorder.
Thanks Mustang Team
Laurie Tomlinson
Just wanted to let you know I received my orders, on time, beautifully done, perfectly packed...yawn...just like before.
Does being so excellent ever get boring for you folks?
Thanks so much.
Tim Hall
Undie Press
Jersey City, NJ
Believe me this: When print materials of any kind are again required for our company, we will gratefully, appreciatively and without looking elsewhere, contact your company for service.
The newsletter is fine. Your customer service prior to, during and after the order process is no less than superior.
Many thanks for your thorough attention to close customer contact.
Kindest regards,
Laurice Lindsay Alford
TrackingSoft LLC
Rogersville , TN
Once again the printing was spectacular. Your pre production service was outstanding. I was updated, and the order came in on time.
You are great!
Allen Weber
Dynamic Enterprises Group, Inc.
I just wanted to drop you a line with an unsolicited customer testimonial! My business cards look great, and it was a pleasure doing business with you.I appreciated your quick response, attention to detail, value and CUSTOMER SERVICE! Not many companies pull that off very well, and you were fabulous. You will certainly have my business in the future!
Heather Gibbons
Paddy Films
Jersey City, NJ
Thanks for the call. I am very happy with the quality of the work product, but also really LOVE your customer service. I am so relieved to work with a group like yours that I can trust with my final product.
I am anxious to see my door hanger project.
Have a great day,
Kim Jennett
Creative Communication Design & Photography
I just wanted to let you guy's know that this has been my second order with you and I am totally amazed by your work!!! You guy's are OUTSTANDING!!! I thought you should know. I will continue to use your services for all of my future printing. Thank you for your follow up!
Jon Smith
Unique Sounds DJ Service
Taunton, MA
We are so thrilled with our printed brochures we just received, and wanted to thank the Eagle Team at for their splendid work printing and folding this mailer.
The printed pieces look great, the color matching is accurate, the paper weight and sheen couldn't be more impressive, and most of all, the seamless throughput of your order-to-press system was a pleasure.
You are our new printer for all our future jobs! Keep up the good work.
Eric Shawn, President
Shawn, Co.
Simi Valley, CA
The business cards look great and I was able to give them to a bunch of customers and lookie-loos at a trade show I attended last weekend -- perfect timing and the logo and picture on the back side look great.
After years of doing cards myself using a variety of printers (laser, dry transfer Alps, inkjet, etc.), I finally have my own real 4-color cards done quickly and affordably. Cool!
I am requesting the samples you offered (below) and have an idea for some letterhead I may need in the near future. Thanks again for your speed and quality. I'll definitely be back %-)
Eric Forbes
I can't imagine using any other printer. At PrintingForLess, they know me, they take care of me and they love what they do...mix in their GREEN practices and their prices and it's a no-brainer. I call Leo and the Eagle Team everytime.
Julie Roads, Copywriter
Vineyard Haven, MA
The letterhead arrived Friday and looks excellent. Thanks for a fine job. After my last "net" letterhead experience you guys are a breath of fresh air!
Kenneth G. Robertson
Robertson Law Office
Anchorage, Alaska
You guys are a great company and have the best customer service!
Thanks for all that you do!
Luisa Boehme
Rainmakers Marketing Group
Carmel, IN
Hi Teton team!
Yes, I did just receive your message, thank you! I am extremely happy with the way the brochures turned out as well as your customer service! That is something hard to come by these days. I appreciate all your hard work in helping me produce a fantastic looking brochure. My client was very pleased. The turn around time was also remarkable. I will be sure to use you again for future projects and will also be sure to recommend your company to others. Thanks again for everything!!!
Lauren Marinelli
freelance designer
Thanks for the email. The greeting cards are great! We will certainly be doing business with you again in the near future. You're a high quality printing company, and I'm so happy to have found you through the internet! The prices are great, your Eagle team is great, and the printing quality is the best I've ever seen.
Thanks again!
Marlene Kupau
Hawaiian By Design
Got my business cards last Friday. Everyone I showed them to over the weekend wanted more than one. Kudos for quick service, accurate color reproduction, and for catching an order flaw on my part that could have been disastrous had you not carefully looked at the proofs.
Best Regards,
Mindy Tucker
With Reservation
Brooklyn, NY,
You have given me the three things that no other printer has been able to fulfill - good, cheap and fast. It's usually pick two - this is all three, and that is amazing. I am absolutely thrilled with the customer service, and very impressed. I have been a graphic designer for 8 years now, and this service is the answer to my quandary about printing - there are a lot of projects I have that are simple, I don't need to or want to go to a full service shop and pay full service prices. I am looking forward to sending a lot more work your direction in the future! :)
I have referred your company out to a LOT of people, I am a big talker and promoter when I find a company/service/product that I like, and your company definitely fits in that category. Please, PLEASE keep up the good work - I will be happy to give you a raving fan testimonial. I want to make sure your company stays successful, not only because I like you guys, but for selfish reasons too, I must admit - PFL is a good thing and has made my life a lot easier and I want it to always be around. You all seem to have a good philosophy, I work with a lot of big printers and the number one reason why I don't work with some anymore is the lack of customer service. There will always be problems in printing, and that's fine, my theory is, it's not that the problem happened, it's how the problem was dealt with. Plus, keeping people informed is very important. I love that when I call PrintingForLess, a real person who knows what they're talking about answers the phone, and that I get phone calls from people at many stages of the printing process. It takes out the worry out of sending printing to an online company when you know someone is there watching over your job and caring about it as much as you do. You have a great group of people and they should be commended for doing such a good job. Go Mustang team! Ok, I just can't say enough good things, so I'll stop with this. ;)
Laura Worthington
We just wanted you to know that we were EXTREMELY happy with your services. Not only were you all very helpful but the end result was FANTASTIC. Even the color of the logo that we were so concerned about came out perfect. You are a great company especially for those of us who know nothing about prepping files for print and we will definitely recommend your services to anyone who asks.
Thanks again,
Lisa Hutt
Blaze Entertainment
I never do this but I needed to drop you a note to let you know that the level of service you provide has been spectacular. In terms of customer service, technical assistance, and product quality, not to mention price I have been completely astonished.
I always try to source my business needs from small local companies but you guys are the exception for good reason. I never once felt like I was dealing with a large company.
Thanks again.
Morten Hansen
We are very happy with the results of our brochure. You know we were a little worried doing this through the Internet, but I have to say the quality of the brochure is better than the print jobs we get done via press at our local printer.
The full bleed is excellent and frankly I did not expect that you would do it. The folds were right on. No font issues and the paper and ink/print quality better than anything I have seen. Front and back registration are right on. You can bet we will be using you again for future jobs. I hope my amateur graphics design and PageMaker file was o.k. and that you did not have to work with it too much to get it right.
Should you need a reference for any work I will be glad to share our experience. I will be sure to let anyone needing print jobs know about your excellent service.
I will forward your e-mail to our clinic administrator as he may be interested in your other print services.
Thanks again,
Rickey O. Ryals, M.D.
It was with some trepidation that I ordered printing of brochures from your company last month. During my research into print shops on the net, it was your web site first that impressed me - lots of information, well organized, clearly defined requirements, and good pricing.
Imagine my surprise, when after ordering the brochure and uploading the file, I received a call from Boyd, (Red Team) to discuss and make suggestions on the colors I used. We were able to color correct while talking and needless to say the brochures exceeded any expections I had.
I recently ordered a second brochure - and again, Courtney gave me feedback assuring me all looked well, dealing with my paper weight doubts and other second thoughts I had. The brochures arrived today and I am thrilled. And now, we are working on biz cards. I wont mention all the little things that I keep doing wrong but I know I have a safety net - it wont get by the Red Team's scrutiny!
Doing business on the Internet is a perilous proposition and customer care can be impersonal. I must congratulate on your customer care - and specifically Courtney, Boyd, and Krystal's prompt and professional attitude. Thanks to them I am a satisfied, repeat customer recommending your company to anyone with printing needs.
Evelyn Espinosa
Los Gatos, CA
I just wanted to tell you that my order for business cards arrived on schedule last Friday and all I can say is Wow! My client was very happy to see how well their cards turned out as was I. Your help and expertise made for a very big feather in my cap. You really came through and I wanted to say Thanks!
You can be sure that I'll be back, not only for more of the same cards; I have other clients with similar needs, and it's good to know I've found a place that offers quality printing services at prices I can feel confident recommending.
Thanks again -- I look forward to working with the Eagle Team in the future -- as busy as I know those guys are every day, they still took time to work with me and guide me through a lot of the basics of printing when I called. They really know their stuff -- including how to take care of the customer. : )
All the best,
Andy Wieland, Owner
WayBigger InSites Web Design and More
Carlsbad, CA
Hi Dave, Maria and Krystal,
The postcards that I ordered came in on Wednesday, just as you had estimated. I was extremely pleased with the quality of your printing. I had you guys print postcards for a mural unveiling that I had last fall, and I was impressed by the quality, considering the extremely low cost. In the future, when I have printing needs, you will definately be the first place that I turn to.?
I wanted to thank you for the excellent personal service that you provide. At first, I was a little apprehensive about buying printing from an online provider. Most of my web buying experiences (and I'm talking about e-commerce in general, not just printing) have been very impersonal, though efficient. My concerns were eased by your prompt e-mail turnaround, and I was totally surprised when I recieved phone calls from you. I would like to commend you on your attentive customer service.
Buying printing online is something that a lot of designers are weary of. Most of the designers I know are total control freaks, and the thought of not having a press-check is downright scary. After seeing your print results and experiencing your customer service, I have total confidence in your company.
Once again, thank you for all of your help with this project.
Joe Rahim, Creative Director
Muir Omni Graphics
Peoria, IL
I was already completely thrilled with my Team Mustang experience, but when my new favorite mug arrived yesterday, I figured it was time to get it together to write. I've had your site bookmarked for two years, and it's been a great resource for pricing different print ideas. When I finally got to moving forward with our spring brochure, I couldn't have been more pleased. I spoke with another internet printing company who refused to send me hard samples. How am I supposed to judge the quality of the work from my monitor screen? Your samples came right away and looked great. I was especially excited that you guys are in Montana---next door neighbors.
It's still a little nerve-wracking conducting business over the internet, but you guys provided the exact service in the exact time frame that you represented. The brochures look awesome...we're proud to be sending them out. All of you were easy to reach, helpful, and had immediate solutions to anything that came up.
The mug is fab, but you didn't have to send it! We'll definitely be using you guys for all our future printing needs...and feel free to quote me.
Thanks again,
Alison Steen, Owner
Yellow Jacket River Guides
Salmon, ID
You guys rock! Thanks for everything. I love working with you guys. Will have another couple of post cards in the next few days. I think what you've got going is very cool.
Philip Wier
Mantra Communications, Inc.
Dallas, TX
Just a quick note to thank you for the way you do business. Please make sure your "higher ups" see this e-mail.
From the ease of order online to the followups to the neat little mug full of candy (of course, while I'm on the low-carb fad!) - you guys have a great business model, and you've got the follow-through to back it up.
No doubt I'll recommend to everyone.
Thanks again & take care,
Rusty Gage
The quality and service we've received on the two jobs we ve sent your way has been outstanding. Your process to order printed media is terrific and easy for anyone to understand. You've made us, as well as our customers, look great. Hope to do more business with you in the future.
Kim Lincicum
TID, Multimedia/Graphics
I wanted to write and let you know that you all did an excellent job with our recent printing orders. Your level of customer service was exceptional from start to finish and I would highly recommend your services to all I know. It's not always easy to find a company that treats their customers with such attention and care. I spoke with one of your reps about this but I wanted to put it in writing. We were also impressed with the final products we received. Thanks again and we'll be sure to be in touch when we have our next order (probably in a month or so).
Thanks again and keep up the good work.
Kathleen Stigmon
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff, AZ
Let me start by saying thank you. Thank you for doing an outstanding job on my brochures for Mallard Creek Kennels. Not only do the brochures look beautiful, you actually delivered them ahead of schedule despite my tight deadlines. I am very pleased with your work, and I am impressed with your ability to exceed expectations rather than just meet them. I will definitely work with you again in the future. If you ever need anyone to be a reference for you, please consider me. Thank you for exceeding my expectations!
Best regards,
Cameron Macht
Lawrence Lowell Consulting
Thank you so much. You guys have been fantastic! This is the best custom business purchase I have ever had.
Mark Christiani
Phoenix, AZ
I wanted to let you guys know that I was extremely pleased with the way my last job turned out. I'm sure that the client will love it! I'll have the coordinating invitation and reply card set coming soon.
Thanks again and enjoy your weekend!
Samantha Chu
Los Angeles, CA
You did a GREAT job! I tried another company over the internet last year & their quality was poor to say the least. Thanks for all you did & I will be using you again.
Bill Baker
William J. Baker, Realtors
Indianapolis, IN
Just wanted to drop you a little note and tell you how impressed I am with the quality of the post cards we received. They look AWESOME!!
On top of that, the ordering process was as smooth as silk. Sure beats the run-around I was dealing with when we were using local printers. And the PRICE!! Very, very affordable!!
If you can't tell, you have one very satisfied customer here. In fact, I'm now working on an 11x17 brochure with a print run of 10-15K that I will be uploading soon as well as many more post cards in the works.
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!
Jeff Pritt
Anderson Instruments
Canton, OH
I recently worked with Team Mustang, and I just wanted to send a personal THANK YOU!
The DVD covers you just completed for JusticeTrax's new line of software products far exceeded my expectations. You were all extremely helpful, and more important, patient in helping me get the job done just right. I received the shipment today, as scheduled, and they were perfect.
I have several other jobs in production, so keep an eye out for them. I'm looking forward to working with you more in the future.
Again, thank you all for a job well done.
Paul M. Tracy, Senior Vice President of Operations
JusticeTrax Inc.
Just received my business cards. They are beautiful .... the color is correct and striking. I will give many recommendations to my friends and colleagues, and will look forward to doing business with you again in the future.
Your organization could be a case study in how to do it right when it comes to customer service, establishing a positive relationship, and exceeding expectations. Keep up the way you're going and you will experience great success.
Although my occasional contacts with others in your group were equally positive, you individually deserve the accolades for having taken my situation, walked it through the extra steps, and brought about excellent results. Great Job!
Many thanks,
Michael Mason
Institute for Excellence
Let me begin by saying we live and work in the Florida Keys, where it is so incredibly difficult to get what you need, when you need it, and with superb customer service. That is what I have found from your Big Sky Team...
They have been extremely helpful, at every step of the process...we currently have three different projects with this team... and all of them have been handled with exemplary customer service. They have contacted me on several occasions both at the office and at home, which is welcome. The e-mail and web services too have been excellent. I have called several times, and your great folks have answered all my questions. In short it is nice to have access to professionals like your Big Sky Team, and thank you for making your company available via the Web.
Thanks to Tom, Bernadette, and all the Big Sky Team.
Clay Layne
Preffered Properties
Sugarlaof Key, FL
I'm writing from home but my usual contact with Printing for Less is through my work at United Way Services in Richmond, VA. First of all, thanks for providing such great service. I just placed my second order yesterday and found the response speedy, friendly and cost effective.
Now, about your web-site. I love it! It's ease of use is great but you have also managed to do something so few web-sites do these days. You've put people on your site. I love knowing something about the team I'm working with and I love seeing pictures of them. You've taken what was a once a vibrant medium but has become more and more static, and put a human touch to it including putting your own e-mail address on your site. Talk about high touch!
Patricia R. Couto
Richmond, VA
We have recently received two orders from you -- business cards and postcards. I cannot tell you how happy we are with the quality and how customer service-oriented your staff was. We had to call with questions a couple of times. You all did a really impressive job. Better service than the printer next door! I eagerly await our recently ordered stationary.
Thank you for the excellent work,
Marilyn Mitchell
Seven Three Media
Philadelphia, PA
I've worked with printers for over 28 years and I have to compliment you on the wonderful job you did on my brochure, cards & stationary. The process was user friendly and very smooth. Not a glitch. People always ask where I had the printing done, and I am passing on your name.
Thank you,
Sherry Nelson
Delbert Nelson Design
I received my postcards yesterday and they look great. Thanks again for such terrific technical support. I'm happy. The client's happy. ... and I saved money. I'll definitely use PFL again.
Have a great weekend.
Andie Gibson
Gibson Media Design, Inc.
I wanted to drop a quick note to say thank you. Thank you for having such a wonderful staff who goes the extra mile. Please let me explain. A few weeks back I spoke with Team Big Sky about a stressful situation I was having with a current vendor. This specific vendor was supposed to be creating stickers for a client of mine. The vendor was dragging their feet, never sent a proof, and in no way sent communication that they had received my order. Frustration set in and I decided to contact my old standbys....the ones I Team Big Sky was quick to tell me to check with Maverick Label for my sticker printing needs. I called that day. They were wonderful and I was so appreciative of Team Big Sky's referral. I had my stickers within a week. Scott was the employee (A.K.A. my hero for the week) that I spoke with that day. He attended to my order quickly and professionally and within two days I had a proof and my order was ready to print. Scott at Maverick Label did a wonderful job with my order and my many requests. I couldn't have asked for a better job. Thank you Team Big Sky for your wonderful customer service, outstanding printing quality and of course the referral. I always feel important and listened to when I call I also felt this same professionalism and warmth when I called Maverick Label. I highly recommend both companies to my colleagues and think the two companies make an excellent team. Keep up the great work Maverick Label...I think Your Art Co-Pilot, Inc. has gained a new friend.
Heather Rothnie
Your Art Co-Pilot, Inc.
WOW! I just received my business cards and they look AWESOME!! This was my first print job ever and your team did a cracker-jack job with my design. It all turned out so much better than I expected. I will definitely recommend everyone I know to you guys. I'm so pleased!
Thanks a million,
Stephanie Bush
Brooklyn, NY
We just wanted to say thank you for the great job you did on our rack cards. They are the most professional looking point of sale item we've ever had done, and for a fraction of the cost of the other quotes we recieved. I will definitely recommend your services to anyone who needs printing done, and I'm sure we will contact you again with future orders of our own.
Thanks again,
Chris and Teamsauce
Portland, OR
I just wanted to convey my thanks for a job well done! Having had several miserable experiences with web-based printers it's a true pleasure to have the opportunity to work with you. The printing was excellent, the job delivered ahead of schedule and your communication and customer service assured me the job was in good hands. Thanks again for a truly enjoyable experience.
My best,
Edmund V Izbickas
Studio Izbickas
Westport, MA
My name is Bridget French Peacock, and I am a volunteer for Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc. Our organization is an all-volunteer, nonprofit group whose purpose is to rescue, rehabilitate and rehome abused, abandoned, neglected and unwanted Labrador Retrievers in the metropolitan District of Columbia, Northern Virginia and Maryland suburbs. We are celebrating our 10th anniversary next year and wanted to create a special calendar full of our Labs pictures and rescue stories for purchase by the general public. Our 2003 calendar design is completed and is currently under production at your facility thanks to the generous dedication of your staff. I would like to offer a special thanks to Dave Goff, who I feel went over and above his normal duties to assist me and basically "hold my hand" throughout the process so far. Because of my lack of graphic/printing expertise, I misunderstood your catalog pricing and originally thought my project was 16 pages, only to find out it was 32 pages. Obviously the cost of my project increased significantly, and although I have placed my organization in somewhat of a financial bind, I feel confident that because of the superior quality of your work, we should be able to sell the majority of the calendars and hopefully break even.
If you get a chance, please take a look at our calendar. I am very proud of it and am very pleased with the quality of your work - thanks again!
Bridget French Peacock
Labrador Retriever Rescue, Inc.
Clinton, MD
I received my postcards and they look great. Nice job. I was very happy with all aspects of the process. The website is nice, the price is good, the print quality is superb and the service was fast. I will be sending all of my future projects to you guys, keep up the good work.
David W. Davis
Medical Illustrator, AMI
I just wanted to thank you for the great job you did on the business cards. The rep. who handled my order was friendly, personable, and took the time to call me to ask for some additional material that would give me a higher quality print job (I had sent a .psd file with the fonts rastarized, which would have worked fine, but she explained that if I sent the layered .psd file, I would get crisper font output).
It's this sort of attention to detail and personal service which informs my decision to stick with company, or look around for a better deal next time. I'll definitely stay with you for my business cards. They look fabulous, and I have a great deal of trust that the job will be done correctly next time.
Best regards,
Linda Dunn
Brew Race Records
Morehead City, NC
I received my printing order for brochures and business cards for JW foto. The quality of your work can be described in one word - fantastic. People that know printing that have seen the quality of your work are truly impressed! But that's not all. Your staff was super. When there was a possible problem, they called me and alerted me. They were knowledgable and so helpful.
I will not hesitate to recommend your service and if I need more printing work, I know exactly where to go. Thanks so much. Your firm offers everything - helpful staff, competitively priced, and high quality.
Jonathan S. Weber, Owner
JW foto - Commercial Photography
Long Branch, NJ
Red Team,
Thank you for the great service. The order arrived today. The cards look fantastic, and your service cannot be beat anywhere. I had also gotten quotes from two other online printing companies that did not even come close to your prices. I will recommend your company to everyone who ask where these came from and to anyone that is interested in having cards made for their art work.
Again GREAT job.
Michael Perry
Nunn Perry Clay Studio
Just checking back to let you know how VERY pleased I am with the work you produced for me and my client. The print quality is great! Both orders were delivered right on time! Your team at Printingforless made an otherwise "scary" printing process smooth, simple, and fun. I'm looking forward to working with you again.
Have a great weekend!
Sybil Scott
I have not seen the final product, as the brochures were shipped directly to my client, but I have confirmed receipt and quality of the brochures with my client, who is quite satisfied. I was reluctant to try a new company, particularly when the project was for a client and not for me personally, and our reputation was on the line, but your prompt response to my request for samples, the quality of your samples, and your competitive pricing convinced me to take the risk. Your website interface was very easy to use, and I was able to allow my client to view the final proofs in a matter of seconds by providing the order number and giving them your web address. Your operation is proof that you don't have to sacrifice customer service to do business via a website.
I appreciate your help and your professionalism very much. Thanks for following up.
Kathy Metzer
Watters Engineering, Inc.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!! for your excellent work and professional manner!
The brochures are perfect! You did an excellent job on the printing and the special fold we asked for. I am so pleased! As I told you on the phone, I am always nervous about sending my files out to a printing service. Usually, I have spent many hours getting them just right. Part of my fears probably stem from the fact that I am not familiar with technical printing terminology and often just don't know the right questions to ask. Then, when I do get answers, I don't fully understand them. (But, I'm learning!) Also, I have been disappointed with other printing services before.
The best part of all--your courteous service on the phone. From the beginning you made me feel like a real customer--and that is a rarity these days. You are cheerful and seem like you really enjoy your job and working with customers.
Cathy Fulton
Capturing Memories really seems to know and appreciate the significant differences between a customer and a client! I am a client.
Bobby Glover, President/CEO
TechWeb Solutions, Inc.
Cumming, GA
Thank you for all your help. We are pleased with our order and I must say you made this so easy for me. It has been a great experience. Rest assured we will be doing future business with you.
Paula M Baranowski
Queen of the Apostles
Belmont, NC
I received my cards last week and I was truly impressed with the quality of the cards! They were absolutley perfect! Thank you very much for your great customer service and follow up. I would recommend you all to anyone!
Marchelle Briers
L'il Bit Babywear
Conyers, GA
I just received our DVD covers and, again, PrintingForLess exceeded my expectations!
Your technical and design staff proved both knowledgeable and patient in helping me get the look just right. I was a bit demanding, requiring several proofs. The work was well worth it, however.
We have several more print jobs in the queue and I won't consider anyone else but PrintingForLess.
Thanks again for a great job!
Paul M. Tracy, Senior Vice President of Operations
JusticeTrax Inc.
Mesa, AZ
I have been anticipating the arrival of my first order with your company for 500 Trifold brochures. As an industrial graphics artist I am pretty fussy about print quality, paper and such. I always want to "wow" my clients. I really considered that I was taking a risk by placing an order from an online printing company and purposely chose a small order that was not time sensitive and that I could afford to replace with my normal printing source if I wasn't satisfied with the outcome. Using your website, I tracked the order all the way to my door. Sorry about the skepticism.
My order just came, and I am stunned with the high quality. It usually takes a lot more to impress me than it does my clients. After all, I see this stuff every day. You guys did a great job. expect more from Visual CMG.
Dan Kendall, Graphics Arts Director
Visual CMG
Roanoke, VA
Hat's off to the entire PRINTING FOR LESS team! I just got a call from my client, he's VERY happy with the print job for his company's business cards. I'll be quite honest, I did have my doubts about your company because I recently had a bad experience with another print company, you guys came through from the beginning to the end and all points in between, great follow-up. I can't thank you enough! More orders definitely coming your way soon!
Thank You,
Mark Infantado
I run a small web design/multimedia firm here in San Francisco, and I've ordered business cards from your company several times. I've primarily dealt with Jan Light. I've been extremely pleased with the service he has provided and his willingness to answer questions. He is a great representative for your company and his service in combination with your aggressive price points/marketing have earned a solid customer.
As my firm grows and we offer more and more cross-media design, I plan to use your firm exclusively for fulfillment of all my print media needs...
Please pass on my thanks to Jan for his great work.
Best regards,
John Kraft, Founder
Primary Interactive
San Francisco, CA
I am officially over the top, past the point of no return, jumping up and down DELIRIOUS over the quality and the packaging of these ads!!!!! They exceed my expectations and I am looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship. These are phenomenal!!!!!!
Judith Smith
Affordable Basement Visions
Marietta, GA
I just had to write and tell you how happy I am with the four-color business cards I just received in the mail, which you printed. They are perfect. MUCH better than I thought they would be. I am so completely satisfied. The color and clarity are so much better than my expectations.
I had trouble with another on-line site trying to have the same thing done. Your site was very user friendly, with lots of great advice and very detailed information on specs for an uploadable file and how to upload, etc. I will definitely be back for more advertising when I'm in need.
You have my permission to use any part of this letter on your website. I am just thoroughly satisfied. Everyone I show the cards to asks where I had them done and I'm happy to tell them! THANKS AGAIN!!!
Julie Miller
Allentown, PA
I just received my postcard order today and it is perfect! The photos are sharp and clear, the colors are accurate and the finish is ideal. This is MUCH easier and faster than praying my former printer would follow my layout and copy instructions ... and much less expensive. You'll have my next postcard order in a few days, then I'll upgrade our black & white newsletter to 4-color. Thanks!
Peter Hildt
Pinnacle Gallery
Scottsdale, AZ
Our small business flyers arrived a few days ago and I want to tell you how happy I am that you made them.
I previously tried to work with ___ Printing in Seattle. They made a mess of it (the layout changed, the TM signs disappeared, etc...) and they charged me twice for something I could not even use. They did not reimburse me anything and were really not nice on the phone.
Then I called you after finding your website. Your staff was very nice and helpful. They understood our needs and helped as much as they could. I am glad they recommended a heavier paper. And your prices were the lowest I could find. Your first proof was fine, as expected and I asked you to print. All this went very fast and smoothly through the internet.
The brochures you printed are excellent. I am very satisfied and I have already recommended your services to a photo studio. Feel free to use this testimony on your website or elsewhere.
Many thanks again.
These cards are the hit of the county! I have been so busy getting married and campaigning that I haven't had time to compliment you on what a great job you did on the cards, but please know that when I opened the box and saw them, I couldn't believe how nice they were! People are telling me they are having them framed because of the picture of our town we put on the back. I am so pleased with your company, your service, your helpful personnel, and the quality of your work. I will definitely be a repeat customer and have told quite a few people about I would like an exact reprint of my previous order.
Donna Mattingly
Lebanon, KY
My business cards arrived this past Friday and they are perfect! You guided me through this whole process and helped me with the conversion of my PowerPoint design, the File Review, the color changes and the proof. I felt like I was getting personal service, and that's unheard of in the world of Internet companies. You more than exceeded my expectations! is now my special source for all my printing needs.
Veronica M. Diaz
Home & Business Realty
I received our order yesterday, and I just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the brochures and your company. The pieces look spectacular and Lori was so helpful every step of the way. You made a stressful time much easier for me, and I found all of the help and answers I needed. Thanks again for the best service available, fast turn-around, and quality printing. I will certainly look to in the future, and confidently recommend others to give you a try.
Warm Regards,
Sharon Haggerty
Edifice Rex
Fabulous job on my brochure, guys & gals. You are really tremendous!
With, I was able to print a large four color glossy brochure for what the locals charge me a smaller two color brochure!! And you did a beautiful job. Wow, what a difference.
Keep up this level of service and pricing, and I will be using you for ALL my printing needs.
Larry Wurn, President
Clear Passage Therapies, Inc.
Melrose, FL
I wanted to take a few seconds to let you know what a wonderful job Maria Siebeck did in helping us through the process of working with your organization. We had some problems with the program that was used to design our card, but Maria helped me get it into a format that you could work with. We haven't received our card yet, but should on the 29th. If your printing is as good as the service that Maria provided us, I am sure they will look great.
Patti McCarty, Vice President
Severn TechSources
Just received our new business cards and were extremely pleased with the quality and workmanship. We will be doing much more business with you in the future and will recommend you to anyone we know with a printing need.
Dale Tahner
Toccoa, GA
We've just received our order of brochures which you printed. We are very, very pleased with the quality of your work and excited to get them out to clients. We will most certainly use you again for our printing needs. Thank you!
Suzanne M. Brody
Oxford Engineers & Consultants, Inc.
I thought you would like to know I've been singing praises about Krystal Sims to everyone in our shop. As a first time customer of Printing For Less and a first time postcard purchaser, my experience was almost effortless with her outstanding knowledge and assistance.
Krystal not only held my hand through each step of the process... she went the extra mile to help me with the designing and digital aspects of building our postcard.
I can't tell you enough good things about her. Krystal's personal touch made me feel confident we had made the right decision in using your website to fill our order. We received our order today and we are eager to mail out our NEW postcards. Thank you... thank you... thank you.
Please let her know how much we appreciate her help and we look forward to using Printing For Less for our advertising products in the future.
Bobbie Miller
British Car Company, Inc.
Just a quick e-mail to say how surprised we were when the courier delivered our brochures this morning (7th January 2002) here in the UK. Our second surprise was how wonderful they looked how clear the printing and how crisp the colours.
We were a little worried ordering our brochures over the internet to a company we didn't know anything about half-way across the world in the States. Thank you so much for a wonderful job and for turning them around so quickly. We will certainly be back and will tell our friends and collegues about your company.
A very happy and successful year to you all.
Kind regards,
David & Sue Tucker
Blagdon Farm Country Holidays
Devon - England
I just wanted to tell you how wonderful our posters look! Being a non-profit organization, we do not print much in full color, but your prices were such that we were able to. The posters we ordered are for a clothing drive that we are holding with the Girl Scouts in our area, and I'm sure that they will be a hit. Everything from placing the order online, to receiving the .pdf proof, to reviewing the online status of our order was easy, and efficient.
Thank you! We will definitely be ordering from you again!
Aimée P. Walters, Marketing Manager
Richmond Goodwill Industries, Inc.
Mechanicsville, VA
We just received our first order and I had to let you know how impressed we are with our experience with Printing For Less. We were blown away by how easy and convenient the process was for ordering 3,000 postcards. Everything we needed to know for ordering was found on your web site. The cost calculator and design center answered all the questions we had regarding artwork, shipping costs and price per unit. We scoured the web to compare prices and Printing For Less is by far the best deal we've found. The quality of our postcards was even better than we imagined they would be. Printing For Less is far and above our top choice for printing services. We definitely will use you for all of our printing needs. Thank you!
Bill Ross
President, Office Playground
Novato, CA
It's been awhile since I received my order from you and it's been so busy I didn't have a chance to thank you for the fine job your company did.
My background includes working at a high quality commercial printer, an advertising agency, and owning my own typography company in Los Angeles. I know a good print job when I see it, and the brochures you did for my family business were so good they exactly matched the color of the original work on my computer monitor.
Not only that, the color was consistent throughout the job, from copy number one to copy number 1,500.
Needless to say, I'll be back!
Tom Hurley
Muir Trail Ranch
I just received my first printing order from you today and I want to thank you and your staff for not only an excellent printing job, but for their patience with my many questions. This is the first color printing job I've ever prepared by myself and you made it much less stressful than I thought it would be.
I look forward to working with you in the future on other orders!
Kathy Dittmeier
Steno Solutions
Manorville, NY
I just ordered 500 business cards under the name Sky Apply, Inc. They arrived looking so good and so professional that I cannot believe the price and the ease of ordering. I have brochures that I need printed in the next few weeks and I will be sure to use you. Your work is professional and of the highest quality and I do appreciate the phone call to confirm my order.
Looking forward to doing more business with you in the future.
Jonathan M. Bell
Sky Apply, Inc
Henderson, NV
I just got the package.
I cannot tell you how very pleased I am -- I would call now, but it's early (EST). I'm so happy, and will definately be bringing you more business soon!
Forrest Aldrich
Racked Productions
Derry, NH
Just a short note to say how much I appreciate the excellent service you provide at PrintingForLess. Without you, we couldn't afford the high-quality printing that has really enhanced our marketing efforts for the Deptford Players. We're a small, non-profit theatre in New York City, but you guys make us look really professional.
David and Krystal handled our two most recent jobs. They were great. Not only was their technical work excellent, they did a little hand-holding with me, too. I'm not your biggest customer, by far, but I appreciate getting VIP attention and service. Well done.
We'll keep coming back and be sure to tell everyone what an excellent company you are. Thanks again.
Lorree True
The Deptford Players
New York, NY
Let me put it this way. When you guys go public I'm going to buy as much stock as I can. Wow! Just received our order today. As we say in New York Fuhgetaboutit!!!!. Outstanding - thank you all.
Ron Long
BenefitPort Northeast
Greenwich, CT
I recently placed an order for 3000 brochures in the name of Local Color Gallery in Bodega Bay California. From my initial impression of your website, to the delivery of our order right on time, your company's performance has been an outstanding model of professionalism and friendly courtesy. I had two occasions to call with questions, and to correct an error we created, and both times your staff was extremely friendly and helpful. It is so refreshing to find someone who knows what they are doing and does what they say they will do!
The quality of the printing and paper so far exceeded our expectations that we were stunned. Yesterday I delivered about 1000 of the new brochures to a variety of businesses in the area and the reception was unbelievable. Instead of the bored, ho-hum reaction that is common, everyone I talked to took them with enthusiasm and the only problem was trying to get their attention while I was talking to them because they kept wanting to read the brochure.
I showed them our old brochure which was a 1/3 page, color on one side only, printed locally on cheap paper and asked them which they thought was cheaper. In every case when I told them yours was nearly ten cents apiece cheaper they stared in disbelief and then wanted to know how to get in touch with you. You may get a lot of business in the future from little Bodega Bay California. I placed another order last night for 2000 postcards and I can assure you that you will get all our printing business in the future.
You make it possible for us to put out advertising material we can really be proud of, and do it at a price that even a little business like ours can afford. I designed the brochure in my first attempt at using MS Publisher and I am obviously no computer whiz, but to think that you can work off the file created by a bozo like me to produce something so sharp and professional is truly amazing and I just wanted to say THANK YOU to you and all your staff!
Dimitri Pavloff
Local Color Gallery
Bodega Bay, CA
How happy and excited I am!! One of the best days of my life!
Anyone who ever needs business materials printed, should consider I was very pleased with the way my company brochure turned out. I was in a bind when trying to get these printed. The local (St. Louis, MO) printing companies could not and would not print my brochure because of being setup and designed in Microsoft Publisher. I was so happy to hear that PrintingForLess could print from a Publisher file.
I am so pleased with the way they turned out and the cost of them. The quality of the brochures was definitely worth paying what I did, even though the cost was A LOT cheaper than any local printer. The service you provided was EXCELLENT. PrintingForLess let me send the file (before having it printed) to see if it was even printable. The employees at PrintingForLess are great to work with. They always have an answer when you need one.
When receiving my brochures, I told everyone that I know, what a wonderful job PrintingForLess has done. I will recommend you to anyone who is looking to have something printed. I just wanted to say thanks for a great job and keep up the great work. I'm designing many other brochures, cards, and etc. for another company and you can look forward to those orders as well!
Valerie VanBooven RN BSN, President
Senior Care Solutions, Inc.
Brandi Bean, Marketing Specialist
Eldercare Resource Group, Inc.

View a copy of a recent letter from a satisfied new customer.

Just received your shipment here. The color looks rich and true, and overall, the job looks great. Your work is in keeping with what we try to provide our users - quality at a solid value. We'll definitely use your services again. Thanks for your help and regular, straightforward communication throughout prep, production, and delivery. (Only problem is, all our Appalachian Mtn. Club members on staff here wanna go live in the Rockies now and start a dot com...)
Lori Roux
CyberTools, Inc.
North Truro, MA
The initial order of the brochures just arrived and they are BEAUTIFUL! I only wished I had done this years ago. We could have never afforded to have this kind of work done through a local printer. If anybody wants to know about the quality of your work - PLEASE tell them to contact me.
Bill Scott
We have received our order. It is fabulous. Very nice job. You guys are all you say you are. Economical and quality print work. Thanks to Boyd Badten and everyone who worked with us the past 6 months. We'll be back, for sure, for any future print needs. Glad we found you.
Lou and Steve
22nd Century Services
Jack, Dan and Krystal:
I cannot express how thankful I am for your help today with these files! You really went out of your way to help me make a good presentation for my client, and I just can't say enough about how wonderful you guys were. I appreciate that you took the time to warn, double warn and triple warn me not to print. I appreciate you taking the time to discuss the options over the phone, and to look at the files yourself, and to let me know what I can do as a designer to ensure that it doesn't happen again. I am so so pleased! To be honest, I got an emergency call after I sent you the last email with the PDF locations, I had to go to the hospital as the emergency contact for my nephew who had been in an accident. (He's fine!) I was worried that the project would be left looming for the weekend and that I wouldn't make my deadline, but you guys handled it for me, and it was all taken care of when I got home. Thank you thank you thank you! (Thank you!!)
Susan Lawrence,
Visual Communications
(PS I had a particularly crummy customer service day today, and you changed my view on that. Your service went above and beyond.) Ok, I'll shut up and let you guys print this stuff now. Thanks.
I wanted to send you this email on behalf of our company. Our company deals with libraries, both public and private, and in 4 months we have made incredible strides. Current clients include The Library of Congress and two branches of the New York Public Library, to name just a few.
We used last month for our postcards and business cards. Everyone on your team did an excellent job. We had searched for a month or so to find a printer for our young company's needs. I even took time out of my day to meet with people in person who only seemed to confuse me even more with what I was looking for. I must admit I was reluctant to use a company over the internet for our printing needs. However, you made believers out of all of us. Your company has made us a loyal customer by your prompt responses to phone calls, quick turnaround, and incredible customer service. We anticipate future printing needs for Serials Solutions and are glad that we can rely on you. Please let everyone at that we feel you have set the benchmark for online printers.
Best Regards,
Timothy Granquist, Director of Library Relations
Serials Solutions, LLC
Seattle, WA
Just wanted to let you know how delighted I am with my recent business card order. It's amazing to me how many people don't think you're a "real" company until you can pass out business cards! As a web designer I found this frustrating as I've always felt my web site is my business card. As a design professional I couldn't represent myself with the generic $15.00 business cards from the local copy center and decided to venture into the world of 4 color printing.
My logo and color scheme were created for the web - not print media. Having no experience with printing I was astounded to hear from commercial printers in greater Boston that my design could not translate to print media without extraordinary (and expensive) effort. I've had my logo on my web site for over 2 years and it has become my cache - I was not going to change my company image simply to accommodate persnickety printers! Besides - all the work was done for the printer in Adobe Photoshop - I wasn't going to pay someone to redo my work in another program.
Shortly before Christmas I stumbled upon your site from a banner ad on the Google Directory - and within the day I had read your extremely helpful information in the Design Hints, FAQ's and Publisher Tips, uploaded my files and awaited my order. I was so pleased to received my order the Friday before New Year's. I quickly began passing out my cards - and the biggest compliment had to be from a potential customer I had just prepared a proposal for. "Hadn't you given me a card already? I feel like I've seen this before" and I realized my card perfectly matched my website and I had made the right choice in using your company. Now if I could only get people to stop asking me to design business cards and instead ask for web sites!
Thank you again - you have a wonderful product, great service and a very friendly web site. Keep up the good work.
Leslie Joslin

View a copy of a recent letter from a satisfied repeat customer.

I just wanted to say how pleased I am with my order.
I wasn't sure how this was going to turn out - I just kind of surfed into your site when I was thinking about changing printing services. How good could an online service be? I didn't know anything about you and I was skeptical - usually I like to be able to feel the stock and see the work - but I thought for the price, it might be worth a try. Plus - the sample business card on your site was from a reputable massage table manufacturer - so I thought that that was an indicator that you might be a good match for my company.
Everyone I had to deal with at Printing For Less was very pleasant and helpful and the request for rush shipping upgrade was graciously accommodated, the corrections that were made - perfect, and the final product was beautiful - all beyond my expectations! Oh, yes, and even the stock was better than I thought it would be. I loved being able to manage the whole process from my computer - to see the proofs and track the shipping at my convenience was a useful tool too.
All this great service and at a very attractive price - I can't wait to reorder!
Thank you all and happy holidays!
Carol Jessie Thomson
Welcome Back Massage Therapy
Cold Spring Harbor, NY
I received my order yesterday, I just wanted to say it looks great! Further, I was even happier with the service you provided, walking me through the process, helping me with what I didn't know, and making sure you understood what I was aiming for.
I'm located in the middle of Manhattan, home of hundreds of print shops, but I will use you guys in the future. Print houses here don't want to talk if your digital files aren't in PageMaker or Quark, and forget about it if you're not using a Mac.
So thanks again. Great job!
Andy Goldberg
Steak & Eggs Software
Las Vegas, NV
I have just returned from my big make or break trade show debut in Chicago and I wanted to thank you! It was a complete success, and I couldn't have done it without you!
Everybody liked the brochures.
You were so helpful - the brochures came out beautifully. The advice was right on the money! The shipment arrived and was waiting for me at my hotel Saturday afternoon - just in the nick of time. I was so relieved!
I can't say enough how ingratiated I am. I told my German (the BIG Boss) partner about you and am sending him your link for his future printing needs.
Sometimes, you know, getting the support you need is so much more valuable than price alone - this is one of those instances where EVERYTHING fits. No one should hesitate to get this kind of job done "on-line". I will recommend you to everyone I know!
Thanks again!
Best Regards,
Laura Slagle
Omega Extrusion Filtration
Got my postcards yesterday as you said. They are exactly as I expected. Could not have gotten better reproduction anywhere. If I get ANY new business as a result of these cards (and I'm sure I will), I'll certainly be back for more. And I'll tell anyone who's interested where to go for similar printing jobs. By the way, two major factors in choosing Printing for Less were your friendly website and the fact that you were willing to communicate and be helpful as the job progressed. THANKS for a job well done. Special thanks to Boyd who thoroughly understands customer service.
Cliff Johnson
Clifford Johnson Design
Thank you so much for your prompt and professional service. The brochures came out great. The resolution and the quality of the brochures were above and beyond what we had expected. We look forward to doing business with your company in the future.
Bonnie Patala
The Lightway
I just received my order and just wanted to comment how pleased I am on how it turned out. Excellent work...actually it looks better than I expected. This is my first brochure for my medical practice but I have plans for many more and there is no question that I will be using your company again. Again Thank'll hear from me soon...
Steven Stern, MD
I received my order today, on time, and both I and my client/friend were extremely happy with the work. Thank you so much for your excellent service. I don't do a great deal of this type of work but having such a resource will certainly encourage me to take on more in the future.
Daniel Shapiro
Tell everyone involved (even Jessie) how wonderful the business cards were for my customer!!! They were thrilled, I was thrilled...... will have plenty more coming your way. I have designed and purchased printing for 23 years and still can't get over how great your prices and service are! I will do no more printing locally, you've got all my business!
Pam Brackett
Macon, Georgia
Thanks for the great job you did on our order for 20,000 full-color delivery menus! A first class product and rock-bottom pricing--what a combination! You can be sure we'll be doing business with you again. Thank goodness my marketing person located you on the Internet.
Kindest regards,
Dave Carnes
Krystal on Bourbon
New Orleans, Louisiana
I have bought printing for over 20 years and have gone on hundreds of press checks. At first I wasn't sure about buying printing online, but my first experience with made me a believer that it can be done easily, and with great results. The prices are unbelievable and the quality was superior. Price the job, add 20% mark-up, and you will still have a great price for your clients.
James Bennet Design
Just wanted to let you know that we recieved our business cards today via UPS. They look great and I was very pleased to get them ahead of schedule. Also, the questions I had were responded to promptly. I appreciated being able to check the status online. This was our first printing job with Your company did a superb job and I know we'll have printing jobs for you in the future. I certainly will (and already have) recommend your firm to my friends.
Thanks again!
Lisa Carroll
Mobile Learning Centers, Inc.
Thanks for the lightning fast print job. Your company came through in a pinch and all of us at Wise Choice Software appreciate it. Typically with web based purchases if you have a question or problem you can't find a human to speak with. This was not the case with Printing For Less. I was able to speak with staff members who helped me with expediting my order and answering technical printing questions. I wish more companies would follow your lead when it comes to customer service.
Thanks again,
Victoria Bowman
Just had to say how pleased we were with the printing of our postcards. Everyone raved over them. Beautiful print job, nice stock, and that glossy finish really set them off. And on time and nicely priced. Keep up the good work. I should be able to send you some more jobs.
Take care,
Dann Blackwood
Photographer and Image Person at the USGS in Woods Hole, MA
On May 11th, I had the opportunity to come across your website. Unfortunately, I can not quite remember how I found it. Nevertheless, I initially found it to be an interesting site.
    Your prices seemed to be very reasonable and the fact that you can do full color work from "regular person" programs such as Publisher or Word was amazing.
    I took a poster which I had created in Publisher, added my price list to the back and e-mailed it. The next day I received a PDF file in my e-mail. While there was a small problem with it, I contacted Jan on your on-line help service. It was pretty neat. We ended up on the phone and he had the problem quickly corrected. He re-sent another proof... Perfect.
    A few days later, I went back to your site, got my UPS tracking number and found out where the job was. I knew that it would be here the next day and it was.
    But when I opened the box, that was the real surprise. Not a flaw!! My scanned picture came out great. It was a full color, full bleed poster with my price list on the back ready to send to my prospective customers! WOW. I usually have to settle for mediocrity. Not this time!
    Just wanted to say thanks for a great job and keep up the great work. I'm redesigning my brochures and you can look forward to that order too!.
Bill Schechter
Vice President
JBS Natural Products, Inc.
Just received my first order of Business Cards today. I couldn't be more please! I want to thank you for the fine job you did. I will be a returning customer.
Best Regards,
Kirk A Welday
I received my order and am very impressed with the quality. I will be using you again in the future!!
Ellen Bannon
E/W Group
South Windsor, CT
Received...LOOKS OUTSTANDING...Quote me..Thanks..Ralph
Ralph A. Bruksos & Associates
After struggling with difficult and expensive software, it was great to put our brochures together in Publisher." Printing was easy! Boyd walked me through the any questions I had and got the brochures back to us by our deadline and under budget! What a deal. I reccommend this way of publishing as often as I can because I was so frustrated with how expensive printing was.
Vivian Belliston
X-Tek Corporation
We just received our brochures and everyone is very happy with them. Thank you very much for all your help over the phone.
Leah Langenstrass
CMP Anodizing
Recently, completed a booklet for the Sicangu Policy Institute of Sinte Gleska University called Topel Unipi. I wanted to take a moment to thank you for the excellent service and outcome we received from your company.
   Not only did the book come out exactly as we envisioned, it came out even better. The author, Nora Antoine, was extremely pleased. We received kind, courteous help from you staff and technical expertise when needed to get us through a process that we are somewhat new at. We would especially like to commend and thank Boyd Badten for his extra efforts in making the project a success. He went the extra mile to make sure the proofs were up to par, ensured that we received a few advance copies needed for a conference, and was knowledgeable with timely responses to all of our questions.
   Again, we'd like to thank you for excellent service and hope to send you further business in the future.
J. Lacy Milan
Hogwash Design Studio
I just now received my order from you for business cards, and I'm just wanted to drop you a line and tell you I am very, very happy with the quality of your work. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks for a great job and a great value -- we will definitely use you in the future for any other printing needs.
Best regards,
Michael Madden
kasina - e-Business Strategy Solutions
Just wanted to write and say that we received our order and our postcards are beautiful! They really came out even better than I had hoped. We're very impressed.
Grace Amandes-Gaceta Mauge & Associates
Rarely have I felt the need or obligation to write and thank any vendor for the exceptional work done on a job, this truely is one of those moments. I couldn't be more pleased. Thanks so much!
Dave Skidmore
Just wanted to let you know that we recieved our business cards today via UPS. They look great and I was very pleased to get them ahead of schedule. Also, the questions I had were responded to promptly by you and Andrea. I appreciated being able to check the status online. This was our first printing job with Your company did a superb job and I know we'll have printing jobs for you in the future. I certainly will (and already have) recommend your firm to my friends.
Thanks again!
Lisa Carroll
Mobile Learning Centers, Inc.
I just wanted to take a moment to say thank you for the fine work that you did for me earlier this month. I was a bit leery of doing business with a company over the internet for printing - but was incredibly pleased with the results. The staff was very helpful, especially Dan Harvey, and the prices were competitive. All of the deadlines were met or beat, and I was constantly left with the impression that I was being taken good care of!!
Once again, Thanks,
Sheri Greene
Ksanka Creek Ranch
Exceptional Texas Longhorns....
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