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Knowledge Center: Adobe Photoshop Tips

Graphic Design Topics

Adobe Photoshop Tips and Articles

From PrintingForLess partner

Preparing Photos for Commercial Print
In this guide, you'll learn what resolution is, how much you need when printing, and how to change it without lowering image quality. You'll also learn how to edit digital photo files in Photoshop so that they look crisp and sharp in your printed projects.

Filling Text with Images and Creating Dutones with Photoshop
In this guide, you'll learn to transform one photograph into a wide variety of duotones and step by step instructions for making image filled text.

Photoshop How-To: Text Superman Would Love
It's a bird, it's a plane, no! It's 3D block letters in Photoshop. Here's how to make text worthy of a superhero.

Photoshop How-To: Merge Two Images for a Custom Collage
Maybe you're feeling artistic, or maybe you need to take uninspired stock photography to a new level. Whatever the reason, here's how to combine two photos into one you won't find anywhere else.

Photoshop How-To: Very Special Special Effects
Photoshop's Displace filter moves around the pixels of one layer to make it look as if they're following the curves or texture of the layer below. The image on the bottom layer is called a "displacement map." In this tutorial, I'll teach you in plain English what you need to know about displacement maps so you can take advantage of the stunning effects that can be created only by using these maps.

Photoshop How-To: Sophisticated Selections Made Simple
Need to select hair or fur in a photo? Forget the Magic Wand or Lasso Tool. There's a much better way.

Photoshop How-To: Make a New Image Look Old
Take just two images -- one textured surface and one sign or poster -- and meld them into instant antiquity.

Graphics How-To: Simulate a Shadow in Photoshop
What do you do when an object's drop shadow doesn't look realistic, or is missing entirely? Create a cast shadow. Learn the technique that adds realism to your images.

Photoshop How-To: Five Ways to Reduce Red-Eye
Photoshop CS2 has a dedicated tool to reduce red eye, but it may not fit with the way you work, or you may use an earlier version of the application. That's why Pete Bauer gives you many techniques for removing red (and green!) eye from your photos.

Photoshop How-To: Protect Photos with Watermarks and Copyright Symbols
The world is full of careless and downright unscrupulous people. That's why photographers need to safeguard their work before it leaves their computers. Scott Kelby tells you what you need to know.

Photoshop How-To: Paths to Enlightenment
Illustration expert Alicia Buelow reveals her techniques. See how she combines vintage line drawings, photos, clip art, type, and more using time-saving tricks.

Photoshop How-To: Get Smart About Smart Objects
Smart Objects let you place Raw files in Photoshop, edit them, then tweak the Raw source data, and still keep your Photoshop edits. It's a non-destructive dream!

Photoshop How-To: It's All There In Black and White
Black and white is beautiful, but it's not simple. Here are the best -- and worst -- ways to convert color images.

Photoshop How-to: Oo la la! Retouch Photos Like the French
A high-powered French duo was hired by botanical beauty firm Yves Rocher to photograph and retouch shots of a new line of products. Follow along as the shots are taken and the images cleaned up and prepared for a print campaign.

Combine Photographs and 3D Objects in Photoshop
Let a Photoshop pro walk you through his creation of a real project -- a book cover that joins 2D and 3D elements using often-overlooked Photoshop tools.

Photoshop How-To: Easy Page Curl in Photoshop
One of the "classic" Photoshop effects got easy in Photoshop CS2 and later. Using the new Warp feature, the Page Curl effect takes seconds instead of minutes!

Photoshop Tips: Burning Questions Answered
Learn how to export layers to individual files, create an image with a transparent background, and remove red eye painlessly.

Photoshop How-To: Go from Snapshot to Watercolor
Sure, Illustrator CS2 has new Live Trace and Live Paint features for converting photos into fine art. But who needs new software when Photoshop CS can transform photos with spectacular results?

Photoshop How-To: Camera Raw Versus Photoshop
Camera raw experts tell you to open images first in Camera Raw. While that's usually good advice, some tasks are just as easy in Photoshop. Planet Photoshop's Pete Bauer gives one example.

Photoshop How-to: Total Color Transformation
When clients supply photos for Web sites or print materials, you're never sure what you're going to get. If the images are less-than-ideal but you must use them, Photoshop can help. This tutorial walks you through the process of completely altering colors. The end result would be a positive addition to any project.

Photoshop How-To: Distorting Text
The Displace Filter is an undervalued tool in the Photoshop toolbox. Michael Ninness showed attendees at a Thunder Lizard Productions Photoshop Conference how to use it in combination with 'Blend If' in Layer Styles to combine text with textures to great effect.

Photoshop How-To: Curved Type Reflections
When a question was asked concerning curved type reflected off a surface, Al Ward wrapped his brain around the concept and found a simple answer. See how it's done...

Photoshop How-To: Lens Blur with Alpha Channels
It's an effect every photographer appreciates from time to time: showing a sharply focused subject against a blurry, out-of-focus background. Instead of playing with aperture settings, you can achieve similar results using Photoshop CS's Lens Blur filter. Here's how.

Photoshop How-To: Something's Fishy
Collage artist Maggie Taylor is a master hand at Photoshop. Discover how she turns one postcard and a couple of photos of water into a stunning, surreal scene.

Photoshop How-To: Editing a Drop Shadow
Just as shadows in real life appear and disappear depending on object placement and lighting, so should drop shadows in Photoshop. In this tutorial, learn how to selectively edit drop shadows using layers.

Photoshop How-To: Using Adjustment Layers
Being able to correct and edit images in Photoshop is a life-saver for most creative professionals. Yet every time you use layers and curves, you start to degrade the image data -- unless, of course, you use adjustment layers. David Blatner and Bruce Fraser show you how.

Photoshop How-To: Aging Metal Textures
There's something mysterious and beautiful about metals that have been allowed to rust. We see the passage of years in its patina. Here's how you can transform a plain gray background into a textured, rusty surface.

Photoshop How-To: Creating Contact Sheets, Picture Packages, and Online Galleries
Showing a client a contact sheet of images from a photo shoot is a traditional exercise with film photographers. But can digital photographers do the same? Hidden within Photoshop are features that let you produce contact sheets, picture packages, and online galleries. Here's how to use them.

Photoshop How-To: Seeing the Big Pixel
Most of the time we want to minimize the appearance of pixels in an image. But sometimes it's more fun to turn those pixels into a feature. In this tutorial. learn how to add pixelated masks to an image for an oh-so-modern effect.

Photoshop How-To: Making Painted-Paper Illustrations
Like the look of collages crafted out of paper pieces but prefer digital tools to manual scissors and glue? See how to make your own paper collages in Adobe Photoshop.

Photoshop How-To: Recording Actions for One-click Production
How many times do you have to trek to the menu bar to resize images before you see the light? Photoshop's Actions can automate many tasks, from rotating an image to adding a clipping path. Better yet, no scripting is required. Learn how to use Actions in this video tutorial.

Photoshop How-To: Retouching Images with Bert Monroy, Part 1
Anyone who uses Photoshop has been called on at one point or another to retouch an image. It can be as simple as removing a pimple from a face or as complex as changing the lighting and spacing of elements in a scene. Photoshop craftsman Bert Monroy shares the tricks of his trade.

Photoshop How-To: Retouching Images with Bert Monroy, Part 2
The difference between a realistic-looking digital scene and an obvious composite lies in the details, specifically shadows, highlights, and color. In Part 2 of Bert Monroy's lesson on retouching images, learn how to do these essential tasks and more.

Photoshop How-To: Making Warhol-style Images
The technique developed by Andy Warhol of simplifying line and applying flat color makes familiar objects look extraordinary. Photoshop makes it easy to turn any photo into a Warhol masterpiece. Here's how to get great-looking results.

Photoshop How-To: Using the Lens Blur Filter
New to Photoshop CS is the Lens Blur filter, an interactive menu that lets you add interesting visual effects to images. In this video tutorial, Deke McClelland gives a hands-on demonstration of how it works.

Photoshop How-To: Weaving Layer Contents
Artwork that's on separate layers doesn't have to appear as a simple stack. Here's how to weave layered elements together.

Photoshop How-To: Adding Bleeds and Crop Marks
If you regularly use a page-layout program you know all about using crop marks and bleeds. But what if you want to add them in Photoshop? Here are two ways to add these essential print marks to your Photoshop file.

Photoshop Tips: Increasing Image Resolution to Make Large Prints
Making images is easy. Printing them at the right size at the right resolution is tricky. If you don't have access to a multi-megapixel camera, is it still possible to make large prints that don't suffer from the degradation caused by increasing image size? Yes, it is.

Photoshop CS Tips: Sharpening Images with the PhotoKit Plug-in
Sharpening images in Photoshop got a lot better when a team of Photoshop experts developed a plug-in specifically designed for photographers. See how you can take advantage of their collective eye with the PhotoKit Sharpener plug-in.

Learn Photomontage from a Pro
Illustrator Steve Caplin shows you how to go from a plain picture to a dramatic photomontage using nothing but a couple of images and Adobe Photoshop.

Framed and Exposed: The Other Side of Photoshop
Do you want to be a better photographer? Do the images in your mind's eye not match what you see in the viewfinder? Then try approaching Photoshop in a different way.

Framed and Exposed: When More is Less
High contrast usually makes for a good photo, but for those times when too much contrast detracts from an image's subject, there's Photoshop. Here are easy ways to tone down a tonal range.

Text Tricks In Photoshop
In Photoshop, there are a couple ways to make text looks like it's disappearing into the distance. But to create that illusion of perspective without blurring characters as you manipulate text, try this short and easy tutorial.

Framed and Exposed: Taking Action
Photoshop's simple script recorder can produce complex results that would take forever to do by hand. Whether you're new to Photoshop Actions or an old hand, here's how to get the most out of them.

Creative Thinking in Photoshop: Using NeatImage to Remove Noise in Digital Photos
Noise artifacts are an all-too-common side effect of shooting photos in low-light and other challenging situations. If your images are plagued with noise, you may want to check out the NeatImage Photoshop filter for removing noise. Sharon Steuer did. Here's what she found.

Dr. Phil for Photoshop
All relationships are complex, but there's nothing more confusing than the complicated relationship between megapixels, file size, image size, and print size. Julieanne Kost and Daniel Brown explain the difference and advise you on the best sizes for scanning, printing (for both a desktop printer and a press), slideshows, and Web sites.

Review: Adobe Photoshop CS2
The market leader continues to innovate while polishing features that have been round for a while. Ben Long takes you through the newly released program.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Helpers for Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, and QuarkXPress
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for getting better black-and-white images, adding frames to photos, exporting PSD files from PDFs, educating style sheets in Quark, and more.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Helpers for Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and InDesign
New and updated products that colorize grayscale images; add brushes and frames to Photoshop; label and rename graphics in QuarkXPress; apply image effects within InDesign; and more.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Helpers for Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, and InDesign
This month's new and updated products let you fix an unfocused image; remove noise; mimic a page curl; build RSS feeds; convert QuarkXPress 3, 4, 5, and 6 files to InDesign; and more!

Plug-In Upgrades: Software Helpers for Photoshop, Illustrator, and InDesign
This month's round-up of plug-ins includes tools for fixing color easily in Photoshop, pushing Illustrator paths to their utmost, and managing overset text frames in InDesign.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: What's New for Photoshop, QuarkXPress, InDesign, and Acrobat
This month's new and updated products let you apply toad-skin effects to images, mask faster, control QuarkXPress printing to the nth degree, activate iTunes from InDesign, and more!

Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and InDesign Get a Little Help From Their Friends
We've got the scoop on the latest plug-ins for your favorite applications. Whether you want to quickly replace colors or reduce noise in photos, script anything in a publication, or typeset equations directly in your page-layout program, you'll find the info you need here.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: It's a Plug-Inpalooza!
Create Brushes, Backdrops, and Engravings in Photoshop; Correct PDFs; Add Maps and Automate Data in Illustrator; Relink Pictures in QuarkXPress and InDesign; and Record QuarkXPress AppleScripts.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: What's New for Photoshop, QuarkXPress, InDesign, and Acrobat
Do you have the wrong colors? Too smooth a bevel, or too noisy an image? Inconsistent tables? Is your printing out of control? We've got the software solutions for you.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: InDesign Scripting, Photoshop Compositing, Acrobat Layering
This month's overview of plug-ins and XTensions includes prepress scripts, images managers and composting tools. Make some nifty charts and graphs, and automate picture distortions too.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: InDesign Patternmakers, Photoshop Shadow Makers, QuarkXPress File Exporters
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for making cool patterns in InDesign, adding natural textures and shadows in Photoshop, and exporting pages from QuarkXPress. Plus, the results of Design Tools Monthly's software usage survey.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: InDesign Indexers, QuarkXPress Catalogers, Photoshop Fixers
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for tracking footnotes and indices in InDesign, linking catalog databases in QuarkXPress, and correcting camera distortion in Photoshop. Plus, dynamic media and 3D plug-ins for Flash MX, Motion, and iMovie.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Photoshop Image Focusers and Fixers, QuarkXPress Picture Draggers, InDesign Layout Organizers
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for eliminating JPEG artifacts, finding focus, and "doctoring images" in Photoshop, organizing layout elements in InDesign, and dragging picture libraries into QuarkXPress. Plus, where to find free InDesign scripts.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: QuarkXPress Duplicators, InDesign Catalogers, Illustrator Pages, Photoshop Lenses
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for adding multiple pages to Illustrator, creating catalogs in InDesign, correcting image distortion in Photoshop, and copying attributes in QuarkXPress. Plus, a free Photoshop filter and cool movie effects in Final Cut Pro.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Photoshop Texturizers, InDesign Analyzers, QuarkXPress Indexers
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for creating textures in Photoshop, inspecting files in InDesign, and making Indexes in QuarkXPress. Also, organize your workspace in InDesign and remove blemishes in Photoshop.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: InDesign Oversets, XPress Spreads, Photoshop Brushes, Color Adjusters
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for writing to spec in InDesign, converting spreads in QuarkXPress, color-correcting images in Photoshop, and converting XPress files to clean HTML. Plus a bucketful of Photoshop brushes and a free plug-in for detecting scaling errors in InDesign.

Graphic Design Topics