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The Grizzly Team
The Grizzly Team is here to assist you with anything related to your marketing technology implementation, including:
  • Technical assistance
  • Digital file preparation
  • File reviews and corrections
  • Priority order processing
  • Turnaround and shipping
  • Wholesale pricing
  • Quotes on custom options
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ca Allie Davis was born and raised in the midwest and has always had a deep passion for the outdoors. Growing up in a small town in Michigan she never could have imagined where life would end up taking her. After graduating GVSU with a Bachelors in Integrating Science (on the path to be a teacher) she found herself moving to the Big Apple. Along the way she ended up working as an office manager and realized it took many of the same skills to run an office as it did to run a classroom. After spending years (eight to be exact) developing her knowledge and skills professionally in Office Management and Human Resources and exploring big city living in NYC, and then Chicago, she finally decided to pursue her dreams of living closer to nature. She is happy to have a new home with PFL where she is able to work and live amongst the wilderness. Outside of work she enjoys all things to do with being in nature from hiking and fishing to painting and gardening. Allie is most proud of being able to find her own way and draws inspiration from her dad who is the hardest worker she knows.
ca Isabella Miller was born and raised right in the heart of wonderful Indianapolis, IN. After graduating high school, she decided to trade in her city life for a small town. She spent her college years in southern Indiana at Hanover College, where she was able to study Sociology, Philosophy, and Theology. Throughout her time in college, she also had the opportunity to play four years of lacrosse, which eventually lead her to turn her passion for the sport into a career. After graduating in 2017, Isabella moved to Rock Island, IL, where she coached the women's lacrosse team at Augustana College in the Quad Cities. After serving the team for a year, she finally took the plunge to move out West to Bozeman, MT in the summer of 2018. When Isabella isn't working, she is enjoying Bozeman's vibrant downtown life, hiking nearby trails, or floating down the nearest river.
ca Bo Richardson was born in San Diego, California and lived there until 2005 when he moved to Livingston, Montana for a much-desired change of lifestyle. He graduated from Montana State University with a undergraduate degree in physical therapy in 2010, and still remains passionate about physical activity and participating in the outdoor experiences Montana has to offer. He has a beautiful wife, Tiffany, and three wonderful children; Keane, Wilma, and Albert. In his spare time he enjoys camping, hunting, hiking, and fishing in this amazing state.
Contact the Grizzly Team at or 800-924-1627.
PFL is a marketing technology company that provides printing, mailing, fulfillment, and marketing automation services to over 200,000 businesses from startups to the Fortune 500. Our 100,000 sq. ft. state-of-the-art facility provides a one-stop shop for all your company's needs, from marketing advice, design services, sustainable print and mailing solutions since 1996. Our highly qualified team of 300+ employees deliver exceptional print quality with award-winning customer service backed by our A+ BBB rating and 100% satisfaction guarantee.