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Remittance Envelope Printing

remittance envelopes

Fact: High-quality remittance envelopes get more donations

OK, we can't verify that fact, but it seems logical. Used by charities, schools and churches, these envelopes work great for fund rasing or money collection.

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Offering and Remittance Envelope Printing

offering envelopes

Church donation, remittance and offering envelopes do not have to look the same year after year. With PFL's custom offering envelopes, you can change up the colors, imagery and text to add a new, contemporary feel to a traditional product.

Offering envelopes are the perfect tool for fundraising, donations or tuition, whether you are a nonprofit organization, church or school. Visualize your cause on your envelope by using custom imagery and strong language in a graceful or bold font.

Whether you're lining up these offering envelopes in a pew, including them in a weekly newsletter or bulletin or handing them out for a school fundraiser, you now have the option of designing them so that they will not be forgotten or neglected!

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Remittance Envelope Features

  • 2 popular styles and sizes
  • Printed in full color on 1 side or 2
  • White paper stock
remittance envelopes

Full Flap Remittance Envelopes

  • 3.625" x 6.5"
  • 2 popular ink options:
    • Full color 1 side, no bleed
    • Full color 2 side, no bleed

Church Offering Envelopes

  • 3.125" x 6.25"
  • 2 popular ink options:
    • Full color 1 side, no bleed
    • Full color 2 side, no bleed

Sample Pricing

Product Ink 500 1000 3000 5000
Full Flap Remittance 4 color 1 side no bleed $231 $297 $561 $825
Full Flap Remittance 4 color 2 sides no bleed $410 $520 $960 $1,400
Offering Envelopes 4 color 1 side no bleed $220 $275 $495 $715
Offering Envelopes 4 color 2 sides no bleed $425 $500 $800 $1,100

Offering/Remittance Envelope Design

If you need help designing your offering or remittance envelope look no farther than the PFL design team.

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Custom Offering/Remittance Envelope Printing

PFL can help you create unique, memorable offering envelopes that will make it impossible to forget or leave them behind using our custom printing effects. Die cuts, embossing, foil stamping and special inks and papers can all help your project leave an impression.

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