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Foil Stamped Menus

foil stamped menu Foil stamping adds class and visual appeal to any menu.
Hot foil stamping uses a heated die to press pigment onto the sheet of paper. The die presses the foil onto the surface under pressure, leaving the design of the die on the paper. It can be combined with embossing to produce a 3-D image.
Foil stamping can be used for most menu designs. Consult with one of our experts first if your design has extremely small print or details.

Foil Options

There are many types of foil that can make your menu pop:
  • Metallic Foil has a metal-like shine and shimmer, and is available in a variety of colors, including gold, silver, red, green, blue and copper.
  • Gloss Pigment Foil has a high gloss, but non-metallic finish, with numerous colors available.
  • Matte Pigment Foil has a dull, non-shiny finish in deep solid colors.
  • Special Effect Foils such as leathers, marbles, pearls or wood grains add interesting textures and appearances.
  • Holographic Foil uses a hologram on the surface. It creates a dramatic "high tech" effect.
menu with foil stamping

Designing Your Foil Stamped Menu

Foil Stamping can be used on paper, synthetic, plastic and magnet paper. Smooth-surfaced gloss paper or dull matte cover stock is ideal for metallic foil. You should avoid foil stamping on rough textured papers such as linen. Foil will not appear smooth and crisp due to the uneven surface.
You should also use at least an 80# paper stock for foil stamped menus. You will want to select a font that is at least 8 pt., (larger is better), so the foil is crisp and can be easily seen. If the font is too small or too thin, intricate details may be lost.
Foil stamping can be used on folded menus, but it can't go across a fold. Make sure your foiled words or design won't end up in a crease.

Menu Marketing

A menu can be a valuable marketing tool. Capture your audience with a well composed menu with strong images and words that pop off the page.
  • Emphasize quality with deep colored matte pigment foils.
  • Use metallic foil to highlight specialty dishes or featured cocktails.
  • Accentuate dishes prepared in house with gloss pigment foils.
  • Distinguish your look with special texture foils like marble, wood grain, leather or pearl.
  • Go high tech with a holographic image transferred onto a special foil.
  • Typefaces will generally appear bolder when a menu is foil stamped.
  • Foil is opaque so it is possible to have a light colored foil on top of dark colored or black paper stock.

Premium Brand Positioning

"Would you like to start off the evening with a glass of our Napa Valley Cabernet Sauvignon? It pairs well with our dry aged, grass fed Rib eye steak."
A premium menu can increase beverage and entrée sales. Take the guess work out of hand selling with foil stamping. Get your customers attention by highlighting specialty menu items. With foil you can increase sales and be seen as a fine dining restaurant.

Menu Ideas for Foil Stamping

  • Foil stamping can be used to separate your entrée categories on a menu such as pasta, chicken or beef.
  • Foil can be used to make your bar or restaurant name or logo pop off the cover page.
  • Use foil to outline a wine glass or beer mug to generate awareness around your premium beverage program.
  • Put your phone number, email or web address in foil
  • Include a map with a foil star showing your location
  • Use foil on social media icons
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