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Rounded Corner Business Card Templates

Select a round corner template from the assortment below to assist you in designing your business card with rounded corners. Provided are easy to use templates for 1/4" and 3/8" corner radius and include one, two, three, or four corners, 22 in total. Our rounded corner business card templates are for the standard business card size of 3.5" x 2" and include the corner radius cuts. The templates are in the standard PDF format that can be opened and used in most popular graphic design programs.
Don't forget two important elements in your design, bleed area and the safety zone.

Bleed Area

We always print your business card larger than the finished size, and then cut it down to the proper dimensions. This prevents any white lines from the trimming process and leaves your image with a seamless appearance extending beyond the edge of the card, or "bleeding" off the edges. The bleed area should extend at least 1/8" beyond your trim or cut line. The bleed area on the rounded corner business card templates below is marked in light blue for your convenience.

Safe Zone

A safe zone helps ensure that none of your critical content, like text, images, and graphics are positioned too close to a trim line. Trim variances can be up to 1/32 of an inch and should be taken into consideration when laying out your business card design. The safe zone is a 1/8" area running parallel to the interior of the trim line. The safe zone on the rounded corner business card templates below is marked in light a blue dotted line for your convenience. We do not recommend using a "frame" or a thin border on rounded corner business cards because they might appear uneven after the cutting process.


See an assortment of rounded corner business card examples to give you some ideas for your own card design.

Need Help?

Give one of our prepress experts a call at 800-930-2423 if you need any assistance on making these templates work for your layout in the design application that you are using. We're always glad to help.
Round Corner Template Examples
2 round corners template
2 Rounded Corners
4 round corners template
All 4 Rounded Corners
Download All 22 Rounded Corner Templates
(330 KB PDF format, zipped)