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Embossed Business Cards

Your Business Card Should RISE to the Occasion

Embossed cards are an ideal way for you to bring attention to the message you want to convey with your business cards. Being forgettable is not an option in today's competitive business environment. Custom business cards that utilize embossing stand out, and add a dimension of sophistication to your image.

What exactly is embossing?

The process known as embossing utilizes two opposite etched metal dies (usually composed of copper, magnesium or brass) and heat. These elements push/raise the graphic or text above the surface of a sheet of paper to create a three-dimensional, eye-popping effect. A reversed image of the design is used to make the embossing die. If the design is indented rather than raised, it is called debossing. You have probably seen or felt the raised surface of a notary seal; this is embossing. Business cards can be blind embossed, which is simply an imprint without ink or foil applied. Embossing with foil or color on the imprint adds another visually appealing and distinctive element to your business card.

Why Embossed Cards?

Custom printing is our specialty for a reason. Quality business cards that leave an impression give you more impact for your dollar. Grabbing the attention of potential clients and driving attention to your brand are essential to success. Embossing is an elegant way to market your business message, making it memorable. Considering how many business cards your potential customers get each day and at trade shows and conventions, this custom effect can make all the difference in getting noticed. Embossed business cards make that lasting impression and is a great choice when considering business card ideas that yield results!

Can I see some Examples?

We thought you'd never ask. We are happy to provide examples of the quality and creativity is known for. Take a look at these great ideas for embossed business cards.
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embossed business card foil embossed business card embossed gloss business card blind embossed business card round corner embossed business card embossed die cut business card

Can I get an idea of cost?

Sure. We have a large selection of paper, finishes, and custom options so we will provide some basic pricing information for your consideration. To get a custom business card quote that includes embossing, simply call 800-924-2041 to talk to one of our friendly printing experts.
3.5 x 2 Embossed Business Card
4 Color Process, Gloss Aqueous Coating
120# Gloss Cover 14pt
Quantity: 500 cards     Total: $316.43
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