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Wind Up Your Business with Coil Binding

Need a durable way to present a professional image to clients and prospects? Looking to hand out branded reports, catalogs or booklets at your next company presentation? If so, coil binding could be the right product packaging solution. Coil Binding Samples

The Ins and Outs of Coil Binding

Coil binding is a popular book binding style used to create documents, reports, presentations and proposals. Coil binding uses strips of plastic or wire that pass through a series of holes to bind together stacked paper. Coil binding goes by many names, including spiral binding, spiral coil binding, spiral book binding, color coil, or coilbind.

What Can Coil Binding Do For You?

Coil binding can add that extra something special to your document, report or manual. Benefits of utilizing coil binding in your next project include:
  • Professional Look - Coil binding is the perfect custom packaging compliment to high quality, full color catalog or booklet printing and can provide that upscale look to help take your company's image to the next level.
  • Flexibility - Coil spiral binding offers flexibility in terms of look, size, and color, which makes it an ideal choice for businesses marketing because you can match the spine of their document to a specific color palette for brand consistency.
  • Durability - Coil binding will keep your documents looking crisp. Long-lasting and practical, it helps protect your materials, sustains less damage, and keeps pages tightly bound.
  • Ease of Use - Coil bound documents have the ability to open flat on a desk or a table and offer 360 degree rotation for easy access to all pages within the document.

Coil Binding Options offers a variety of sizes, colors, covers and special printing effects to ensure you are happy with your final product.
Size - Plastic coil binding in available in imaginable wide range of sizes. The length of the coil used on your printed piece can range anywhere from 1 to 14 inches, while the finished size of your finished document should be from 4.25 x 4.25 inches to 12 x 14 inches.
Color - Although black is the most common coil color, there are a variety of different coil colors to choose from. By coordinating your coil color with your brand colors, you can tie all your marketing materials together and present a unified look to customer, prospects and employees.
Cover - PFL also features high quality covers to give your piece that finished look. The most common covers used is a Poly cover with a clear front and black back, or choose full color printed covers on 80# or 120# cover stock.

Add Pizzazz with Rounded Corners or Die Cutting

Create an eye-catching coil bound book by incorporating custom printing effects into your piece. Try adding rounded corners or introducing a die-cut element. The possibilities know no bounds!
Not sure where to start? Our expert print consultants can answer any questions you may have. Layout services are also available to help you create a design in no time.

Common Coil Bound Products

  • Coil Catalogs
  • Coil Notebooks
  • Coil Booklets
  • Coil Manuals
  • Coil Annual Reports
  • Coil Flip Books
  • Spiral Bound Booklets
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