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Business Forms and Invoice Form Samples

These printed examples from different industries show a variety of ideas for designing your own invoice, receipt or business form. A carbonless 2 part form is the most commonly used, but a 3 part form is also popular. 4 part, 5 part and 6 parts are also available for those needing more copies of a business invoice. A common printing format is black ink with one PMS color for a company logo or title that adds some color and highlighting for not much additional cost. But use 4 color process for a form that will really stand out and reinforce your brand to those using your forms, as well as improved usability with color coded sections or elements.

8.5 x 11 Full Color Forms

These good looking 4 color forms all use process printing to achieve a more visually interesting and functional design, significantly enhancing the user experience and making a more professional impression that can help increase sales and customer retention.
2 part full color NCR form 3 part full color NCR form 2 part color NCR form 3 part color NCR form
full color work order form full color sales form full color purchase order full color invoice form
construction work invoice form 2 part service order 3 part 4 color purchase order 3 part 4 color business form

One or Two Color Forms

These forms all use 1 color black printing or a PMS ink as a primary or second color. Screened areas and images can make a 1 or 2 color form look better and easier to use.
2 part application form project form 2 part PMS color form black ink form with images
2 part order form auto detail form order form invoice form
repair order form PMS color invoice form order acknowledgement form 2 part form

Half Size Forms

These compact, roughly 5.5 x 8.5 forms are half the size of a standard form and are useful when less information is needed. They are less expensive to produce so are great for a tight budget.
half size business form half size form 5 x 8 business form business form half sheet 2 color form

Non-Standard Size Custom Form Samples

These forms are slightly smaller or larger than the standard 8.5 x 11. The two inside examples are narrower and the outside wider than normal. Custom forms can be made in many sizes and formats to meet your specific business needs.
custom size form custom size invoice form custom dental work form custom invoice form

11 x 8.5 Horizontal Format Form Examples

The landscape format is a great option for forms that have longer input fields needing longer descriptions. One popular use for business forms is the dental form shown on the right. The forms in the top row are all 4 color forms and show how much nicer they look than just black ink.
4 color horizontal invoice form 4 color horizontal form horizontal dental work form
bid sheet form work order form horizontal receipt form

8.5 x 14 Legal Size Forms

These larger size forms are used when more information needs to be collected and stored. The extra colors help a lot with better usability when more elements are required.
3 part legal size form custom legal size form legal size invoice form
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