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Personalized Printing and Direct Mail

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Personalized Direct Mail

Call Them by Name

postcard addressing There is magic in a person's name. Seeing or hearing our name attracts and demands our attention. Put a name in print and its persuasive power is multiplied. That is why personalized direct mail is such a powerful sales and marketing medium. And with today's digital printing technology, the scope of personalization is limitless. Marketers have the power to personalize every aspect of every piece in the direct mail campaign. That includes pictures, pitches, charts and graphs, and anything else that might cater to the individual. Research shows the greater personalization, the better the results. "Sixty-one percent of consumers in a recent InfoTrends study stated a preference for direct mail, nearly triple the amount who preferred receiving ads via e-mail," DM News reported. "The study investigates consumer behavior and preferences and reviews print provider expectations and plans as well as the plans of those who generate these documents. Within this category, personalized direct mail with messages and offers designed to reflect the consumer's needs and interests were most favored."

Personalized Printing Secures a Law School's Future Success

inserting direct mail One of the nation's top private law schools needed to boost enrollments. Its marketing agency recommended a personalized direct mail campaign. The twist: prospective students would receive business cards, linking their name to a specific legal career, thereby demonstrating the lucrative possibilities for prospects who attend the law school. A total of 15,000 high school seniors with superior SAT scores received the mailing. Over 9% of them responded, more than filling the school's freshman quota. The personalized direct mail campaign was so successful it was repeated by the school the following year, and it looks to be a perennial promotion for the institution. "The campaign is the ultimate in capitalizing on the persuasive power of personalization in print," said a spokesman for the marketing agency. "It went way beyond calling the students by name. The promotion demonstrated how the law school would affect their futures for the better, in a communications medium they can touch and feel."

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