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Presentation Folder Design: 4 ways to make your company shine

Creating marketing materials can be a challenging task for any business. From business cards to letterhead, postcards, brochures and catalogs, the amount of different products businesses use to promote and sell their products and services can be overwhelming.
One product that many businesses use but may not take full advantage of is the presentation folder. A well-designed presentation folder says a lot about your company, its style, level of professionalism and can set the tone of a meeting or new product launch. A poorly designed folder, with dark or muddy images on subpar paper doesn't portray the level of service you and your company is capable of.
A well designed presentation folder introduces your company to a prospective customer properly, and is a key tool that you can use to leave a lasting impression with that customer. Presentation folders are a great vehicle for your brochures and product sheets, and if the "outer wrapping" doesn't inspire much confidence or interest, why would your customers want to open it?
presentation folder samples
Let's look at four key points to keep in mind when you are designing your presentation folder or pocket folder to get the most "wow factor" possible, and give your competition a run for their money.
  1. Choose your target and overall style first. Once you know who you are going after (new customers, prospects, existing customers, etc.) then focus on the look and feel of the folder. Depending upon your company and the end use of the folder, you may want a look that is casual, professional or very minimal, with few colors or details. Do not try to be all things with this one piece of your marketing collateral.
  2. Use fonts, colors and information wisely, if not sparingly. More than two or three font styles can be distracting from the point you are trying to drive home.
    The same goes for color-often just a few key colors (or even black and white) create a powerful visual design for your presentation folder. Keep the information simple and straightforward, putting the most emphasis on your most key points: new products, services, sales, store opening, etc. Don't clutter up the folder with tons of information; use what is inside the folder to inform and educate them with your sell sheets and brochures.
  3. Paper is an important consideration. Glossy, matte or uncoated stocks give the recipient a different feel, and the look of your logo or message can many times be enhanced by the correct paper choice. Conversely, the "wrong" paper can dull images or take away from that snappy logo you have, so do your homework. Talk with your printer, request samples and see what matches up best with the look you are going for.
  4. Proofread everything! A well designed presentation folder, on the right paper, with the right message and eye-catching photos will fall short of doing its job if there is a glaring typo in it. A small error or misspelling, while seemingly small, can have a big end effect, one that will erode your prospect's confidence in you and your company. Why would they spend their money with you when you can't even spell? Seems harsh, but it is true. Have several people look it over before you send it off to the printer, then look at it again.
In the end, the key is to think of your presentation folder as a billboard for you and your company. It can start the conversation with your customer, and is something that will stay with them, continuing to build your brand after you leave. Don't take the design lightly-look for ways to make your presentation folder stand out and deliver your message and you will be that much closer to another sale or customer.
See presentation folder design samples showing printing and marketing ideas.
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