Envelope Printing Information


#10 Envelopes are 9.5 x 4.125 inches. If you are designing your envelope to have printing all the way to the edge (called a "bleed"), please lay out the envelope with 1/16" of bleed on all 4 sides. The extra printing area will wrap around the edge of the envelope and show up a little on the back. So, layouts for envelopes without bleeds should be sized at 9.5 x 4.125. Layouts for envelopes with bleeds should be sized at 9.625 x 4.25, knowing that the outside 1/16, or .0625, will wrap around the edge. For best results, place all type at least 1/8" away from the edge of the envelope.

Window Envelopes

A standard window measures 1.125 x 4.5 inches and is located .875 inches from the left edge, and .5 inches from the bottom.

Envelopes are available with different window sizes and placement. To order, please detail the size and placement in the special instructions on the order form. Additional costs start at $105.

Larger Envelopes

If you want something other than #10 envelopes, please request a price on our Custom Printing Prices or see our Large Envelopes page for 9 x 12 or 9 1/2 x 12 5/8 booklet envelopes.

Split Orders

If you need envelopes with windows and some without, please mention so in the special instructions on the order form with detailed quantities for each. The additional cost starts at $85.

#10 Envelope Layout Template  (36K PDF)