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Printing Paper Type Descriptions

Our papers are environmentally responsible!

Many of our standard papers are FSC Certified.
FSC Certified paper

80# Gloss Text

Standard glossy paper stock, about as thick as a light magazine cover. The shiny finish provides an excellent opaque base for rich process color printing. This is our most popular type of stock for Brochure printing, Catalog Inserts, Flyers, Posters, etc.

100# Gloss Text

Similar to the 80# gloss text, but 25% thicker and heavier, for a more substantial feeling piece. Standard Uses: Brochures, Information Sheets, Self-mailers, Posters, Door Hangers, etc.

80# Dull/matte text

This stock is finely coated with a non-gloss finish. It provides an excellent opaque base for easy to read, crisp typography. Standard Uses: Brochures, Newsletters, Catalog Inserts, and Flyers, etc.

100# Dull/Matte Text

Thicker and heavier than our 80# Dull/Matte text for a more substantial feeling piece. Provides a non-glossy, opaque base for detailed, crisp printing.

80# Dull/Matte Cover

Our dull/matte cover is a thick 9 pt cover stock with a smooth, non-shiny coating. It is well suited for detailed, crisp printing without sacrificing the ability to easily write on the paper. Often selected with the 80# dull/matte text option for inside your catalog or booklet piece.

80# Gloss Cover

As a "cover" stock, this paper is stiff, about like a postcard or baseball card. This stock is coated with a glossy finish, making photographs and other images look beautiful. Standard uses: durable, heavy-weight Brochures, Catalog Covers, Product Spec Sheets.

100# Gloss Cover

This paper is a stiff, medium weight cover stock, about the thickness of a baseball card. Available on our EDDM Postcards, this durable 9 pt stock has a glossy finish, making photographs and other images look great to successfully convey your marketing message.

100# Uncoated Cover

This bright white smooth #1 grade cover stock is 14pt in thickness and matches the 70# text-weight stock we use for letterhead and envelopes. You can easily write on this stock and is a great option for appointment or reminder cards.

120# Gloss Cover

This is one of our most popular papers. It is a heavy 14pt stock with a glossy, coated finish. It makes photographs and other images look beautiful. UV coating, often called liquid lamination, is a great addition to the 120# Gloss Cover for added pop and shine. Not recommended for cards that you would like to write on.

120# Dull/Matte Cover

Our dull/matte cover is a substantial paper with a smooth, non-shiny coating. It is a heavy 14pt stock well suited for detailed, crisp printing without sacrificing the ability to easily write on the paper. You can also get UV coating on the front of a dull/matte card to add pop to the side that isn't needed for writing. This is an excellent choice for Business Cards, Postcards and Greeting Cards.

200# Gloss Cover

At 24pt, this is our thickest and sturdiest paper stock. It has a glossy, smooth finish that produces vibrant colors and professional image quality. It works really well for die cuts and foil stamping. It is a great option for Business Cards, Hang Tags, Table Tents, Door Hangers, POP Displays and Rack Cards.

70# Uncoated Text

We exclusively offer 70# Lustre for stationery, envelopes and newsletters. This ultra-premium uncoated (non-glossy) white stock is guaranteed safe for desktop laser printing. Many common stationery stocks are not optimized for 4-color printing, so we have selected this for best results. Feels thick and substantial in your hands, and is the best type of uncoated paper stock available for full-color printing.

24# Uncoated and 28# Uncoated

This is a standard stock commonly used for envelopes, also called White Wove. The 28# is thicker and heavier than the 24#.

Magnet Stock or Magnetic Paper

Keep your message in front of your clients all year long. Our magnetic stock delivers high quality printing with excellent color reproduction and will stick to most metal surfaces. Great for business cards, postcards, coupons, calendars, sport schedules, and menus.


Our standard plastic substrate stock is flexible and both water and heat proof. It's ideal for maps, menus, door hangers and posters or any product that can benefit from the increased durability of plastic. Available in 6pt, 8pt and 15pt thicknesses.

Aqueous Coating

This clear coating is used to protect your printed pieces. It provides a high-gloss surface that deters dirt and fingerprints. Aqueous coating improves the durability of postcards as they go through the mail, and protects business cards as they ride around in people's pockets. It also looks beautiful on brochures, catalog covers, and stand-alone flyers.

UV Coating

UV coating, often called liquid lamination, is a highly protective, ultra-shiny gloss coating that we apply over aqueous coating and then cure on a special machine using ultraviolet light. The solvent-free UV coating provides an extremely hard finish that's chemical and abrasion resistant. It makes details really pop! On deep colors, it results in a stunning, almost wet appearance. Perfect when you want a durable, environmentally-friendly piece with a richer, high-end look and feel.
NOTE: UV Coating cannot be used on the addressed side of mailed pieces.

Soft Touch® Coating

This coating creates a velvety texture. The paper becomes "soft" to the touch and increases the tactile appeal. It creates a softer look and feel than either aqueous or UV coating, while creating a barrier which is fingerprint resistant. It dries fast, is non-yellowing, and is eco-friendly. Luxurious and sophisticated are words often used to describe the effect Soft Touch® coating produces.
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