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"Thank you all for an excellent job on the specialty business card project! Everything from the personal customer service to the foil, the custom pms color and the die cut was top notch and the cards came out FANTASTIC! I will definitely use you again for specialty printing."
Alan Weidner
Mesa, AZ
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Soft Touch® Coating

Soft Touch® is a departure from the ordinary. It is a coating that, when applied, creates a velvety texture. The paper becomes "soft" to the touch and increases the tactile appeal. Soft Touch® coating creates a softer look and feel on printed materials than either aqueous or UV coating, while creating a barrier which is fingerprint resistant. Darker color palettes will appear more muted, sophisticated, when Soft Touch® is applied. To minimize the flattening of images, it is best applied over high gloss paper stock. Soft Touch® coating is applied in-line as a part of the printing process and assists with a quick drying time. This coating also protects the sheet from scuff marks during finishing operations like binding, folding, or cutting. A similar effect can be achieved by laying matte film lamination over the printed surface, however this process is more costly and time consuming than Soft Touch®, and adds excessive weight and thickness to the piece, making lamination less suitable for mailings.
Soft Touch® dries fast, is non-yellowing, and is eco-friendly. Luxurious and sophisticated are words often used to describe the effect Soft Touch® coating produces. This tactile sensation increases the engagement with your prospect or customer.
Sometimes referred to as soft feel, liquid velvet, or gentle touch, by various manufacturers, Soft Touch® coating provides an attractive and practical option that results in a svelte presentation. Almost any printed product can benefit from this coating. Create silky business cards, satin feel brochures, and velvety postcards and catalogs. You name it, we can do it. Call 800-930-2423 to consult with one of our printing experts.
You can instantly order amazing business cards, brochures, catalogs, postcards, and many other products with Soft Touch® coating. Incorporate Soft Touch® coating on your finished product to add a touch of class.
soft touch coating
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