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Fred ONeil " I had a problem to solve: the laminated paper menus I had were just not durable enough. The ink was dissolving, and they were becoming delaminated.
That's when I found PrintingForLess. I worked closely with my personal rep to produce menus on SmartFlex®, which looks great, lasts much longer and stands up to the day to day rigors of the restaurants. I sat one menu in a bucket of soapy water overnight to test it, and was able to just wipe it off and put it on the table the next morning.
It's a great product, produced by a company that knows what they're doing with specialty paper. I would definitely recommend PFL and SmartFlex for any restaurant looking for a great menu. "
Fred O'Neil, Owner
O'Neil Design
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"Thank you all for an excellent job on the specialty business card project! Everything from the personal customer service to the foil, the custom pms color and the die cut was top notch and the cards came out FANTASTIC! I will definitely use you again for specialty printing."
Alan Weidner
Mesa, AZ
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SmartFlex® Synthetic Printing Material

What is SmartFlex?

SmartFlex drink menus
SmartFlex® is a super-rugged synthetic material. If you're imagining something like flimsy packaging plastic, think again. SmartFlex feels like paper with a high-quality soft feel that resembles nothing like plastic and feels much more like premium paper.
SmartFlex is made using 100% recyclable plastics that don't use any wood pulp. PFL excels at printing on this type of paper, getting colors to pop, inks to adhere to the paper, and we can cut and fold the paper better than anyone.
Here are some of the coolest properties of SmartFlex:
  • It is water resistant - it won't curl or fall apart in water and your images won't fade or wash out.
  • It is tear-resistant - it's not easy to tear SmartFlex, making it great for printed materials that will take a beating like tradeshow materials, outdoor signs, and hang-tags.
  • It has amazing dimensional stability - that means it holds its shape, so if you fold it or die-cut SmartFlex it looks great and springs back into shape if it gets bent.
  • Stain resistant - coffee, wine, and other known offenders won't easily stain SmartFlex, making it ideal for menus or anything else in food service industries.
  • Heat resistant - SmartFlex won't curl if it gets hot, and it won't melt either, even though it is plastic. This makes it ideal for hang-tags or safety stickers that go in high-heat places.
SmartFlex video

How Can I Use SmartFlex?

SmartFlex hanging tag
SmartFlex is ideal for anything that is going to be exposed to water. It is water resistant. It's also tear-resistant - you can try ripping it all day and you won't get far. You can fold SmartFlex and it keeps its shape perfectly while keeping inks from cracking or busting up. SmartFlex can be folded and perforated.
There are various weights of SmartFlex, the thicker it gets the better it is for retaining it's shape but because the synthetic paper is so strong thicker paper can't be folded as much.
Here's some great ways to use SmartFlex:
  • 6 pt, 8 pt, & 12 pt: Great For - Brochures, Map Printing, Travel Guides, Manuals, Bellybands, Product Labels and Packaging, Posters, Hang Tags, Door Hangers
  • 15 pt: Great For - Menus, Placemats, Business Cards, Identification Cards, Door Hangers, Parking, Vehicle and other Permits and Passes. Half folds only, no stitching.
  • 20 pt: Technically, this isn't SmartFlex but a Styrene board. It is incredibly thick and strong, so it can't be folded at all. Otherwise, it has all of the great properties of SmartFlex. Great For - Window Signs, Storefront Lightbox and Advertising Signs, Bus/Transit Shelter Signs, Trade Show/Event Graphics, Coasters.
synthetic paper menu example
SmartFlex waterproof tag
SmartFlex is pretty miraculous. The closest alternative is to laminate regular paper but that just isn't the same thing at all and is cost prohibitive. Laminated paper doesn't have the same touch and feel and ease of handling as SmartFlex and, frankly, it can come off as looking cheap and it isn't as long-lasting. PFL excels at printing on synthetics. We make colors hold their brightness and adhere to the synthetic paper just like regular wood-pulp paper.
You can read about SmartFlex all day, but you really need to hold it and see it (and put it through the wringer!) to understand how amazing this product really is.
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