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Newsletter Design Idea Example

The Art of a Newsletter

Creating a newsletter and keeping people informed is important, especially when it comes to non-profit organizations. A newsletter can provide helpful information, announce upcoming events and activities and provide a recap of what was accomplished since the prior newsletter. Distributing your newsletter by direct mail is a great way to get your message out, remind people about your company with something tangible, and keep them informed every step of the way.


FACT or Fine Arts for Children & Teens, is a non-profit program that emphasizes bringing arts-learning opportunities to under served children in the northern area of New Mexico. Nearly 80% of the students they serve are considered at-risk, and many come from some of northern New Mexico's lowest-income and highest-crime neighborhoods. By working with students and teachers, FACT encourages art education that is rigorous, fun and positively influences student success.
FACT's newsletter is designed for a wide array of people from students and parents to board members and people wanting to donate to a useful cause.
newsletter design idea


  • Layout - The newsletter design is carefully laid out with each section highlighted in a different color. This breaks the content into easy to read sections and allows your eyes to focus on one piece at a time.
  • Informative - This newsletter example is targeted to a specific audience looking for updates on the program, upcoming events and classes and highlights from the past few months.
  • Paper - The designer chose 80# dull matte text to show the images off beautifully without being too glossy. This durable, heavy-weight paper was a great choice as it can be easily folded and mailed.

Attention Directors

  • Format - This fine example of an 11x17 quarter fold newsletter format provides the designer the ability to fill this newsletter with a wealth of information and pictures and still have room for a mailing area, turning it into an cost effective self mailer.
  • Color - By using numerous playful colors throughout the newsletter, it catches the attention and draws the reader in, ensuring this piece will be read cover to cover.


Keeping people up to date - This sample of a successful newsletter is full of information, from upcoming activities/classes, to transition in the staff, and the organization seeking sponsorships. You can get a sense of what they accomplished in the past 6 months by reading their program highlight section and get a view of what events are coming up in the months ahead.


Newsletters are one of the most popular printed pieces and are extremely valuable when keeping people informed is a top priority. FACT did a fantastic job with the newsletter layout and provided essential and interesting information for their students, parents, staff and sponsors. Create your newsletter today by clicking here for a newsletter template.

The different panels of the 11x17 newsletter are used effectively.

newsletter cover idea
Front Cover
newsletter back
Back cover - self mailer
11 x 17 newsletter inside spread
Full inside spread
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