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Variable Data Printing

Bring an offer to the market; and this time, make it personal. Distinguish yourself from your competition with variable data printing (VDP). Also known as personalized printing, variable data printing can be anything from simple addressing to advanced personalization on promotional pieces. Leverage VDP by targeting your potential customers with campaigns that demonstrate a higher relevancy to their wants and needs.
You can personalize more than mere names and addresses. We have industry-leading software capabilities that use your database to target images, backgrounds, colors, text and artwork based on individual customer demographics and recorded behaviors. Look at the sample below. The customer name, color, and offer change based on predetermined set of criteria.
variable data examples
Each recipient in this example is being given an offer that is specific to his or her personal buying habits. This is just the beginning of what variable data printing can accomplish for you, the advertiser. You can also generate custom content based on specified demographics like gender, age, interests, and industry. Customers appreciate offers that are based on their personal preferences rather than a one-size-fits-all promotional push. Only variable data printing caters to individual preferences. The image in the sample above could even vary from a cat, to a bird based upon the information in the database.
VDP is also a powerful tool in gaining high response rates in direct mail campaigns. Direct mail has already proven itself to be far more effective than any single digital source in reaching customers. Now, combine that with personalization of the direct mail piece and you have exponentially increased your probability of success. This graph from CAP Ventures demonstrates the improved response rate when VDP is employed.
variable data printing results

Benefits of Variable Data Printing

  • Fast Turn Around
  • Proven ability to generate greater consumer response
  • Accommodates the need for different offers in different markets
  • Connects with customers in a more relevant way
  • Allows small quantities
  • Addressing printed directly on the mailed piece
  • Can be integrated with cross media promotions (i.e. QR Codes, URL)
There are no limits. What you can imagine, we can help you achieve. Use VDP on postcards, brochures, buck slips, flyers, catalogs, and almost any other printed product. Our top-notch quality and Award Winning customer support puts you in the best of positions. You will get your own three-person team of print experts that are dedicated to knowing you and your needs.
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