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Postcard Samples

Horizontal Printed Postcard Samples

Sample postcards of the most common horizontal postcard printing format in the standard sizes of 4 x 6, 5 x 7 and 6 x 9.
postcard sample postcard example color postcard
post card sample postcards sample full color postcard
color postcard example postcards example color postcard
sample color post card picture post card sample color picture post card

Vertical Postcard Examples

Vertical post card design samples of the popular postcard design option used to accommodate a vertically oriented photograph or graphic design. Cards can be printed 4 color over black or full color on both sides.
vertical postcard sample vertical picture postcard full color vertical postcard vertical post card sample
vertical postcard example vertical picture post card color vertical postcard vertical postcards sample

2 Sided Post Card Examples

Examples of postcard designs printed with marketing messages on the back side. A good way to offer your prospects a more detailed explanation of your business, product or services, and catch their attention if they look at the back first. You can see how full color on the back can really catch your attention and improve the effectiveness of the mailing.
2 sided postcards sample 2 sided postcard sample
full color 2 sided postcard 2 sided postcard example
2 sided horizontal postcard sample 2 sided postcard sample
2 sided vertical postcard example 2 sided post card back color 2 sided postcard 2 sided postcards back sample
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