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Recommended Graphic Arts and Printing Books and Software

Graphic Arts Books  |  Software  |  Business Books

Graphic Arts Books

Design Book The Non-Designer's Design Book
This book is the one place you can turn to find quick, non-intimidating, excellent design help. In The Non-Designer's Design Book, 2nd Edition, best-selling author Robin Williams turns her attention to the basic principles of good design and typography. All you have to do is follow her clearly explained concepts, and you'll begin producing more sophisticated, professional, and interesting pages immediately. Humor-infused, jargon-free prose interspersed with design exercises, quizzes, illustrations, and dozens of examples make learning a snap—which is just what audiences have come to expect from this best-selling author.
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Scan & Print Book Non-Designer's Scan & Print Book
For most non-designers, especially beginning desktop publishers, the scanning, prepress, and printing process isn't an intuitive one. Trial and error is often the only way to learn the technical basics of producing professional-looking documents. If you're tired of learning the hard way, The Non-Designer's Scan and Print Book is for you. Using the format that is so popular in Peachpit's best-selling Non-Designer's series, this latest offering, fully cross-platform, provides a multitude of tips, techniques, and design, prepress, and production principles to help create professional-looking documents. Clear instructions and numerous examples cover the entire process of scanning, prepress, and printing.
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Real World Adobe Photoshop Real World Adobe Photoshop 7
Master the essential day-in and day-out Photoshop production techniques with this definitive resource from best-selling authors David Blatner and Bruce Fraser. The authors place a dual emphasis on efficiency and getting the best quality possible out of Photoshop. You'll learn everything you need to know about color management, getting great scans, tonal and color correction, prepress and the Web, and working with Photoshop selections and silhouettes. Real World Adobe Photoshop 7 is copiously illustrated with completely revised screenshots and loaded with time-saving tips and shortcuts that will not only allow you to produce better results, but to do so faster than you ever thought possible.
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Photoshop Color Correction Photoshop Color Correction
It's always been possible to produce great-looking images in Photoshop. But Photoshop Color Correction makes it easy. This book is the distillation of color expert Michael Kieran's 10 years of experience in delivering workshops on color correction and color management. It includes tips and tricks that will enable you to improve the detail, color balance, and sharpness of any photograph, regardless of its source, by applying color improvements you can see on both the computer screen and in print. The emphasis of this book lies in its visual techniques, with plenty of photographs and screen shots to illustrate how color correction really happens. You can further deepen your understanding by following along with the sample images provided on the accompanying CD-ROM.
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Real World Adobe InDesign Real World Adobe InDesign 2
Have you been won over by InDesign's seamless integration with the other Adobe tools in your digital studio? Then join two graphics pros for an insider's tour of Adobe InDesign 2. Packed with practical, detailed coverage you won't find anywhere else, Real World Adobe InDesign 2 will turn you into a true power user. Between the covers of this comprehensive reference guide, authors Olav Kvern and David Blatner cover everything you need to know to successfully lay out, proof, and print your pages in record time: how to master InDesign's advanced page-layout tools; manage color; create, link, and unlink text frames; and run your own custom InDesign scripts. Because they are working professionals themselves, Kvern and Blatner know the challenges you face--and the best ways to overcome them. The book's industrial-strength production techniques and timesaving tips were designed to help you avoid costly snags so you can focus on the creative process.
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Real World QuarkXPress Real World QuarkXPress 6
When you need the ultimate reference to the ultimate desktop publishing software, this is the place to turn. Acknowledged Quark master David Blatner provides comprehensive coverage of everything Quark: using the Tool palette, building a document, working with graphics, adjusting color, and more. Even better, this best-selling classic has been updated to cover all that's new in what promises to be a significant update: native support for Mac OS X and Windows XP, an enhanced Undo feature, full-resolution preview of on-screen images, reorganized menus, new commands, and more. In friendly, easy-to-read style, David offers an indispensable collection of industrial-strength tips and tricks, as well as in-depth discussions of the core concepts that drive QuarkXPress use in the real world. Whether you're new to QuarkXPress and need a thorough grounding or an old hand looking to get up to speed quickly on all of its new features, you'll find what you need here.
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Illustrator 10 The Illustrator 10 Wow! Book
A diverse cast of artists share both their work and the hands-on techniques behind each piece. Follow along as more than 100 of the country's top Illustrator artists take you on a beautiful, inspirational tour of the latest Illustrator features and how to use them, dispensing hundreds of hard-won tips and savvy shortcuts along the way. The Illustrator 10 Wow! Book covers the entire spectrum, from the basics to the sophisticated, making it a must-have for beginners and professionals alike. Once again, author Sharon Steuer and her team have gathered a thoughtfully edited collection of artwork and techniques that showcases the creative possibilities of Illustrator and how to realize them using the program's powerful arsenal of tools. Each chapter includes lush, full-color galleries of the contributing artists' work, and the accompanying CD-ROM holds the actual files behind many of the works found in the book so you can pick them apart and follow along, plus custom Wow! actions and brushes, clip art, demos, and other Illustrator goodies that you can add to your own virtual studio.
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Real World Digital Photography Real World Digital Photography
Once the domain of professional photographers and designers, digital photography is making inroads into businesses everywhere as prices drop and image quality rises. Whether you plan to use digital imagery for fine art, illustration, or documentation--in print or on the Web--Real World Digital Photography is your industrial-strength reference guide to this exciting and evolving technology. Written by two nationally recognized experts in digital imaging, the book is chock-full of hands-on production techniques designed specifically for working professionals. It also includes advice on how to choose a camera that fits your needs and your budget, a full-color portfolio that beautifully illustrates the creative potential of digital photography, and the accumulated wisdom of artists and others who use the technology in their daily work.
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Digital Photo Techniques 50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques
50 Fast Digital Photo Techniques is an immensely useful book for anyone wanting to take advantage of photo-quality printers, digital cameras, Web technologies, Adobe's Photoshop, and other top photo editing apps. The techniques are valuable to those with artistic skills as well as those without -- they enable everyone to enjoy successful creation of fine art images and prints! The step-by-step and richly illustrated collection of awesome techniques are easily accessible and understandable to users on every level.
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Getting It Printed Getting It Printed: How to Work With Printers and Graphic Imaging Services to Assure Quality, Stay on Schedule and Control Costs
A practical, hands-on guide to working with printers and graphic arts services. Learn how to get the printing, finishing and binding quality you need at the right cost--and meet your deadline--with help from the new edition of this excellent reference. Chapters on planning, using type and graphics, mastering color, controlling photos, preflighting and proofing.
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Graphic Arts Books  |  Software  |  Business Books


Microsoft Publisher Microsoft Publisher 2013
A complete business publishing and marketing materials solution, Publisher 2013 can help you reach out to customers. With Publisher 2013, it's easier than ever to design, create, and publish professional marketing and communication materials in-house. Publisher 2013 is a comprehensive solution for creating and publishing a wide variety of publications for desktop printing, commercial printing, e-mail distribution, or viewing on the Web.
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Photoshop Elements Adobe Photoshop Elements 13
Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 offers the perfect combination of power and simplicity, letting you do more with your photos. Be creative and easily share your photos as prints, by e-mail, or on the Web. Quickly correct red eye and exposure, automatically straighten and crop, or stitch multiple photos into seamless panoramas. Innovative Help features get you up to speed quickly. Hints provide illustrations and tips on how to use each editing tool. Inspirational Recipes describe how to apply special effects and perform a variety of editing techniques. Add frames, edges, and amazingly realistic paintbrush effects. Create Adobe PDF (Portable Document Format) slide shows to share with anyone on almost any device. Whether you use a digital camera or a scanner, Adobe Photoshop Elements 13 makes digital imaging a breeze.
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Graphic Arts Books  |  Software  |  Business Books

Our Recommended Business Books
Our mission is to help our customers be successful. Besides great marketing materials and stationery, we'd like to share some of the best ideas and thinking that have helped become the leader in online sales of high-quality printing. There are tens of thousands of books out there that claim to help you run your business. Here at PFL, it seems like we've read most of them! Here are our top picks.

Mastering the Rockefeller Habits Mastering the Rockefeller Habits: What You Must Do to Increase the Value of Your Fast-Growth Firm
Don't be fooled by the big-company-sounding title: this is a must-read for leaders in small and medium-sized businesses. In this very readable book, Verne Harnish "the Growth Guy" explains the 3 simple things that every business needs to sustain a high rate of growth over the long run. It also includes a form for a 1-page Strategic Plan, an exercise that every small business should complete. Hard-hitting and clear.
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Getting Things Done Execution: The Discipline of Getting Things Done
The reason it is a must-read for small businesses: we tend to have lots of energy and great ideas, but often fall short in the execution.
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Discipline of Market Leaders The Discipline of Market Leaders: Choose Your Customers, Narrow Your Focus, Dominate Your Market
This book will help you figure out what your company really has to offer to your customers, and how you can best leverage your "value discipline." Product leadership, operational efficiency, customer intimacy. Which one is the key to your company? Learn how to build a culture of execution within your company that will set you apart from the competition.
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Extraordinary Executive The Four Obsessions of an Extraordinary Executive
Could just as easily be called "Four Simple Steps to a Healthy, Successful Business." A fast, fun read, worth every minute. You will learn why and how to take the 4 steps: 1. Build and maintain a cohesive leadership team; 2. Create organizational clarity; 3. Over-communicate organizational clarity; 4. Reinforce organizational clarity through human systems. Reading this book will change your view of your role forever.
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Good to Great Good to Great: Why Some Companies Make the Leap... and Others Don't
There's a reason this is a best seller.
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Business as a Calling Business as a Calling : Work and the Examined Life
Is it more than just a job? We all know that there is more to life than business. This book gives new insights into why some of us are so passionate about our companies, and our contribution to others through our work.
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What Every Business Must Do The Agenda: What Every Business Must Do to Dominate the Decade
OK, Amazon says it best: "The Agenda teaches the ideas and techniques that any company—large or small, service firm or manufacturer—can use to out-execute and out-innovate its competitors." I never understood the true importance of getting business processes right until I read this book. PFL has not been the same since.
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