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Hang Tag Printing


Hangtags are the perfect piece to show price, style and brands

Inform and engage your customers with PFL hang tags on your products.

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Hang Tag Printing

hang tags

Don't just tag it, brand it! When you can't be there to sell your product personally, hang tags are the next best thing.

Like a hanging business card or tiny brochure, retail packaging hang tags tell volumes about you and your product. Whether you're a manufacturer, retailer or distributor, those little tags may be worth a thousand words. As attractive product packaging, they're perfect to tie on to gifts with purchase. Quality, eco-friendly, hi-tech or hip, use creative hang tag printing to convey who you are and what's special about your product.

A full-color hang tag can enhance the perception of your product and brand at the point-of-purchase. Hang tags are ideal for attracting customers to your clothing line or other retail products. Display your product and logo on the front of your hang tag and highlight your features and benefits on the back. Hang tags are available in a wide range of sizes. Don't see the hang tag size you need? Just call us.

The right type of product tag can differentiate your product, store or service. So let it all hang out and make your hang tags count. For ideas on how to use hang tags to grow your business, contact PFL's Marketing Advisors at 800-924-2041. Or place an order online now.

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Hang Tag Features

  • Full color, black or PMS on 1 or 2 sides
  • Drill hole included (choice of size and location)
  • String types and color options
  • 4 standard paper options, custom available
  • Numerous size configurations
hang tag

Standard Sizes

Choose a size to match your design.
  • From 1 x 3 to 10 x 10 inches
  • Custom sizes to meet your needs

Paper Options

Choose from these sturdy cover stocks:
  • 120# Gloss Cover 14pt
  • 120# Dull/Matte Cover 14pt
  • 100# Uncoated Cover 14pt
  • 200# Gloss Cover 24pt
  • Recycled and Custom Papers

Hang Tag Design and Marketing

Hang Tag Design Samples Don't just tag it, brand it! When you can't be there to sell your product, hang tags are the next best thing.
We humans are a curious bunch. Rarely do we make a purchase "off the shelf" expecting that what we see is what we get. If we did, a simple price tag would do the trick. We want more. More information, an impression, something to help us make our decision and trust that we won't regret it. Hang tags are where we turn to learn.

Hang Tags Tell Your Story

Like a hanging business card or tiny brochure, hang tags tell volumes about you and your product. Whether you're a manufacturer, retailer or distributor, those little tags may be worth a thousand words. Quality, eco-friendly, hi-tech or hip? Use creative hang tag printing to convey who you are and what's special about your product.

Tie it All Together

First, decide what you want to communicate at the point-of-purchase. Hang tag content usually seeks to do one or more of the following:
  • Sell and promote - advertise your product and brand with your company logo, tag lines and visual branding.
  • Educate - tell the buyer about the materials, characteristics, care instructions or workmanship of your product. Is it recycled, waterproof, wicking, precision-engineered or hand-crafted? Use recognizable names and symbols whenever possible (100% cotton, Made in the USA, etc).
  • Direct - emphasize how to get more info or contact you. A Web site address is critical these days, or include a physical address or phone number for a personal touch and to add confidence.
  • Inspire - encourage recipients to keep your tag and your name hanging around, with a special offer, pithy quote, brief recipe or humorous trivia.
Next, consider the design and display elements.
  • Grab attention - use intriguing images and fonts, crafty colors and strong logos. Unique shapes and special effects can also help catch the eye. Think outside the square with round corners, custom shape die cuts. Try adding custom effects like embossing or foil-stamping to create distinctive hang tags to fit your brand or product theme. See examples.
  • Integration - how will the hangtags work with the rest of the product or product line? Syncing the tag with the packaging, label or any companion tag's look and feel. A quality tag in sync with the whole package implies a quality product.
  • Paper stock - the thickness and finish of the paper are key design features. Choose a heavy paper stock for best durability. Coated gloss or matte papers give a smooth, sophisticated look, while uncoated or textured finishes convey a more casual, natural feel.
  • Drill Holes - smaller, 1/8" drill holes tend to work best with thin plastic fasteners. Bigger holes (usually 1/4") give you more space for using string, ribbon, fabric or thicker plastic. Plan the location of the hole along with your hang tag design and get creative - drill the hole in the corner for a diamond-shape tag, for example.
  • Strings - what material, color and length will you use? How the tag is applied to the product helps determine this, and how the hangtag stringing looks affects the overall presentation to the customer.
  • Pricing Placement - if you are working with specific retailers, ask about their needs on the tag. Do you need space for a barcode? What about price labels or stamps?
Complete set of horizontal and vertical design and layout templates for 3 common hang tag sizes with instructions on how to use them in Publisher, Quark XPress, Adobe PhotoShop, InDesign, Illustrator, CorelDraw and other programs.
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Custom Hang Tag Printing

When you are ready for custom packaging that's really special, consider our custom hang tag printing. If you need hang tags in the shape of your logo, we can do that with ease! And our high-quality paper stock reflects well on your business, much better than other discount printers. It can even be 100% recycled paper!

Of course, we can also add design elements like foil stamping, embossing, PMS spot color printing and rounded corners to really get your hang tags some attention. Aqueous coating is included, but you might want to up the ante with a super glossy UV or Soft Touch® coating.

Create a mini-brochure by folding your hang tag in half. We can even add an eyelet and string for easy attachment to your product. Looking for something unique? We offer a wide range of custom finishing options to enhance your piece. Just let us know or ask us for suggestions.

Customer Swing Tag Reviews

"Just wanted to let you know the hang tags arrived - they look AMAZING. Thanks so much for a job well done & customer service better than anything I've received from any printing company I've ever dealt with. We'll look forward to doing business with you!"
Emma Pezzack, Future Natural
Austin, TX
"I can't imagine using any other printer. At PrintingForLess, they know me, they take care of me and they love what they do...mix in their GREEN practices and their prices and it's a no-brainer. I call the Eagle Team everytime."
Julie Roads,
Vineyard Haven, MA
"The quality and service we've received on the two jobs we ve sent your way has been outstanding. Your process to order printed media is terrific and easy for anyone to understand. You've made us, as well as our customers, look great. Hope to do more business with you in the future."
Kim Lincicum, TID, Multimedia/Graphics
China Lake, CA
"You did a GREAT job! I tried another company over the internet last year & their quality was poor to say the least. Thanks for all you did & I will be using you again."
Bill Baker, William J. Baker, Realtors
Indianapolis, IN