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  • slider 12 Feb 2014        By: Chelsey

It was announced last week that crowd favorite and reigning red headed high-flyer, Shawn White would not compete in the slopestyle competition in Sochi. After assessing the course, White bowed out due to safety concerns after seeing other competitors sustain a broken collar bone, concussion, and various other injuries. Technically speaking, the overall “gnarliness” made him rethink his participation. As a two time gold medalist in the halfpipe, chasing a record breaking third pipe win was more important.  After this decision was made public Shawn’s critics, competitors, and media outlets were quick to criticize. Criticize all you want, but the guy is the best in the business. Can you fault him for having the courage and self-awareness to give himself the best possible chance for success?

Sticking to what you are best suited for makes sense off the slopes, as well. It’s critical to know your core competencies and recognize that servicing each and every customer is your own version of “gold.”  If you can’t put together a customized offering that meets the customer’s needs, both in service and cost, it’s ok to recognize that you might not be the best option. Your customer will thank you for not wasting their time and resources.

If there’s a high probability that you might not provide the best possible customer experience,  take a step back and ask yourself, “could this cost me the gold?”