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Knowledge Center: Quark XPress Tips and Articles

Graphic Design Topics

Quark XPress Tips and Articles

From PrintingForLess partner

How-To: A Hidden Feature of QuarkXPress 7
The new version of XPress is still in beta, but our experts are already combing through every last inch of it. One fun discovery: You can make tritones from black-and-white and grayscale TIFFs.

Quark How-To: Fill Type with Artwork in QuarkXPress
How would you fill type with artwork or imagery? Would you do it in Photoshop or Illustrator? If the artwork-filled type is going to end up in a QuarkXPress layout, why worry about transparency, clipping path, or image preview issues? Instead, you can fill the type directly within XPress.

QuarkXPress How-To: Make Text Jump Through Hoops
Actually, your text will be a hoop after you follow this step-by-step on placing text on a path in QuarkXPress. No need to open an illustration program.

QuarkXPress How-To: Set the Table in QuarkXPress
Formatting tables in QuarkXPress used to leave a bad taste in your mouth. Now they're a piece of cake. These tips and tricks will help you set tables in the time it takes to boil water.

QuarkXPress How-To: Creating Shaped Text Boxes and Columns
Who says columns of text have to be chunky rectangles? Time to think outside the box. Create sinuous rivers of words or serrated-edge text columns by trying a few text-box tricks in QuarkXPress 6. Here's how.

QuarkXPress 7: An InDesign Expert Weighs In
On May 23, Quark held an all-day event to celebrate the launch of QuarkXPress 7, the new version of the flagship page-layout program. Sandee Cohen brings back this surprising report on the software and the company. Hear who she says is winning the page-layout game.

Customize and Shrink PDFs Exported from QuarkXPress 6.5
No need to fear these Jaws: They bring native PDF production under the QuarkXPress hood.

QuarkVista Primer
What the heck is it and why should I care?

That Was Then
A brief history of QuarkXPress

Review: QuarkXPress 7
In many ways, it's a great leap forward. In other ways, it falls short. Is the new version enough to keep current XPress users in the Quark fold? Can it even entice some people back from InDesign?

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Helpers for Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, and QuarkXPress
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for getting better black-and-white images, adding frames to photos, exporting PSD files from PDFs, educating style sheets in Quark, and more.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Helpers for Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and InDesign
New and updated products that colorize grayscale images; add brushes and frames to Photoshop; label and rename graphics in QuarkXPress; apply image effects within InDesign; and more

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Helpers for Photoshop, QuarkXPress, Dreamweaver, Acrobat, and InDesign
This month's new and updated products let you fix an unfocused image; remove noise; mimic a page curl; build RSS feeds; convert QuarkXPress 3, 4, 5, and 6 files to InDesign; and more!

Plug-Ins and XTensions: What's New for Photoshop, QuarkXPress, InDesign, and Acrobat
This month's new and updated products let you apply toad-skin effects to images, mask faster, control QuarkXPress printing to the nth degree, activate iTunes from InDesign, and more!

Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and InDesign Get a Little Help From Their Friends
We've got the scoop on the latest plug-ins for your favorite applications. Whether you want to quickly replace colors or reduce noise in photos, script anything in a publication, or typeset equations directly in your page-layout program, you'll find the info you need here.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: It's a Plug-Inpalooza!
Create Brushes, Backdrops, and Engravings in Photoshop; Correct PDFs; Add Maps and Automate Data in Illustrator; Relink Pictures in QuarkXPress and InDesign; and Record QuarkXPress AppleScripts.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: What's New for Photoshop, QuarkXPress, InDesign, and Acrobat
Do you have the wrong colors? Too smooth a bevel, or too noisy an image? Inconsistent tables? Is your printing out of control? We've got the software solutions for you.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Amp Your Apps
Whether you're an expert who knows all the shortcuts or your software skills could use a helping hand, specialized plug-ins let you work smarter, not harder. Check out this round-up of the latest plug-ins for Acrobat, Illustrator, InDesign, and QuarkXPress.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: InDesign Patternmakers, Photoshop Shadow Makers, QuarkXPress File Exporters
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for making cool patterns in InDesign, adding natural textures and shadows in Photoshop, and exporting pages from QuarkXPress. Plus, the results of Design Tools Monthly's software usage survey.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: InDesign Indexers, QuarkXPress Catalogers, Photoshop Fixers
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for tracking footnotes and indices in InDesign, linking catalog databases in QuarkXPress, and correcting camera distortion in Photoshop. Plus, dynamic media and 3D plug-ins for Flash MX, Motion, and iMovie.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Photoshop Image Focusers and Fixers, QuarkXPress Picture Draggers, InDesign Layout Organizers
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for eliminating JPEG artifacts, finding focus, and "doctoring images" in Photoshop, organizing layout elements in InDesign, and dragging picture libraries into QuarkXPress. Plus, where to find free InDesign scripts.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: QuarkXPress Duplicators, InDesign Catalogers, Illustrator Pages, Photoshop Lenses
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for adding multiple pages to Illustrator, creating catalogs in InDesign, correcting image distortion in Photoshop, and copying attributes in QuarkXPress. Plus, a free Photoshop filter and cool movie effects in Final Cut Pro.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Photoshop Texturizers, InDesign Analyzers, QuarkXPress Indexers
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for creating textures in Photoshop, inspecting files in InDesign, and making Indexes in QuarkXPress. Also, organize your workspace in InDesign and remove blemishes in Photoshop.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: InDesign Oversets, XPress Spreads, Photoshop Brushes, Color Adjusters
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for writing to spec in InDesign, converting spreads in QuarkXPress, color-correcting images in Photoshop, and converting XPress files to clean HTML. Plus a bucketful of Photoshop brushes and a free plug-in for detecting scaling errors in InDesign.

Graphic Design Topics