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Knowledge Center: Adobe InDesign Tips

Graphic Design Topics

Adobe InDesign Tutorials Tips and Articles

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Importing Microsoft Word Files into InDesign
Getting the most compatible import using InDesign's Microsoft Word Import Options

Going to Press Efficiently
These best InDesign preflight practices will save you time and money.

Design Postcards to Connect
Make sure your message is delivered by laying out & printing postcards correctly.

Getting Down to Business (Cards)
How to make the right impression with a business card design.

Using PMS and Pantone Colors, Metallic Inks and Custom Paper in InDesign
Using PMS Pantone colors, metallic inks, varnishes and custom papers with your InDesign projects.

Build an InDesign Calendar
Learn how to easily create an InDesign calendar using templates with a provided script and instructions.

Working with InDesign Master Pages
Master pages are the foundation and influence for many layouts, yet InDesign's master pages contain many undiscovered gems of efficiency.

Begin with Finishing
Folding is hardly the most glamorous part of a print project. But when it comes to getting what you envisioned on time and on budget, it's one of the most important.

Color Management 101 - Monitor Calibration Tools and Methods Explained
Color management, even of the simplest sort, may not be a ball, but it's the only way to WYSIWYG color.

InDesign Brochure Templates for Design and Layout
Brochure folding and layout templates make it easy for you to create a brochure that can be printed and folded successfully.

InDesign How-To: Solve Layout Dilemmas with Tables
Tables don't have to be soldier-straight rows and columns. You can make a powerful, flexible, and gorgeous table out of almost any text in any kind of grid pattern. Bonus: The text and images are much easier to edit than regular text frames.

InDesign How-to: Fill Type with Artwork
Last week, we showed you how to fill text with images in QuarkXPress. This week, it's InDesign's turn.

InDesign How-To: Editing Drop Shadows
Live, editable drop shadows is just one feature that sets Adobe InDesign apart from QuarkXPress. You can apply drop shadows to text or graphics with equal ease and then edit them to suit your taste. In this video tutorial, Deke McClelland shows how to work with drop shadows in InDesign.

InDesign How-To: Applying Paragraph Formatting
You'd expect InDesign's paragraph-formatting features to give you precise control over text alignment, indents, tabs, line-spacing, and so on. But InDesign CS ups the ante by providing expert features like nested styles and multi-line composition. Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner reveal all.

InDesign How-To: Creating Tables
Tables are one of the most powerful features in Adobe InDesign CS, allowing you to make complex, sophisticated-looking tables quickly and easily. And you don't have to be an Excel wiz to do it! Olav Martin Kvern and David Blatner show you how.

InDesign Tips: Do You Have Style?
If you could change one work habit and avert not just days, but even weeks, of boring manual labor, would you make the change? Learn how InDesign uses style sheets to automatically format paragraphs, characters, and objects.

InDesign Tips: Using Multiple Delimiters for Nested Styles
Without a doubt, one of the niftiest features of InDesign CS is the ability to create nested styles that apply complex paragraph and character formatting with one click. But did you know about its wildcard setting? Adobe's Tim Cole reveals the hidden secret of nested styles.

InDesign CS Tips: Creating Layout Standards
Few things are as tedious as numbering pages by hand. That's why page-layout applications have master pages -- only one of the ways in which you can standardize the look of your documents in InDesign. Here's what you need to know about master pages, templates, and libraries.

InDesign CS Tips: Working with Pages
Creating a document in Adobe InDesign isn't that dissimilar from doing so in other page-layout applications. But InDesign differs somewhat in how you add, remove, rearrange, and number pages. Here, from "Adobe InDesign CS Bible," is a primer on working with document pages.

QuarkXPress 7: An InDesign Expert Weighs In
On May 23, Quark held an all-day event to celebrate the launch of QuarkXPress 7, the new version of the flagship page-layout program. Sandee Cohen brings back this surprising report on the software and the company. Hear who she says is winning the page-layout game.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Helpers for Photoshop, Illustrator, Acrobat, InDesign, and QuarkXPress
This month's round-up of plug-ins and XTensions includes tools for getting better black-and-white images, adding frames to photos, exporting PSD files from PDFs, educating style sheets in Quark, and more.

Plug-Ins and XTensions: Helpers for Photoshop, QuarkXPress, and InDesign
New and updated products that colorize grayscale images; add brushes and frames to Photoshop; label and rename graphics in QuarkXPress; apply image effects within InDesign; and more

More InDesign Tutorials and Articles. Tips, techniques, and time-savers by an all-star cast of industry experts.

Graphic Design Topics