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Business Card Design - PMS on Recycled

Rebel and Nail Design Business Card

Multi-talented artist Dusty Amodio of Rebel and Nail Design really makes 'antiquing' cool. Dusty repairs and repurposes unique antique finds into amazing functional pieces that would make a statement anywhere. When he needed a uniquely designed business card to fit the unique nature of his art, he turned to graphic designer Keith Hille of Hille Designs.


The designer was able to completely capture the aesthetic of Dusty's company. Dusty's creations are classy, rustic, charming and timeless yet with a little bit of a "rebel" feel added to his unique way of repurposing his antiques.
custom business card design
FSC Certified 100% post consumer waste recycled paper was used to good effect.
Colors and textures similar to the woods and metals Dusty works in were used to capture the inspiration behind the artwork. Starting with an 80# cover recycled card stock paper from Neenah Paper Inc., (their Environment Desert Storm card stock); he was able to get a brown, earthy look and feel to the cards. This created some challenges though since the paper is absorbent or what is referred to as a lower "ink holdout." The designer had to carefully choose the inks so they would be visible and appear crisp on this type of paper.

From the Designer

Why did you design the card the way you did?
Rebel + Nail specializes in repurposing antiques and vintage finds into standout pieces for a new generation to admire. I wanted the business card to reflect the "upcycled" nature of the company so I chose the recycled card stock and limited the inks to a 2-color process.
What Typeface did you use?
Avant Garde ITC Family
What Inks did you choose?
I chose two Pantone inks for this card: PMS Black and PMS 634.
Anything that you'd like to mention that is unique or stands out about the design?
I love the way the logo bleeds off the bottom of the card. The vector floral graphic has very intricate details that printed very clearly and evenly.
In the past I've had issues with inks bleeding through too much into recycled paper, but the inks on this job cover evenly and didn't run at all.


Trying to reproduce a rustic and historic feel on business cards can be challenging, but these business cards captured the artistic brand for Rebel and Nail by successfully coordinating the right typeface, designs, and colors on a rustic-looking textured paper to complete the design.