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  • slider 24 Oct 2013        By: Chelsey

Matt Meredith a Livingston local and avid fisherman has been catching fish on the Upper Yellowstone from a young age. His father, J.R. taught him everything he knows about fishing and about his blossoming passion for wood carving. Matt combines his two loves magnificently by capturing stunningly life-like fish on a wooden canvas.

Matt prefers to work with hard woods, as they provide a surface delicate enough for detail, but with the ability to stand up to his tools. An assortment of chisels, gouges and V knives are among his most often used carving tools. He prefers these to the use of power tools for personal preference and says he would rather use traditional tools than withstand the dust and noise from power tools, a meditative process he enjoys while listening to music.

Matt gets inspiration for his work by doing what he loves, catching fish. Most of his works are of fish native to Montana, found on the Yellowstone and Shields rivers. Matt selects the wood he will use by comparing the grain to the specific pattern on the fish. Some of Matt’s latest works are painted carvings, starting with a sanding sealer, followed by primer and then finished with acrylic or water-based paints. Middle prints are another recent endeavor Matt has ventured upon, this process consists of digitally altering 3D objects onto 2D surfaces, a product equally as beautiful as his carvings. Matt’s work can be found in several local galleries, fly shops and restaurants around Livingston.  Matt says that his work at has improved his eye for color, an important skill for the up and coming artist. Matt is currently residing in Livingston, MT with his wife and two children who also love to play on the Yellowstone.Mattfish3

To view some of Matt’s work, see his website: