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  • slider 19 Nov 2010        By: Shayla

Recently here at Printingforless, we revamped all three of our sample packs in which many of the printed pieces were either replaced or the design completely changed.  With so many pieces that make up our sample packs (roughly 25 printed pieces per sample pack) communication was key.  Not only did marketing need to communicate with the Technical Service Assistants who manage the sample packs, the Technical Service Assistants in turn had to communicate with Counterpoint who collate our sample packs.

Counterpoint is a private, nonprofit corporation that provides residential, vocational and transportation to adults with disabilities here in Livingston, MT.  Counterpoint has served the community since 1976 and currently helps approximately 30 adults with disabilities throughout Park County.

Our theme this quarter is building on our strengths through people, customers and technology in order to create even more remarkable interactions.  Thanks to great communication, Counterpoint was able to provide collated sample packs in record time, creating a remarkable interaction for everyone involved.

PFL thanked those at Counterpoint who helped in this smooth transition with PFL “Be Remarkable” shirts.  The shirts were delivered yesterday to an excited group who immediately put the shirts on and took a picture: