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  • slider 05 Oct 2010        By: Jared

One of our PFL customers, Charlie Nathan of Nathan Construction in Edmonds, WA, came to us a while back with a dilemma. Nathan Construction specializes in high-end home construction ($1mm plus homes) as well as remodels. Historically, Charlie had so much work from word-of-mouth and the housing market boom that he never needed to promote his business. However, with the down-turn in the economy, he was suddenly looking at shrinking sales and a need to keep his construction crews busy.

Like any good business owner, he figured he would market his services. He got a list of local addresses, had a designer put a pretty picture of one of his custom homes on the front of a postcard and mailed it out. He got zero response. He called his team here at PFL and asked if we could provide any marketing help, which is where I became involved. I gave Charlie a call and dug in. Through a series of questions, we identified a few unique services that Nathan Construction offers and identified a few specific target audiences that his services would appeal to. After a brief conversation, we came up with a campaign targeted at condo owners who are looking to remodel. Our mailing services team here at PFL came up with a specific condo-owner list in zip codes that Charlie knows are in his target market. Our designers here at PFL put together an attractive postcard with Charlie’s offer.

We are eager to hear what results this new campaign created for Nathan Construction, and I’m confident that the odds of getting new business were significantly better than Charlie’s prior direct mail attempt.

When it comes to direct mail, it still comes down to list, offer and creative:

  • Get a good, specific, targeted list that your product or service appeals to
  • Come up with a good offer
  • And make sure the creative appeals to that group

Put it in the mail and see what happens. Then modify one of your variables (list, offer, creative) and test against your initial results. Always look to improve on your prior results. And when you get stumped (like Charlie), help is just a phone call away.