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  • slider 09 Jan 2014        By: MichaelM

How phsyical marketing puts you directly in your customer’s hands, and why they will respond.

As digital marketing continues to evolve and grow in scope of possibilities, print might still be the most high-impact tool available. In a recent article by Scientific American comparing the differences between paper and digital as it relates to the human brain and the way we read and process information, research formulates a strong case for print. The article explains that our brains perceive text in its entirety, creating a physical landscape. It goes on the state that, unlike text on the screen, text on printed material creates lasting memory response because the landscape becomes tangible. The brain has stronger recall when it remembers physical attributes of the piece carrying the text, such as thickness, color, shape, and texture. A concrete delivery method presents the reader with clearly defined domains such as left and right, four corners, folds, and a beginning and ending. These features of a printed piece are easier to navigate, and they make it easier to form a coherent mental map of the text. Simply put, print allows potential customers to follow that mental map back to your business.

Think about this customer for a moment. She is surfing the web when a compelling ad pops up and upon click-through she finds all the details. With the information right at her finger tips, in this digital form, she has no immediate and tangible way to recall the information. She could send herself an email reminder or enter it into her calendar, but what happens when that email gets buried under all of her other promotional emails? Or maybe the information doesn’t transfer onto her calendar? Digital is not impervious to these types of glitches.

Was this process the most efficient and helpful? Did it create a roadmap in her memory? No.

Instead, get in front of your customer with a much more tactile and memorable approach. What if she had received a direct mail piece that was addresses specifically to her with images and information relevant to her interests? Get her attention and keep it with something concrete that could immediately go onto her refrigerator and doesn’t have the potential of accidentally being deleted or replaced by the next pop up.

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