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  • slider 28 Dec 2012        By: Ginger

You need The Minnow©. This little product is available due to a partnership between CyberPoint International’s Prescient Program and Integrita.  CyberPoint, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland, specializes in protecting what is invaluable.  They work to solve cyber security problems using innovative technologies and practical methods. Actually, their team of specialists, scientists, engineers, and analysts do far more than collaborate to provide security products like The Minnow©.

They are kind-of like a virtual version of CSI, with the primary analysis functions being performed in cyber-space. They provide digital forensics, malicious code analysis, reverse engineering, threat monitoring, and security research to name a few. If all this sounds a little too “techy” for you, just think of them as the detection and alarm service for your computer, they protect your cyber stuff.

Product Card PrintingI am going to assume most folks reading this post are not in need of highly specialized security measures. So how can CyberPoint International help you, the average consumer? We all have identities, we all surf the web, we all purchase things on the web, so we can all use The Minnow©. This little device provides peace of mind because it protects you from viruses and spyware. It also protects your privacy because it prevents companies from tracking your online activity. If you are a business traveler, this is an ideal mobile security solution. It is as small as a flash drive yet packs big benefits. In this age of tracking, identity theft, and aggressive spamming, everyone can benefit from The Minnow©.  It is user friendly and intuitive, easily set up. You can learn more and order one of your own at

CyberPoint International printed The Minnow© product cards with us. The cards feature true black on matte cover stock with excellent product imagery and high resolution logo. Our precise color matching technology can help your product or marketing piece have the polished, professional look you want. Call one of our friendly print experts for your custom printing needs at 800-930-6040.

Thank you for your business CyberPoint! We wish you best of luck as you continue to grow your business.