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  • slider 04 Feb 2013        By: Ginger

It takes dedication and strength of will to accomplish anything truly great in this life. Whether it be winning an Olympic gold, or being the first in your family to graduate from college; you must keep your eye on the goal.custom product printing

If I had fins, scales, and gils, Michael Phleps could still kick my tail; but that doesn’t mean I can’t swim my heart out in an effort to be my best. Swimming is an incredible sport. You probably watched the 2012 Summer Olympics as the American swimming team dominated the field. It got the dreamer in us going didn’t it?

When I was a kid, I used to pretend I was an Olympic swimmer every time my brother and I spent the day at our neighborhood’s huge public pool. I am happy to announce I received 1 Gold and 2 Silver, the silver was an effort to keep my 10-year-old self humble.

No matter what daydreams you may have, swimming is a fantastic way to get and stay fit. Even if you suffer from joint issues, swimming is ideal for building strength and endurance. Add weights and resistance to your swim-time and you have upgraded your workout to full-on training.

At PFL, we see amazing ideas and business models from our thousands of small to medium business customers. We were impressed with the products of AquaVolo, a training gear company that designs swim accessories to improve your competitive edge, or increase your fitness level.

custom product printingWe printed the packaging for the VoloBlade™, a patented palm-paddle that engages core muscles while taking pressure off the shoulder. These Made-in-America tools assist swimmers in developing a more efficient stroke. Great products and a great company, thanks for your business AquaVolo.

Do you have a product you need to develop and print specialty packaging for? We will do everything we can to accommodate you. We have done custom printing for countless products and are willing to work with you to ensure your product printing is the best on the market. We can incorporate die cut, foil stamping, coding, embossing and a myriad of other special features in your printed piece.

We are all about helping our customers “swim against the main-stream.” We commit to help equip you with the best in commercial print quality and caring customer support. Contact one of our friendly print experts at 800-930-6040 to get your print project started.