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  • slider 21 Dec 2012        By: Ginger

Oh My Ever-Lovin’ Belgian-Stars!!  Hold-on, I have to stop salivating so I can write….

One of our customers, Sinful Toffee©, is spreading good cheer this holiday season onecustom label printing delicious bite at a time. This delectable business got started when these two ladies kept getting hit up to make more, and more, and more of their unique toffee. Kay Foster and Jan Merrell decided to get organized in meeting the demand for their candy creations.   

Proud grandmother’s, these ladies have launched into small business America after 30 years of raising families, carpooling, and working. They are the ideal business owners, really. They know their product, their target customer, and their community better than most, positioning them well for success. I, for one, am rooting for them, after-all, the world could use more sweetness!label printing online  The toffee is attractively packaged, making it an ideal gift. They offer 16, 8 and 4 ounce packages to accommodate a host of customer’s needs. Our favorite client testimonial for Sinful Toffee is from Catherine Marshall, “Yummy, delicious, mouthwatering, decadent, crunchy, soft….absolutely Sinful!” What more can be said? You are super-lucky if you reside in Ohio, home of Sinful Toffee, because they will ship the yumminess right you your door. Check out their offering at http://www.sinfultoffee.com/.

These toffee-divas contract with PFL to supply their labeling. We are always happy to work with any of our customers to get the exact product they have in mind. We offer premium commercial labels that can have custom finishes like foiling. Kay had this to say after their recent order:

“Sinful Toffee is in your hands. Are you this nice to all your customers???? You make it fun to do business with you. I have not had one grump and I sure have done some dumb things that could make anyone get grumpy. You are amazing.”

Well, thank you Kay. I am pretty sure it is company policy that we will not tolerate employee grumpiness with any customer that makes toffee for a living. We’re pretty good with all the chocolate making clients as well.

We are here to make our clients successful as they define it. This statement really IS in our mission statement, so we are glad to work toward fulfilling this mission with Sinful Toffee.  We appreciate your business ladies; we like it when you’re “sinful”, keep up the good work!