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  • slider 06 Mar 2013        By: Ginger

In this situation served as the print provider on a large marketing piece that a professional designer created for their customer, a national sports shoe retail chain. In this case the pro distributor is a leading provider of design, print, and promotional solutions for corporate clients. They specialize in providing the highest quality at the most reasonable price.

This reseller frequently relies on PFL as a source of industry leading quality for their customer’s printing needs. We build long-term relationships with our pro distributors, partnering with them to facilitate their success.

Our professional services can help you open new streams of revenue through product line expansion. We offer many custom options that are unique in the industry and are happy to work with you on any highly specialized custom job, like these sweepstakes cards.

Product Description: 3.5 X 2 Scratch-off cards, 4-Color, 120# Gloss, Variable Data

Specifications: Unique code under a Gold Foil (scratch-off)

Quantity: 84,000 pieces

How did the end user utilize the scratch-off cards? They ran an online entry sweepstakes via social media and complimented it with these in-store cards that served as the “instant winner” portion of the game. These cards were a bit complex in that each one was to have a unique code printed underneath the gold foil that would house the winner information.

How was this piece distributed? There were 84 stores participating nation-wide and PFL coordinated the shipping of 1,000 cards to each respective store. The cards were bundled by code ranges and labeled by store number to be distributed. PFL specializes in all forms of mailing support, including EDDM and direct mail. We can even help you get targeted mailing lists if your customers do not have an established list.

Evaluation:Commercial printers often reject complex print jobs, particularly if the project is deemed too small. This reseller discovered that PFL is willing to take on a challenge. The sweepstakes cards presented three particular challenges: variable data, scratch-off foil, and highly specified mailing requirements. Working toward a successful outcome, the reseller helped the end user benefit through excellent design and marketing expertise, providing them with the stellar quality and print solutions offered by PFL.


What it means to you: The scratch-off feature (in gold on the sample) can give you some great options in helping your customers do something unique in promoting their business. You can separate yourself from the army of promotional products distributors by offering commercial quality printing services that allow for custom features. We will work with you on each project to ensure your end user is highly satisfied. Scratch-off is a fantastic marketing feature in print because it increases customer interaction with your customer’s brand. Don’t worry if you don’t know a lot about commercial printing, our print experts have over 900 years collective print experience, we will support you every step of the way.

We have worked hard to earn our reputation for innovative customer service and personalized support. We would love the opportunity to speak with you about how you can increase your revenues and open new doors with your customer base. Contact us today at 800-930-6040 to get started.