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  • slider 26 Nov 2012        By: Ginger

When you think of another dimension, a world apart, I bet the name…. Doug, does not come to mind. Today, we are going to change all that. Texas based author, Doug Wilson has just published his first novel in his fantasy series, Touched by Freia.  “The Templars’ Return” is a fantasy adventure that transports the reader to another world. If you love epic tales, consider escaping to Doug’s rich universe with descriptive world-building and engaging characters.

When I asked Doug how he became a writer he chuckled, “Well, I’ve always been a storyteller.” I suppose many are, yet Doug has taken this passion and, with the support of his wife, published his first full length novel.

An avid reader, at only 10 years of age Doug experienced J.R.R. Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings trilogy which had a major influence on him, opening his imagination to new possibilities. Doug’s other literary influencers are Stephen King and Piers Anthony. Vivid, descriptive language appeals to Doug.

As with all budding authors, Doug has a “day job”. He is an I.T. Services Manager with a Texas based company that provides identity management. His job directive is to “deliver happiness”; how awesome is that? When Doug becomes a famous author, I hope he keeps his day job mandate!

“The Templar’s Return” was awarded the iUniverse Editor’s Choice and Rising Star Awards and can be purchased at, and soon, in paper-back at Barnes and Noble. You can see more of Doug’s writing on his blog,

I invite you to join me in reading Doug’s book. A fantasy-genre connoisseur myself, I am enjoying the book and look forward to the second installment!

PFL appreciates your business Doug and wishes you all the best in your writing career.

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