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  • slider 02 Jan 2013        By: Ginger

The ability to converse across cultures is one of the most useful skills a person can have. During my academic career I took Spanish, French, Mandarin, and Latin. Sadly, I speak not a single one. I do speak German (Duetch), as I learned through full submersion, living in Bamberg for 3 years. In fact, I think I am in the majority; most of us have several failed attempts at learning a new language. Many of us dream of being multilingual at some point in our lifetime, yet never actually experience fluency in a second language.custom calendar printing

Take heart! You can still communicate through the use of professional interpreters. The trick is finding a highly skilled professional whom you can trust. This is where our customer, Universal Language Service, Inc. comes in to save the day. For the past 17 years this Seattle based language service has provided Certified Translators and Interpreters in more than 175 languages. They have built a reputation for being dependable while providing exceptional customer service. They serve communities across the State of Washington helping overcome language barriers in multiple platforms. Medical facilities, business conferences, social services, court districts, and academic institutions can all benefit from the competent interpretation and translation professionals that represent Universal Language Service, Inc. They offer on-site and telephonic interpretation, translation, localization, and real-time captioning. Their language offerings include American Sign Language. Online scheduling and billing services sets this company apart, making them easy to do business with.

Universal Language Services Inc. aims to fulfill its’ mission 24 hours a day 365 days a year: Mission: To make a difference in our community by taking a personal approach to every person who needs interpreter or translator help.

They printed this attractive 2013 calendar to market the services they have available across the State of Washington. The custom wall calendar was Wire-O bound with a rich blue color and matte finish. Lily Ingram with Universal Language Service had this to say about her experience with PFL, “Your product is great – I was very impressed!!!  The calendars are absolutely perfect and I appreciated all your help!”

We can help you with your next print project. When is has to be right, you can trust PFL. Call 800-930-6040 to talk to a friendly print expert.

Custom PrintingSo, you may not be an impressive linguist, but rest assured you have options! You don’t have to “watch your language”, there are services to do it for you. If you live in Washington, Universal Language Service is your answer.

Thank you for your business Lily, may Universal Language Service break down communication barriers for years to come.