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  • slider 11 Oct 2011        By: Tim

We take most printing for granted, especially printing (packaging, labels, etc.) that is involved with things we eat, such as a label or tag or things we use daily, such as eye drops or medicine. How do we know it is safe?
Montana Meadows, a PFL customer, recently printed labels to go on their packages of certified all natural grass-fed beef. Located in Livingston, Montana, Montana Meadows has a strict process when it comes to their packaging: it needs to be food-safe and USDA approved, able to be run through a direct thermal machine for additional information such as the weight and product, and hold up to very cold temperatures, in the range of minus 20 degrees Farenheit. Now that is cold…

Additionally, Montana Meadows are members of the Western Sustainability Exchange. As their website states:
WSE advances sound stewardship practices which create a healthy environment, culture and economy for the rural West.  Through education, the creation of economic incentives and by fostering partnerships we accomplish this mission. The shared philosophies below unite our organization. They ground us, inspire us, focus our programs and mission and guide our organizational practices.”

Do you or your company need labels like this, that meet USDA standards? If so, give us a ring at 800-930-6040, or feel free to get a quote. We can definitely help you out. Now, I wonder if they would send us some beef samples…might make for a tasty, conscious-friendly BBQ.