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  • slider 07 Nov 2012        By: Ginger

Ok, boys and girls, it’s time to open your mind.

 Around here we love our dogs; after all, we bring them to work with us. We recently gained a new print customer, Ellen Lance, who happens to be an accomplished animal whisperer and psychic.  She is dedicated to improving the lives of beloved pets by connecting with them right where they are. She has helped countless animals recover after traumatic events.  Doubt the veracity of this claim? You’re not the only one.  Ellen, being a lawyer by trade, understands people’s skepticism. Her web-site, http://www.askmypet.com/, is loaded with real-life customer testimonials. She is patient and compassionate with the apprehension of pet owners.

 At printingforless.com we found an employee who was having a few challenges with her adorable pooch. So, we contacted Ellen and she kindly gave the two her time. (Ellen specializes in long-distance readings, so you can procure her services from anywhere in the nation.)

 The dog, “Mandy”, has been jumpy and averse to a certain PFL employee. We shall call him “Bob”.  There is no reason Mandy should not warm up to Bob, he is a really great guy.  Minutes following Ellen’s psychic contact with Mandy, Bob was able to pet and interact with Mandy; no problem.  Not only that, when Bob left the room Mandy actually followed him.  You can imagine the shock and wonder of the doubters in our office.

 Ellen’s business card is simple, professional, and direct.  We have a great online business card design template if you are looking to create your own business card.

While we don’t specialize in long distance readings at PrintingForLess.com, we are pretty sure our client’s pets would advise them to contact us for their printing needs!

 Thank you for your business, Ellen.