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  • slider 31 Dec 2012        By: Ginger

It’s tough to balance work and motherhood. No matter what anyone says, having “it all” at the same time is a challenge on the best of days. At PFL we value strong work ethic, yet respect balance. We have the only corporate on-site state licensed childcare facility in the State of Montana. When we come across a customer who has managed a healthy approach to the age old work-life balance unique to motherhood, we take interest.

This stay at home mom has built a thriving business with, literally, her two hands. Kristen started crocheting during her first pregnancy while she also worked fulltime as an interior Post Card printingdesigner.  As time progressed, she bore two more children. After the birth of her second child she made the move to be at home with her family.

Upon seeing how unique her crocheted items were, Kristen’s friends and family urged her to turn her talent into a business. She took steps to begin selling her craftsmanship. This led to enough demand that she now has a web-site and a thriving crochet business. Her creations are simply adorable. Hooked by Kristen offers in-stock items from cute booties to scarves. She also has an interactive ordering option where you can order a custom creation based on the available designs.  She goes beyond your typical and offers professional photography props as well. You can peruse the darling pictures on her website to get an idea of the quality and originality of her work. At PFL we believe that if you can’t do it yourself, find the best; we think Kristen hits this mark!

Owning and operating a small business requires discipline, dedication, and no small amount of sweat equity. Kristen has managed to enjoy success while caring for three small children. That is something to be proud of. She turned to PFL to print her recent business cards that show off a memorable design. Her unique logo is perfect for her business and immediately communicates her craft and sets her apart. If you need logo development help, we can assist you, call 800-930-6040. Or try our robust online business card design tool that has over 1,200 stock images, a logo builder, and thousands of layout options!custom printed products

We salute you Kristen for your enterprising endeavors. You are an inspiration to moms everywhere who dream of building a successful home business. We appreciate your business and wish you all the best in the upcoming year!

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