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  • slider 02 Nov 2012        By: Ginger

Entrepreneurial Newark Police Detective, Allen Johnson, is cleaning up more than just the streets.

With an can-do attitude and a savvy mind for business, he broke into the commercial cleaning market.

THE STORY: Allen was promoted to Detective. Great, right?  Well…..sort of. It turns out that making Detective means normal hours, but over-time only when on an active case. More responsibility, less money.  Allen was persuaded to take the promotion primarily because it offered valuable education benefits.

With a promotion, new access to continuing education, and a lower paycheck, the enterprising Allen decided to seek out ways to supplement his income through private business. One day, on patrol, he ran into a woman he knew that had clearly improved her financial station. She had started a cleaning business that was enjoying success. Allen asked if she would train him. She agreed.

Allen proceeded to build his business by approaching doctor’s offices and was able to sign on some customers. His status as a police officer inspired trust in his new clients. He continued to grow organically, primarily through word-of-mouth.

The quandary was what to name his new venture.  He noticed lots of “maids” in the commercial cleaning market. Somehow, that moniker did not fit the image of a cop turned cleaning-pro. He came up with an inventive name, “The Butler Did It”. His reasoning? The butler supervises all of the help staff and ensures the highest standards are met. Perfect…and less feminine.

He contacted to create a unique business card. Using a die cut, pop-up option, Allen designed a memorable card that generates interest.

Now, the fastidious Allen has employees that operate his cleaning business, serving primarily doctor’s offices in his region. You can contact Allen at

Thanks for your business Allen, and your inspiring story! We appreciate it.