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  • slider 27 Feb 2013        By: Ginger

Remember the last time you got to hear an entire orchestra live? The sounds of horns, strings, and woodwinds all tuning up. The anticipation and electricity filling the concert hall grips your soul and you know something beautiful is coming. There is just nothing on this planet quite like listening to skilled musicians live, blending their talents to create a musical experience for the audience.

PFL customer and cellist, Joel Becktell does more than deliver the traditional experience. He is also co-founder of the classical band, REVEL  , “an ensemble dedicated to playing concerts in an intimate atmosphere that invites listeners to discard old attitudes about “classical” music and re-enter the world of an earlier time when audiences engaged directly with the musicians in concerts.” Music is the pulse and expression of the human experience.  Joel has certainly contributed his fair share to the musical universe. In fact, his resume might as well just say, the man who plays cello while accomplishing more than almost everybody.

Joel has dedicated his life to creating music and teaching others to do the same.   A graduate of the Cleveland Institute of Music with a Master of Music degree, he was also awarded the Rubenstein prize for cello performance. He has served as the Principal Cellist for the Austin Symphony Orchestra among other prestigious symphonies and orchestras throughout his career. Did we mention Joel is also a business man? His website indicates, “He was co-founder of Becktell-Blackerby Fine Stringed Instruments in Austin, Texas, Vice President of Eastman Strings, the world’s largest maker and distributor of stringed instruments and bows, and was also co-founder of Terra Nova Violins in San Antonio, Texas.” He is indeed, a virtuoso!

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We think Joel’s business cards are sleek and memorable. More than that, we find them quite, humble. Mr. Becktell is so much more than a world-class cellist, yet this inviting business card simply states, cellist. Somehow that makes him even more likeable. Check out his website and make sure you get the opportunity to hear this New Mexico resident play. While Joel designed his own logo, artist Jane Dixon out of Chicago designed this appealing layout.

When you are ready to print your business cards, give us a call. We would love to help you design a card every bit as striking as Joel’s. Did you know we also have a robust online business card design tool? Explore all the options available! Call 800-930-6040.