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  • slider 07 Jan 2013        By: Ginger

Do you have a great idea for an e-commerce or online based business but lack the knowledge to get your business launched?  Or perhaps you already have a business, but need to improve your SEO strategy. You’re going to be thrilled to learn about this.

Don Campbell, Founder and President of Expand2Web has a proven track record for equipping startups and small businesses to build top ranking WordPress websites. And we’re not talking those unattractive, tough to navigate, fluffy sites we’ve all seen at some point. No, these sites are polished, professional and easy for your customers to interact with.

Don and his skilled team take a highly personalized approach, putting their customer’s success at the top of their priority list. You can sign up for their blog to keep yourself in the know about online business trends and strategies.

Expand2Web provides 3 primary tools that can assist you.

  1. SmallBiz Theme: They have built user-friendly small business website themes that you can customize to reflect your business or product. Just imagine, you can create a professional, interactive site without knowing HTML or hiring a developer. This innovative approach allows you to focus on building the business itself, not just the web interface.
  2. Coaching: They provide classes and a support community designed to assist you in generating additional income. Their live training can be implemented at your own pace.
  3. GetFiveStars: This handy tool can help you catch negative reviews of your business before they go live online. This provides an opportunity for you to remedy a situation before it goes public.

Starting a new business is a big venture; getting the help you need and deserve can help you achieve your goals much more efficiently than going it alone.Business Card PrintingWe recently helped Mr. Campbell with his Expand2Web business cards.  The logo design is clean and attractive. We share his drive to see customer’s satisfied and were happy to meet his needs. Don had this to say about his most recent order, “You guys are great – thank you very much for doing such a fantastic job on my business cards.”  Sure Don! Thank you for turning to PFL, we value your business and wish you continued success in 2013!

Go to our online business card design tool to create your own great business cards! Easy to use, easy to order, with the best quality and customer service in the commercial printing industry to back you up!