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  • slider 04 Jan 2013        By: Ginger

Remember the macaroni necklace you made in kindergarten?  It may have been the earthy, natural look, or the multi-colored variety, but we all did it. What a sense of accomplishment. I haven’t really done a lot of jewelry making since then, so I usually find myself shopping for beautiful jewelry the traditional way, pre-assembled. Imagine my delight to find our customer, Lynn Potter-Goldstein, jewelry artist extraordinaire.

post card printingLynn creates simply gorgeous original works and builds her business one bead at a time. Her craftsmanship is polished and offers such wondrous variety. She can also be commissioned to design custom pieces based on customer needs. Peruse her original collections and see the exquisite designs for yourself.

But beading is not quite enough for the Texas based entrepreneur. She also operates a specialty diving travel service focused solely on Australian tour adventures. So, adventurous and uber-talented, I hear that is pretty standard in Texas! Need to book a trip Downunder? Go to http://www.ozdive.com/ for more details.

Running a business comes with unique challenges and rewards. When you are also the sole source of hand-made stock, as Lynn is, you can imagine how demanding that can get. We respect how pressing running your own business can be. You are often the sole marketer, salesman, janitor, accountant, CEO and errand-runner. This is why we have designed our customer service process in a way that provides the support you need. If you need business cards, brochures, catalogs or other printed materials, we are ready to help.

Lynn printed her Beadz and Bling business cards with us. She had this to say, “PrintingForLess ROCKS-I am so happy to have you all at the touch of a fingertip!” 

Thanks Lynn! It is our privilege to be your print provider.

We really like our customers and get excited about their success. If you are a customer and are interested in being featured in our BLOG, feel free to contact me at ginger@printingforless.com!