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  • slider 08 Jan 2013        By: Ginger

In the words of Louis Armstrong, “What a Wonderful World!” It’s easy to take for granted the wonder found in the creatures roaming our world. We are able to see elephants without ever going to Asia, kangaroos without ever setting foot on Australian soil, and seals without trekking to the coast. Our world has grown so small. Unfortunately, the welfare of these glorious creatures has not been as well guarded over the centuries as it should have been.   

With a mission to serve animals in need worldwide, the International Fund for Animal Welfare (IFAW), has been rescuing individual animals, animal populations and habitats since 1969. Well balanced, the IFAW seeks to build long-term solutions that benefit both animals and people, recognizing the nature of cohabitation. Operating on a firm belief that humans have a responsibility to protect animals from suffering and commercial exploitation, they champion animals in over 40 countries.

They work to protect seals, whales, elephants, lions, bears and other exotics. They also diligently work to help cats, dogs and other domestics. The organization is actively involved in hands-on rescue, political advocacy, and public education to bring about real, positive change for these animals and their habitats.

One moving story is the recent rescue of an orphaned baby elephant in Kenya. You can read about IFAW’s involvement here. Every day IFAW is working to improve the lives of animals while eradicating cruelty, increasing resources, and investing in education outreach. It is one worthy endeavor!  

One of their print projects this past year was a fun Whale Activity brochure with rich blues and stunning imagery. Sometimes the subtle color differences in blues can be tough to capture in print. Our color matching technology can help your blues, and even browns, come out exactly the way you have envisioned. Our print experts are ready to help you develop a commercial, high-quality brochure, just call 800-930-6040.

Full Color Brochure PrintingIf you are an education professional, we encourage you to visit the IFAW website to learn more about the education resources available.

It truly is a wonderful world, and with the help of organizations like IFAW, we can preserve and improve it one animal at a time. Thank you for your business IFAW, we are behind you 100%!