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  • slider 22 Jan 2013        By: Ginger

Overwhelmed! That is how I felt when we decided to pack up our three kids, two dogs, and everything we owned to move to beautiful Livingston, MT, 1,500 miles away. And I was still (relatively) young. I can’t imagine how intimidating a move can be when you are an older adult and have been in the same residence for 20 plus years.  Not only are there the physical demands to consider, but the emotional demands of making such a big change can be significant. This is where PFL Customer, Comfort Moves, comes in with compassion and good old fashioned hard work to assist older adults in moving. They have built a business that provides practical senior relocation services.

The fantastic thing about Comfort Moves is the big picture approach they take with their business model. They provide support for the entire family involved in the moving process. Their knowledgeable and kind-hearted staff come along-side their clients, giving needed advice.

We love their respectful slogan, “In your day, you’ve moved mountains…The least we can do is help you move your things.”  And don’t think these guys are simply packing up your stuff. No, they go above and beyond. They help you strategize to create a moving plan. As a part of their services, they provide a custom floor plan of your new home, taking square footage and storage space into account, to help you know how much must be downsized. They work with you personally to go through your things and choose what is to be sold, donated, trashed, or given to family and friends. They pack up all the items that are to be moved, labeling them properly for their arrival at the new home. They go into the new home ahead of you and clean, hang draperies, stock the fridge, whatever it takes to make the move as smooth as possible. Wow. Now that is raising the standard of customer care. We applaud you Comfort Moves and wish you all the best in your business ventures.


Brochure PrintingComfort Moves contracted PFL to print their new full-color brochure. This standard tri-fold provides all the information potential clients need to help them make a decision to contact Comfort Moves. MaryLynne, owner of Comfort Moves, had this to say about her printing experience with PFL:


“The first “big” printing job for our little company – and I was nervous as a cat. Your sales rep walked me through it, answered all my questions and assured me PFL wouldn’t be happy until I was happy. Happy??? Call it thrilled!!! My brochures are gorgeous, the price was right, and the order arrived ahead of schedule. I recommend PFL to all my small business colleagues for quality, price and the friendliest service in online printing. Thank you. “

Thanks MaryLynne! We appreciate your business. 

Whether your move is 1,500 miles or just across town, Comfort Moves is the answer for seniors looking to make the process smooth! If you have a family member who needs moving assistance, don’t hesitate to contact Comfort Moves, you will be in good hands!