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  • slider 08 Apr 2013        By: Ginger

Perhaps you are aiming to reach as many new customers as possible before a big promotional event. Or you just launched a new product that is a perfect fit for your existing customer base. Whatever your goals, custom brochure printing is a big business. Sometimes a brochure is not quite large enough or the look and feel needs to be more substantial. In this case, custom booklet printing may be the answer.

Booklets are much like a mini-catalog and can be printed with a matching envelope or mailer, giving the finished project a polished, cohesive look. Booklets are usually assembled using a saddle stitch method that then allows the booklet to fold flat for mailing.

booklet printingConsider a booklet in lieu of a brochure when you want to highlight large imagery, like an interior designer or architect may need to do. Colorful booklets grab attention and have plenty of space to convey important details about your services or products. Attractive booklets are less likely to be thrown away than a traditional brochure and can gain the elusive attention of your target market. You may want to include industry specific tips and tricks that your customer will find helpful, increasing the value of the booklet.

We can incorporate personalization in your booklets, printing the customer’s name or targeting imagery based on their previous purchase habits with you. For example, if your database shows that a particular group of customers always buy a specific brand from your showroom, you can customize each booklet to have that brand on the cover.

You can even upgrade the look and feel of your booklet by graduating the size of each page assembled. This will give you attractive “tabs” that can be incorporated in the design and make it really stand out. This option is easy to implement and increases the appeal significantly. Our teams of print experts are available at 800-930-6040 to assist you with your next print project.