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  • slider 21 Nov 2013        By: Chelsey

PrintingForLess.com customer Nakedwines.com is a customer-funded winery, with a unique business model, where wine drinkers can fund winemakers in exchange for wholesale pricing and exclusivity.

To celebrate working together, friends of PFL now qualify for $100 toward their first purchase of $160 or more at NakedWines.com for the holidays!  Click here to take advantage.

NakedWines.com, was born in December 2008 when twelve friends quit their jobs in the middle of the recession to do things a little differently. Their goal is to find the world’s most talented, undiscovered winemakers and set them up in business.

What makes them different from other wineries is that NakedWines.com customers can choose to become “Angels” in return for a 40-60% discount.  Angels invest $40 per month toward their future wine purchases, making them Angel investors.  NakedWines.com then uses the Angel contributions to fund independent winemakers who would be unable to create the wines they really like without financing.  They call it the “virtuous circle”, as everybody gets more for less, without trampling on anyone along the way.

A $50 bottle of wine has only $7 of wine in it. Customer-funded winemakers don’t spend money on marketing so NakedWines.com can sell the wine for $15 instead of $50. So, Angels get a great deal and winemakers do what they love – make great wines — without spending time and money on stuff you can’t taste.

Feel free to check out some of their recent press to learn more about how NakedWines.com is revolutionizing the wine industry:  ABC News, Wall Street JournalTime, the EconomistForbes, and the San Francisco Chronicle

Enjoy your $100 NakedWines.com holiday gift! evoucher-200x400