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  • slider 08 Feb 2013        By: Ginger

Next time you grab the butter out of your fridge, consider this: In the 1700’s our ancestors had to set aside ample time and expend significant energy to churn their cream into butter. Ok, you’re most likely going to forget that. But for those of you who love history, PFL customer, the Stanley-Whitman House in Farmington, Connecticut is a place you don’t want to miss. They still churn butter the old fashioned way.

This is not your average museum, it is an experience. If you really want to learn how to churn butter, they’ll teach you! The Stanley-Whitman House is a “living history center and museum that teaches through the collection, preservation, research, and dynamic interpretation of the history and culture of early Farmington. Programs, events, classes, and exhibits encourage visitors of all ages to immerse themselves in history by doing, acting, questioning, and engaging in Colonial life and the ideas that formed the foundation of that culture.”

This bustling museum hosts special events, concerts, and activities that interest history buffs world-wide. They are working to engage students and introduce them to a world gone by every Monday thru Friday. When planning your next trip to the continental North East, swing in to the Stanley-Whitman House and participate in history! Feel free to ship us some of your home-churned butter!

Stanley-Whitman House recently printed their rack-cards with PFL. Lisa, with the organization, had this to say about their printing experience, “Your work is always greatRack Card Printing and I know I can rely on you. Thank you.”

This is a 4X9 custom printed rack card on 120# Gloss Cover. We can print your rack cards in varying sizes and shapes and incorporate special features to help you get a completed marketing piece that is exactly what you envision.

Thank you to Lisa and the entire staff at the Stanley-Whitman House! We appreciate your business and your commitment to preserve history for generations to come!