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  • slider 17 Aug 2012        By: twatkins

“EDDM” stands for the “Every Door Direct Mail” initiative launched by the United States Postal Service in May of 2012. EDDM is a direct mail strategy where you can send a direct mail campaign in your local area – not to a specific purchased mailing list, but to every address on a chosen postal route. Not only does this eliminate the cost of purchasing a list, the Bulk Mail rate is discounted heavily to the EDDM rate of only 15.7¢ per piece!

Who should use EDDM?

EDDM is most cost effective for businesses who’s customers are, well … everyone. This includes Retailers like auto dealers, restaurants, furniture stores, supermarkets, sporting goods shops, department stores, and electronics stores. Service-based Businesses like banks, home-improvement companies, insurance agencies, real estate firms, and health-related providers are also a perfect fit. If the majority of the population uses your service or buys your product – you can benefit from EEDM. If you typically send mailings to extremely targeted, unique individuals – then EDDM might not be for you.

I’m already succeeding with Direct Mail – why does this matter to me? 

If you match the above qualifications, and are considering a direct mail campaign, you have to ask yourself “do I enjoy saving money?” If you answered yes, then you should try EDDM. Chances are as a business owner, you’ve already enjoyed the success of local direct mail campaigns. All EDDM does is make the process much cheaper, and less time consuming. There’s no mailing list to buy, and no stamps to lick.

Are there limitations? 

There are some limitations… You do have to hit every address on a given route, and there are size and quantity limitations for your printed project as well. These are designed to be optimal for direct mail results however, so nothing to worry about. There are also two different types of EDDM campaigns you can launch; Business and Retail. For more details, check out the USPS website. And remember, PFL’s Mailing Services Team can execute every detail for you flawlessly – and still save you money! 

Does this really work? 

Take a look at this Sample ROI scenario:

Bill’s Tree Service has an average sale of $400. After labor and expenses he makes about $200 per sale. Bill sends out 2,500 6 x 9 postcards to the heavily treed neighborhoods in his city. Bill only needs to get 10 responses from his direct mail campaign to break-even – after that it’s all gravy.

How should I get started?

Once you’ve designed and printed your project within the USPS guidelines –  it’s as simple as choosing a postal route and applying online, or at your local post office. Before you know it, your marketing materials will be blanketing your local market with your unique message. To get started visit the USPS or contact PFL Mailing Services today!